Dragonscale Expedition

Dragonscale Expedition is 1st of the 4 renown reputation factions added to World of Warcraft game with the Dragonflight expansion. is stationed at the Dragonscale Basecamp, located in the Waking Shores, where you can find all the main quests, Renown reward NPCs and Quartermaster.

Dragonscale Expedition guide

Earning Renown with the Dragonscale Expedition grants access to exclusive rewards such as Expedition Scout’s Packs, Disturbed Dirts, Magic-Bound Chests, and exploration-themed ensembles and weapon transmogs. Additionally, you can unlock more World Quests, Climbing and Cataloguing World Quests, and the Ancient Waygates, which connect various ruins on the Dragon Isles.

To gain Dragonscale Expedition Renown, complete Dragonscale Expedition World Quests, gather treasures and Dragon Isles Artifacts, complete Archivist Request quests, put flags on mountain peaks, and finish Dragonscale Expedition questlines. Killing bosses in the Vault of the Incarnates raid and submitting Ancient Vault Artifact can also increase your Renown. Keep in mind that acquiring 2500 Reputation equals 1 Renown with the Dragonscale Expedition. While many of these tasks only happen once or have lengthy cooldowns, gathering Artifacts is the most efficient method of gaining Renown, as it can be repeated with patience.

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Dragonscale Expedition
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