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Ve’nari Reputation Boost


Ve’nari is the broker that we meet in the Maw. She helps us out on several occasions, gives us helpful tips about the Maw and a bunch of quests to gain her trust. She also provides us with useful items that we can use in the Maw and Torghast, Tower of the Damned in exchange for Stygia. Getting the Cordial rep with Ve’nari is extremely useful, not only you can get highly useful Torghast perks, but a bunch of other cool stuff like extra socket maker, random Conduit upgrades, “Memory of Jailer’s Eye” legendary power and many more. Our Ve’nari rep boost is designed to let you chill back and relax while we do all the grinding for you, getting you to max rep as soon as possible.

ETA for the boost – 3 weeks.

Ve’nari Reputation boost rewards:

  • Cordial reputation with Ve’nari
  • Various Torghast Tower perks and upgrades
  • Extra socket maker “Spatial Realignment Apparatus”
  • “Unbound Reality Fragment” for upgrading your conduits
  • “Memory of the Jailer’s Eye” Legendary power
  • “Ritual Prism of Fortune” to permanently increase your chance to get Epic Anima powers in Torghast
  • Great deal of Stygia
WoW Ve'nari Reputation Boost
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