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WoW Reputation Boosting is a World of Warcraft PvE activity that players farm to unlock rewards. Leveling a faction reputation takes gamers lots of effort. WoW Rep Boost Service solves this problem and saves gamers’ time. Buy World of Warcraft Reputation boost to forget tedious grinding, boring farming and time-wasting. Achieve the highest faction rank and loot rewards.

All Azeroth, Outland and Shadowlands factions are available for boosting. Players achieve mounts, tabards and titles for reaching the highest Exalted reputation rank in WoW, and that’s what we offer customers to buy. Select a faction you need to level up to start receiving rewards within 2 clicks.

Buy WoW Reputation Carry on EU and US

Reputation offers WoW characters benefits like rare professions, recipes, item upgrades, rare mounts, pets, toys, tabards, transmogrification items, titles, etcetera. Basically, there are 2 types of Reputations rewards for EU and US World of Warcraft players: pure cosmetic and actually helpful.

Most of the factions in World of Warcraft are Neutral to players and that’s where Reputation boost starts. Some of them require gamers to complete quest chains and gain trust rank, before starting leveling the reputation. This is the main reason why players Buy WoW Rep Boost, instead of farming.

In WoW Shadowlands Expansion, Blizzard added a new Covenant Renown system to the game. It is basically Reputation 2.0, but the means to level it up remained the same. And of course, PlayCarry boost Covenant Renown level in Shadowlands.

Hated Starting point for some factions, requires a pre-quest to level
Hostile Pretty much same as Hated, mobs will attack you on sight
Unfriendly Will not attack you but won’t interact with you either
Neutral Starting point for majority of reputations in World of Warcraft
Friendly 1st step on the way to Exalted, you are able to collect first rewards
Honored 10% discount with the vendors associated with this faction
Revered Almost at the top, some recipes or rewards are now available
Exalted The highest level of reputation in WoW. Unlocks mounts, tabards, pets

There are a couple of ways to boost Exalted reputation in World of Warcraft:

  1. Questing, regular tasks, world or daily quests;
  2. Grind and turn in materials or various items to NPC’s;
  3. Killing mobs in certain areas;
  4. Completing heroic dungeons while wearing a tabard;

World of Warcraft reputation farm requires hours of grind. Some reputations in World of Warcraft are easy to farm or boost but others – insanely hard and tedious, require an absurd amount of time. That’s where WoW Rep Boost becomes number 1 World of Warcraft carry service for players that want to save time and enjoy the game. Let us do all the heavy-lifting, PlayCarry will take good care of your character.

How to Order WoW Reputation Boost Services

What are the steps required to buy a reputation boost in WoW? Use a search bar to find WoW faction and reputation rank you want to boost. Open the chosen reputation page, select what kind of rep you’ll need, for example “from Neutral to Exalted”, and check required boxes. Simply press “Buy Now” button which adds your purchase to a Cart. Click on the Cart and proceed with the payment. Fill in the required fields with information about character name / server or discord name, email address and additional information. That’s it, you are done with the purchase, Reputation boost will start in a few minutes.

Buying WoW Rep Boosting, but still have questions? Contact our Live Chat Support agents for assistance.

Reputation boosts are available in Piloted mode. Service requires a World of Warcraft character with a level cap that you can buy with WoW Leveling Boosting. WoW Reputation Boosting service doesn’t have item level requirements for World of Warcraft characters. We’ll save the gear, gold and equipment that will drop during carry. You don’t need to worry about anything, we’ll take care of the rest for you. Sit back, relax, enjoy the view.


What is reputation boost?

Reputation boost in WoW is a service designed to get any of the reputations that exist in Shadowlands or in any of the previous World of Warcraft expansions to your chosen level, easy, stress-free, and in a quickest of time.

Why Do You Need Reputation in WOW?

World of Warcraft Reputations provide a number of useful perks, various leveling or end-game items, consumables, mounts, tabards, pets, titles, profession recipes or gear enchantments. Some of the reputations are the requirements for a big Achievements, like Insane in the Membrane.

Can you buy reputation in WOW?

Yes, you can buy a reputation boost on PlayCarry website. Our boosters farm any rep rank or level you need. Have problems with finding WoW reputation on the website? Message Live Chat support agents and ask about desired reputation.

How to farm Wardens rep?

Wardens are the faction from Legion Expansion. You’ll gain reputation points for completing World Quests on Broken Isles. This grind will not be easy however, one quest will reward you with 50-350 reputation and they have various reset time, so you may end up running out of quests and will have to wait for them to reset.

How to farm champions of Azeroth rep?

In order to start farming Champions of Azeroth rep in WoW BFA expansion you’ll need to complete a pre-quest first. After that part if done you will have to start grinding World Quests all across Kul’Tiras and Zandalar.

What is the best way to farm highmountain rep?

Highmountain faction is one of the allied races of Horde in World of Warcraft Legion expansion. The best way to farm Highmountain reputation is to grind regular quest in a Highmountain zone until Honored reputation. Exalted rank is available after farming World Quests in the same zone. This task takes players 7-14 days to complete farming.

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