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World of Warcraft Armor is an essential aspect of the game, since it affects every task players face. Attacking, healing, receiving damage, performing critical strikes, etc.- gear affects each step on all parts of the WoW process. Gamers spend weeks farming desired items in order to max their character’s power and achieve the hardest goals. Progress system in World of Warcraft is meant to make combats harder and harder as a character moves further in PvE or PvP. Farming 1 of the meta items is hard, and considering that it’s important to get specific piece of gear, it becomes a long and sometimes tiring journey. Is there a way to make it easier? PlayCarry has an answer!

There are various ways of getting needed armor- buying it with gold, looting bosses in dungeons and raids, purchasing it on auction, and many more. Better gear takes a lot of struggle. For example, WoW players can purchase high leveled items at a price of a few hundred thousand of gold in an auction house, but it will not be half as good as a class item from raid or Mythic+ dungeon. And even though PvP sets are remastered in WoW Dragonflight, getting them without grinding is still impossible. Don’t waste your time on boring routine activities and jump into your favorite content right now!

PlayCarry offers gamers to buy cheap World of Warcraft Armor boost and complete any kind of carry to get desired items. There is no easier way of obtaining gear with your character, either for PvP, PvE, or cosmetic transmog. WoW Armor carries are on sale in our store, feel free to contact us and buy a perfect boost to receive any desired item!

Buy World of Warcraft Armor for Sale

Purchasing World of Warcraft Armor boost is something that comes across the mind of many players. Countless repetitive tries, hard process of finding decent teammates, and wanting to start end game content as fast as possible makes them contact us and buy their first carry. No matter how hard the task is, our boosters manage to find a way of completing it fast and easily.

Who are PlayCarry boosters and why should you trust them? We started gathering the best WoW players from the earliest expansions. Now, they have an immeasurable amount of experience and are willing to share it with our customers. Each of the teammates we hire is time-tested and trustworthy. Even considering this professionalism, we understand that buying a boost with real money may be questionable for the first time, so our 24/7 live chat operators are ready to navigate and help!

Usually, WoW players contact us with similar issues, asking for a fast and quality armor boost. Even though there are several ways to obtain gear in Dragonflight, each of them has its own disadvantages.

  • Raid gear in a current season is totally meta, since those are the class sets. Farming them is not that easy- loot drop system was changed and turned back to Need&Greed UI. From now on, every teammate will compete in order to get 1 single item. Beside this, getting class gears from a boss is not guaranteed, the odds are ~30%, and good ilvl things only drop from highest tier raids like Heroic or Mythic. Though, none of this is a problem to PlayCarry boosters! Farming a certain item from raid is a common carry service since earlier expansions. Our teams even include personal traders, who increase the chances of getting a needed item and giving it to you!
  • Mythic+ dungeons are also a good way of getting good seasonal sets. Still, the main problem of this type of content is a lack of decent teammates and vast amounts of toxic ones. Finding a skilled and patient team is a difficult task for everyone, especially new players. PlayCarry is ready to offer a solution! WoW Armor boost is always on sale, so you can just pick the needed item and we will get it by any cost. And upgrading Mythic+ rating will be a nice and pleasant bonus.
  • PvP carries are always a hard and stressful activity. Especially when something essential like adding a new class completely messes old meta up. PvP gear was changed in WoW DF to make it easier to farm and upgrade, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy now. If you like the design of new PvP items or want to obtain them at once to perform better on arenas or battlegrounds, our boosting teams will gladly farm the needed amount of conquest and honor to get them as fast as possible!
  • There are also other ways of getting gear in DF, like receiving them from World Bosses, or hoping to get something useful from the Great Vault in Valdrakken. It’s the easiest way to obtain something with 100% guarantee, but it is only possible once a week and it can drop an item you already have or don’t need. With our boosts, rewards from the Vault are just a pleasant addition to a lot of other prizes!

Buying and setting up World of Warcraft Armor boost has never been so easy! We offer different ways of completing carries: self play and account share. Select which one is better and start right away! Solve any of your problems with the help of PlayCarry teams and receive any desired prize.

WoW Armor Types

Since the beginning of World of Warcraft, there were always 4 types of armor: cloth, leather, mail and plate. Prior to WoW Cataclysm expansion, players had more flexibility in the types of gear they could wear. Each class could wear their own type plus all the other types that are lighter. For example, plate wearing characters could wear all available items in game, mail wearers could equip everything but plate, and leather wearers could wear leather and cloth. However, in Cataclysm this system was remastered, and restrictions on gear types were implemented, and each class could only wear a specific type of armor that was designed to their class. This change was made to improve the experience of playing different classes and make them all unique.

Now, in Dragonflight, 4 types of armor are still the same. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, so WoW gamers should decide which one is better. Here is a brief list of all those types in game:


Cloth type of armor is usually worn by casters, such as mages and warlocks. It is the lightest type of gear and provides the smallest amount of physical protection from damage, but it has the strongest spell resistance. Cloth-wearers rely on magical abilities, so resistance is important to survive in the battles.
Usually, classes with cloth gear face difficulties during leveling, since it is really hard to defeat more than 2 enemies at once with a weak damage resistance. Still, it’s not a problem in end-game content, where a good cloth item can make any caster stronger.


Leather gear has better physical protection than cloth, but it has weaker spell resistance. This type of gear is worn by classes that have some kind of stealth, like rogues, druids, demon hunters, and monks. With good agility stats, leather items make enough protection and damage or healing.
Despite being not the heaviest type of armor, leather wearers can not only be healers or dps characters, but tanks as well.


Mail is worn by shamans, hunters and evokers. It is heavier than cloth and leather, so survivability and protection is better. Mail-wearers can only be healers and damage dealers, there are no tanks among them, even though it is almost the heaviest gear type in game.


Plate is the heaviest gear in World of Warcraft. It provides the greatest amount of protection to classes who wear it- paladins, death knights, and warriors. Plate-wearers are the easiest characters to level, and they make great tanks in end-game content. Currently, tank specs are not extremely popular in PvP, but plate-wearing tanks are always welcomed in highest tier raids and M+ dungeons.

WoW Class Armor

Cloth Leather Mail Plate
Death Knigh +
Demon Hunter +
Druid +
Evoker +
Hunter +
Mage +
Monk +
Paladin +
Priest +
Rogue +
Shaman +
Warlock +
Warrior +

In WoW Dragonflight expansion, Blizzard decided to stick with an idea of class armor sets. Developers introduced them back in Shadowlands after a long break, and now gamers can collect 4 types of unique gear after taking part in end-game PvP or PvE content. There is also a way to catalyze this process if it takes too long.

The most common way of getting class armors is farming them in the raid. For example, in the current update, WoW players can loot special tokens from 5 bosses in Vault of the Incarnates. Those tokens are transformed into any class item with an item level that matches the difficulty of the raid. Highest possible ilvl gear drops from last boss Raszageth the Storm-Eater in Mythic difficulty.

Each set has its own bonus, depending on how many items a character has. Bonuses are offered after equipping 2 or 4 items at once, and they are different depending on spec. Here is a list of current bonuses of each class in World of Warcraft.

Death Knight Armor

Death Knights are brutal plate-wearers, which allows them to be both damage dealers and tanks. Just like the other plate classes in WoW, players can equip skimpy plate on DKs to make them even cooler. Each Death Knight spec can be really good in PvP and PvE depending on stats and bonuses, so it’s really important to pick the right set with a character like this.

Demon Hunter Armor

Demon hunters wear leather, which is a common gear type for fast and agile classes. Since their appearance in WoW Legion, DHs, especially Havoc spec, have always been meta or at least close to it, so it’s hard to say if it is related to specific sets and bonuses or it’s just them being cool.
Transmog sets of demon hunters are detailed and unique, considering the fact that some players make their characters look like Illidan Stormrage himself.
In Dragonflight, this class got bonuses to Chaos Strike and Blade Dance critical hit (DPS) and Spirit Bomb and Soul Cleave damage (tank), which is a powerful addiction even after fixing that they got in the beginning of WoW Dragonflight.

Druid Armor

Druid is a unique class, since only druids have 4 different specs. Even though most of the time they are included in meta, creating a right set is essential as well. It can be difficult for multi-spec players, because all druid specs require different stats to be decent: guardians need tank attributes, moonkins need ranged dps stats, ferals perform good with melee damage dealing bonuses, and restoration is a healing spec. Maintaining all of those armors with each WoW patch is complicated, so feel free to contact us to receive professional help from our boosters!

Dracthyr Evoker Armor

As a new class, Dracthyr Evokers received the least common gear type- mail. They became the 3rd class to wear it, and it works just fine. There aren’t a lot of transmogs for Evokers yet, especially for their dragon form. Unlike from worgens, their armor only shows when they are in the human form. Still, Dracthyrs set bonuses are pretty decent, and it’s important to gather all of them!

Hunter Armor

Hunters in World of Warcraft equip mail items. Even though mail is almost the heaviest type of gear, it doesn’t stop hunters from being fast and dauntless. Important stats to this class change with every season- sometimes versatility and mastery armor is the best, sometimes it’s haste and mastery. Keeping up with decent gear is easy with PlayCarry! Contact us to get advice for any class.

Mage Armor

Mages wear the most canonical type of armor- cloth. With this class, having the right set is essential, because it directly affects the speed of casting spells and the damage done by them. Just like all the other classes available since Vanilla, mages have a vast amount of different transmogs. It is really easy to create an interesting and unique set related to each spec- fire, frost or arcane.

Monk Armor

Monks are the other hybrid class that wear leather. Their armor is mostly designed to represent masters of different martial arts. Like druids and paladins, they need a few full gear sets to be fully playable in all specialities.

Paladin Armor

Paladins are the only hybrid class that wears plates. Even though some players tend to say that paladins don’t belong in meta in the last few patches, they can do great damage or healing with needed attributes. Complete set of any paladin spec with PlayCarry boosters anytime you want!

Priest Armor

Priests are considered A-Tier healers in latest WoW patches. Their cloth armor affects all essential abilities, so having it along with Dragonflight set bonuses will improve performance and the amount of grateful salvaged teammates ! And creating perfect light- or shadow- themed sets makes priests even more unique.

Rogue Armor

All 3 rogue specs are DPS, so most of the stats of their leather armor are the same. Still, the sub-stats and best secondary attributes are different to each spec.
In Dragonflight, more races, like draenei and taurens, got an opportunity to become rogues. Even though some gamers think that those big guys look hilarious as stealthy rogues, good transmog can make them awesome.

Shaman Armor

Shaman were only mail-wearing healers before Dracthyr Evokers were added in WoW. Now they still can boast the largest number of transmogs for mail healers. It is essential to equip a full class set for shamas in order to make a good performance as a healer or damage dealer.

Warlock Armor

Warlocks have one of the most interesting transmog sets in WoW. They can look like demons, allies of Gul’Dan, or like Gul’Dan himself. Just like rogues, they have 3 fully DPS specs, which need different sub-stats to deal good spell damage.

Warrior Armor

Warriors started a little weaker than the others in current WoW expansion. After removing legendary items, they needed to be upgraded by Blizzard, which eventually happened and led to them being a part of meta. Their heavy plate armor protects them and allows tanking. With current set bonuses, all of their 3 specs are great in both PvP and PvE.
Warriors have a lot of interesting significant sets, like Black hand, which makes your warrior even more brutal.

A class set item can also be crafted from a regular piece of equipment in the current season with the help of a Catalyst. This serves as a fail-safe and catch-up system for returning players and alt characters. The catalyst is not available immediately after the start of the season, but later, and is capped, so at first players will be able to create only a very limited number of set items.

PlayCarry WoW Armor Boost services are available to any faction, class, and race. It doesn’t matter what stage of progress your character is at, we perform perfect carries for anyone! Check available services on our site or just contact managers in the live chat and obtain the items of your dreams.

Benthic Armor WoW

World of Warcraft Armor is a factor that decides how good a WoW character is in both PvP and PvE. Even though skill is very important for any activity, a good set increases a chance to show a good performance for both beginners and skilled players. Each item has its own stats that differently affect the power of players. There are 5 primary and 4 secondary attributes.

Primary attributes include:

  • Strength. It is one of the most important stats for melees, since it increases the damage that can be done with melee weapons: axes, swords, daggers, scythes, etc. This stat is mostly used by warriors, death knights and paladins.
  • Agility increases the character’s chance to hit with melee and ranged attacks. It is essential for many specs and classes, for example, monks and demon hunters need it to have a good performance. Agility is also an important stat for hunters, and all of the hunters’ meta armors have it as a main attribute. It is also often used by rogues and Feral and Guardian specs of druids.
  • Stamina increases hp. It is not as useful for certain classes, but everyone can use it to make the survival skills better.
  • Intellect is the most common primary stat for all casters. Gear sets with intellect can usually be seen on Dracthyr evoker, mage, shaman, warlock, priest, or Balance druid since it improves the mana points and the chance of critical hit with a spell.
  • Spirit is also an attribute used by casters and healers. Spirit improves mana regeneration, which helps those classes cast more spells in a short time.

Secondary attributes are:

  • Haste is a really important secondary stat, since it makes all the attacks faster for both melee and ranged classes.
  • Mastery affects each class and spec differently. For example, it increases all the attack’s damage up to 20% with preservation Dracthyr evoker. It is a good addiction to dps, healing and tank specs in World of Warcraft.
  • Critical Strike basically improves the chance of striking with a critical hit, which means performing a great damage or even one-shotting.
  • Versatility is efficient for DPS classes, especially in PvP, because the main purpose of this stat is increasing the damage dealt and decreasing the damage taken.

The other purpose of different armor is cosmetics. Collecting transmogs sets is a common activity in WoW, it makes gamers create parties to complete old classic raids, farm arenas and battlegrounds to buy gladiator sets from previous seasons, or spend numerous attempts to get a rare drop item. In Dragonflight, transmog was reworked and since white armor can also be equipped now, players are creating their own sets and crave new items. Want to assemble a perfect unique tmog or something funny like a skimpy plate? Reach out to our live chat and create it right away!

Considering the importance of Armor in World of Warcraft, our boosters manage to take part in all game aspects to increase the amount of rewards obtained by our customers. PlayCarry boosting teams are available 24/7 on both EU and US realms, fulfilling numerous tasks, like carrying dungeons, raids, farming different currencies, etc. Buy your cheap WoW armor boost right now and check our professionalism and quality!

World of Warcraft Dragonflight Armor

In WoW Dragonflight, Blizzard continues to use features that they introduced in the last patches of Shadowlands. This means unique sets for each class and gear sockets are staying with us, and there is a way to get additional gear after upgrading renown level, like it was with covenants. Despite this, the crafting process of each profession was completely changed and it affected the armor market in WoW.

The main difference with previous expansions is Crafting Order system. It works like an auction house, but with fulfilling profession-related orders, like creating a bag, enchanting items, etc. Professions that allow characters to create gear are still the same: tailoring, blacksmithing and leatherworking. Learning any of those professions helps players craft high leveled armor, which works well with beginning your progress after reaching level 70. Jewelry and enchant is also essential now, since jewels dramatically affect your stats, as well as special enchants. Upgrading professions is not the easiest activity now, considering the big competition and the fact that it is necessary to have a special kit and materials, like scraps, to each job.

The other interesting new mechanic is heirloom gear. It is an analogue of heritage items. This armor can be purchased with gold, and it’s the best option during leveling. Ilvl of those items scale with the character level, and their stats are perfect for each level. Just like heritage gear, heirloom is account-wide.

The principles of the armor system change with every WoW expansion. It may be hard for different players, but PlayCarry boosters are ready for any changes and difficulties! There is no faster way to get a desired item than help yourself with buying a carry and relying on professionals! Our boosts are always on sale!


How to upgrade armor in WoW?

There are a few ways to upgrade items in WoW. For example, items from Mythic+ dungeons can be upgraded with Valor points after reaching a certain M+ rating. You can upgrade items like this up to 13 levels, depending on your current rating. PvP gear can also be upgraded with Honor points, but it works only up to 9 levels, and it doesn't depend on your PvP rating in any bracket. Also, there is a way to change any piece of gear to the class item, but it doesn’t change the actual ilvl.

What profession makes mail armor in WoW?

After the professional remaster in WoW DF, there are still 2 crafting professions that allow creating mail items- leatherworking and blacksmithing. Though, it is different with leatherworkers now- they need to select their specialization and become artisans to create this type of gear. Blacksmither have this ability anyway.

How to repair WoW armor?

During the game process, all types of armor eventually break. It happens faster if a character dies oftenly, or receives a lot of physical damage. But don't worry, it’s not permanent! You just need to find a repairing vendor or an anvil. Repairing a full set costs some gold, and the price is higher with every item level.

How to preview armor in World of Warcraft?

Previewing any item may be necessary when you see a piece that you like on another player or want to check any linked item. It can be done fast and easily- just click on the link with the control key pressed. Also, it’s possible to check a full set of the other character, even if he’s wearing the other type of gear. Just click “look” at this character and check it there.

Where to repair armor in WoW?

Repairing vendors and anvils are situated literally everywhere, since repairing gear is an important mechanic in WoW. To find it quickly, you can enable the display of such vendors on the minimap. Also, you can purchase a mount that has a repairing vendor with it. Purchasing it will make you a wanted teammate in any raid.

How to enchant armor in WoW?

Enchant allows you to apply improvements to weapons and armor. Good enchant plays an important role in pvp and pve content because it gives the right upgrade to stats. To enchant any item, you just need to purchase a scroll and apply it. You can get a scroll by ordering it at the order table or by immediately buying it at the auction.

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