Ascended Boost

The Ascended are a reputation faction in Bastion comprised of ascended kyrian and their servants. One of four neutral faction added in Shadowlands. Getting to exalted with Ascended will get you a kyrian themed pet, mount and Legendary power recipe. Our Ascended reputation boost will help you get max reputation with this faction avoiding all the boring grinding.

ETA for the boost -2-3 weeks

Ascended reputation boost rewards:

  • Exalted with Ascended faction
  • Gilded Prowler mount available on Exalted reputation
  • Engineering recipe to craft “PHA7-YNX” pet
  • “Memory of the Arbiter’s Judgement” legendary power
  • New Kyrian world quests
  • Part of “Shadowlands Diplomat” achievement
WoW Ascended Boost
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