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Wild Rift Boost is a service that helps League of Legends players to reach different goals in the mobile version of the famous MOBA game. It is a popular service among different players who wish to achieve higher rank or rating in WR. During a boost, a skilled gamer from PlayCarry team logs into the customer’s account and performs a needed carry. Unlike other boosting sites, our team consists of gamers who are able to carry matches at any rate!

LoL Wild Rift is a mobile MOBA game, where 5-player teams compete with each other in small sessions approximately 15 minutes long. WR is a competitive game, therefore it has different aspects where gamers are trying to become the best. Our boosting site offers a various amount of carries- starting from Elo boost and increasing win rates to coaching and placements matches.

Want to boost your LoL Wild Rift account and gain helpful knowledge of tactics and mechanics for winning? Consider purchasing a service to fulfill your needs! It can not only help you with understanding new gaming methods, but also raise your rank to make your future games even better. With a variety of boosts, every customer can be sure to receive a perfect personalized carry after a consultation.

Boosting Wild Rift Services Tier List

League of Legends players know for sure that competing on high ranking is not the easiest task. There are plenty of possible difficulties that may appear on the way to the top of the ladder. For example, finding a good and stable team may be hard, because not all players are serious with the ranking system. Also, not everyone succeeds in mastering meta characters every update, not everyone knows how to choose the right counter-picks on mid, jungle, ads, or top lanes, many do not think about buying the right items, etc. PlayCarry has a boosting solution for every problem in our Wild Rift Services Tier List!

Ranked League Elo Boost

This service grants you the ability to quickly and easily increase your rank in the Ranked League game mode. Pick your current and needed Elo to see the price! Elo services guarantee your rating increase by a certain number of points. Skilled teammates will farm it in the blink of an eye!


Coaching in Wild Rift is a unique service which is profitable for both newbies and skilled players. New players can learn right item builds, picking and counter-picking, characters’ strategies, or any other needed information for better starting. Skilled gamers may also find the guidance helpful, because gaming on higher ranks is much more difficult from the beginning, and good advice can play a big part in the win rate.


Wins service guarantees that your account will receive the desired number of wins in Wild Rift. This can be especially useful for those who want a quick reward and lack just a few wins from getting powerful items, skins, or upgrading a rank. If you want to make a win streak or not lose rating points in the next few games, then this service is perfect for you!


At the start of each Wild Rift season, players must complete 10 placement matches that will determine their ranking at the start of the season. Completing these matches with a high rating will significantly save time during further climbing the ladder. A team of professional players will help you win all 10 calibration games and get the highest possible rank in the new season.

Wild Rift boosting is a good opportunity to save time and nerves while completing a task of any difficulty from the tier list. Whether you need help with rankings, training, winning matches, or calibrating your account, our professional team will help you achieve the results you want after completing a quick and simple carry. Our professional 24/7 online support will help you choose the best offer for your account!

Wild Rift Booster Jobs

Wild Rift boosting is a type of service that is rapidly gaining popularity. Many players want to improve their skills or rank without too much effort. And while some people are fine with simple carries, others have more complex tasks. In order to perform them, gamers must have a lot of knowledge and skills.

To be part of our team, a WR player must meet needed criteria. Of course, he must have a high rating and rank, as well as an upgraded account with a lot of achievements. If the candidate’s account suits us, we give him a test task. He must demonstrate his proficiency in the game by completing a series of challenging tests and training.

We take the safety and security of our customers seriously. For this reason, we cannot take just anyone into the team. All of our Wild Rift boosters are responsible and experienced players who have done a lot of work and are trustworthy. While turning to our company, you can be sure that the boosters are true professionals who will perform any task in the best possible way and give you a pleasant impression of the result.

How to Buy Wild Rift Boost

Wild Rift boosting is getting more and more popular every season. Some gamers receive what they want after the first boosting session, some come back to us each season to purchase more services and upgrade their account. A large percentage of regular customers is due to many reasons: the quality and speed of services, the professionalism of the staff, as well as the simplicity of the whole carry process. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to buy your first Wild Rift boost:

  1. Choose the service that best suits your needs. It depends on what kind of end results you want to get. Check out the list of our carries, or contact support in live chat. Managers will help you navigate and decide on the order. Their response time is always less than 30 seconds, anytime, any day of the week!
  2. Provide the correct information about your current Wild Rift progress, such as your rank and rating. It is necessary to create the offer with the best price.
  3. Make a payment through any payment system which works the best: PayPal or credit card. All transactions on the site are secured.
  4. Provide your account information. This step is mandatory to those who have chosen a carry during which our player will log into their account. It can be a Elo boost, a placement match, or a single win. Our gamer will need this information in order to get started. Don’t worry – your account will be completely safe from the very beginning to the end of the process. No one except the contractor will know your data, and we also use VPN to avoid questions from developers.
  5. Wait for the service to be completed. ETA depends on the type of a boost, but the managers can always give you approximate time based on previous orders.
  6. Enjoy the results!

While not every Wild Rift player purchases a boost, it can be a useful tool for those who need a quick solution to their problems and difficulties in the game. Our website is designed in such a way that every step of our client is thought out and made as easy as possible. PlayCarry made sure that the players did not have questions about how to start, choose, or buy the right service. We are always happy to help or answer any question!

Best Wild Rift Champions for Boosting

If you play League of Legends: Wild Rift, you know how important it is to have a high percentage of wins to increase the rating. One of the most important factors for a good win rate is choosing the right character and lane. Keep in mind that every season shakes up the meta a little, and such best characters change. It is important to keep track of this and be able to play on different champions in order to always take winning positions and quickly raise the rating. As of the current season, the meta characters are:

Lane: Champion: Winrate:
Top Sett, Galio, Shen 74,42%
Mid Ahri, Diana, Vex 63,29%
Jungle Ekko, Shyvana, Gragas 64,94%
ADC Samira, Caitlyn, Jinx 59,91%
Support Muse Sona, Pyke, Senna 60,07%

Choosing a champion for a match is a responsible task that depends on many factors. In order to show a good result for a particular character, you need to know the best position, build, counter-pick, strategy, and many micro-moments that can be decisive. Sufficiently experienced players, such as our boosters, can teach you how to play the perfect game with any champion, and show that any of them can be the Best Wild Rift Champion.

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