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Mage Tower Boost


Mage Tower was first introduced in Legion expansion. It was a fun and rather hard solo challenge that rewarded those who completed it with new and unique skins and transmogs for your artifact weapons. Recently Blizzard decided to bring it back in Shadowlands expansion. It was insanely hard for some classes but it also was the only way to unlock the transmogrification appearances and weapons.

One of the most sought-after classes is guardian druid. Not only you are getting a cool-looking and unique bear form for your druid, this class challenge was one of the hardest in newly reopened Mage Tower back in Shadowlands, and still is quite hard in Dragonflight.

But don’t worry, now you can get your Mage Tower done for any class or spec with our Mage Tower Boosting services. We offer 2 different ways to get your Mage Tower boost done: piloted mode and remote access mode.

  • Piloted Mode – one of our boosters will log into your account and do the job, quick and easy. We will use advanced VPN software to keep your account safe and can guarantee your personal belonging safety during the boost.
  • Remote Access mode – We use “Parsec” software to gain remote access to your computer and will do the job remotely. This is 100% safe but will take a bit longer to set up.

Mage Tower was design to test your skill in one of the hardest solo challenges World of Warcraft have to offer. Our Mage Tower boost was designed to fix that. Get your unique class appearance or weapon transmogrification quick, easy and stress free with our Mage Tower boost.

ETA for the boost is 10-60 minutes.

Available for all regions, classes and specs.

Mage Tower boost rewards:

  1. Quick and easy completion for your chosen class and spec
  2. Class rewards such as appearances and weapon transmogrifications
  3. Various Mage Tower achievements
Mage Tower Boost
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Mage Tower Boost
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