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WoW Allied Races Unlock are various boosts purposeful to obtain more available characters in World of Warcraft. First allied races were invented in WoW Legion with the huge approval of the WoW players, and Nightborne, Highmountain Taurens, Void Elves, and Lightforged Draenei were firstly announced as playable races. After the success and popularity of new allies, BfA expansion gradually brought 6 brand-new exclusive races, which are currently the last added allies.

In the beginning, achieving all needed conditions was a long and complicated process, but with the release of Shadowlands, Blizzards made it a little easier. Still, unlocking new races requires completing tasks that may seem uninteresting to some players. For example, there are long multiple questlines to obtain Kul Tirans and Zandalari Trolls. That’s where PlayCarry is ready to help!

Each race has unique skills and traits, such as Mag’har Orc shamans can create totems with their own models, and Kul Tiran Human druids have personal appearances for animal forms. Getting unique playable characters, racial mounts, heralds, transmogrification sets, and achievement seems interesting? We are ready to provide any needed WoW Allied Races Unlock service for both Alliance and Horde.

How to Unlock Allied Race in World of Warcraft?

Unlocking Allied Races was more complicated in previous World of Warcraft expansions. Players needed to grind certain reputations up to exaltation, which was only one of the needed tasks. In WoW Dragonflight, gamers can unlock allies much faster by completing particular questlines and receiving achievements. Here is the list of available allied races and their requirements:

  • Nightbornes are perfect for playing ranged DPS and healers. Increased magical damage makes them decent mages, priests, and warlocks. They also have a racial bonus for inscription, so it’s a good option for players that want to upgrade that profession faster and earn some gold! The “Insurrection” achievement is needed to unlock Nightbornes.
  • With their additional versatility and racial stun ability, Highmountain Taurens seem like a good choice for PvP runs. They also mine faster than any other race and have a 15 points bonus for this profession, so pick them if you are ready to sell some ore on auction! Also, Highmountain Taurens have pretty cool horns. You need all “Aint No Mountain High Enough” questlines to get this allied race completed.
  • Zandalari Trolls have their unique mechanic – Embrace of Loa, which has 6 helpful buffs on player’s choice. Those buffs are valuable in all kinds of content in World of Warcraft. Also, one special healing ability makes playing a Zandalari Troll delightful. Let our teams finish both “Zandalar forever” and “Tides of Vengeance” achievements, and enjoy this allied race entirely!
  • Mag’hars have a 10% health bonus for their pets. Can you name better hunters? They also move faster than any other class and can buff one of their stats randomly. A good class to have fun! Complete all BfA war campaigns with us and try Mag’hars by yourself!
  • Vulperas are the best class to explore Azeroth and collect any possible things. These little creatures can create camps and teleport anytime with their enlarged bags. Due to their size and mobility, Vulperas perform nicely in arenas. PlayCarry teams can help with completing “Secrets of the Sands” to let you create these cute characters.
  • Void Elves are frankly the best casters in World of Warcraft! Their spell casting is not delayed when taking damage, while their Entropic embrace makes the damage or healing even stronger. Players can customize their Void Elves to look like High Elves in Alliance, which is also an interesting feature. “You Are Now Prepared” achievement is required to obtain them.
  • Lightforged Draenei are the most canonical paladins. All their special abilities are bound to the Light. Even at the moment of death, they create a light explosion that damages the enemies and heals their allies. Like the Void Elves, Lightforged Draenei are unlocked by achieving “You Are Now Prepared”.
  • Kul Tiran seems like they were created for PvP battles. Stuns, passive healing, and versatility bonus, decreased received damage- perfect abilities for arena battles. Our teammates are ready to complete “A Nation United” and “Tides of Vengeance” to obtain this allied race for you!
  • Dark Iron Dwarves’ skill Fireblood is beneficial in World of Warcraft content. It buffs the main characteristic of the caster and decreases damage. Those Dwarves are also very mobile because they can use Mole Machines anywhere! Get “Ready for War” with PlayCarry today to try it yourself!
  • Mechagnomes’ bodies act as a personal hearth for cooking food, an anvil, and a forge for smelting ores. As the machines, they learn during every battle and increase their main characteristic by 25 every 5 seconds! Order Mechagnome Unlock from our site to make them playable and receive “The Mechagonian Threat” achievement!

Buy Allied Races Boost on EU and US

Purchasing Allied Races carry in WoW from PlayCarry is simple! The only thing we will need from you is at least 1 fully leveled character from the faction you are interested in. Here are the steps to start:

  1. The most essential step is picking the allied race to unlock. They all are good in different ways, so select the one that will make you happiest.
  2. Purchase the offer from PlayCarry site.
  3. Contact our 24/7 online support in the live chat. They will answer any question and match you with a booster to fulfill the carry.
  4. Share your account. Please note that all Allied Races unlock carries can only be done in Piloted mode. Of course, our professional team provides all the possible safety measures to decrease the chances of a ban.
  5. Wait for the ETA and enjoy new playable races!

Alliance Allied Races

The Alliance began to lose its grip and opened its doors to all the continent’s fugitives, so as not to concede in the arms race. They managed to attract the attention of wanderers from many parts of the universe, allied under their flags to stop the common threat.

Horde Allied Races

The Horde promised shelter for the new allies in return for their aid in following battles. Uniting with the new inhabitants of Azeroth and other worlds helped them greatly strengthen their positions.

WoW Dragonflight Allied Races Unlocking

Despite allied races being overall liked in World of Warcraft, Blizzard decided not to add new ones to Dragonflight. Personally, our team and many players we know were disappointed by that decision. We were expecting playable Gnolls, Tuskarrs, or Drakonids.

However, developers decided to add a new race – Draktir and a new class – Evoker. They are bonded to each other, which means Draktir can only be Evoker, and vice versa. The new class has only 2 specs, adding some new unique mechanics. We are not sure how good those characters will be in PvE or PvP content yet, but we are looking forward to trying with WoW Dragonflight release. Join us and discover new content with our skilled and professional teammates!


How to unlock allied races?

Players need to complete certain tasks in order to unlock playable races. Every race can be obtained after finishing particular achievements. At least one character on your account should be upgraded to complete unique scenarios, which are only available for relevant factions. For example, unlocking Highmountain Taurens with Alliance characters is impossible, and obtaining Void elves for Horde players won’t work either.

How to get allied races?

You can unlock any race by yourself, by completing every particular requirement. Some questlines are really long and need a few days to complete, like Nightbornes’ achievement “Insurrection”. One of the quests asks you to complete 10 World Quests in Surramar, which can only be completed in at least 2 days. Also, in order to get Kul Tiran, you will need to complete some BfA dungeons. Doing it solo is impossible, because one of the bosses, Lord Stormsong from Shrine of the Storm uses mind control spell before you manage to kill him. But that is not a problem for our boosters! Our professional teams can do it in no-time and help you skip those boring tasks.

How to Unlock Allied Race in World of Warcraft?

To unlock any allied race, you need at least a little geared character with the minimum required level and completed the first Legion or BfA scenario.

Legion Allied Races 45+ Level
Battle for Azeroth 50+ Level

Completing the first scenario of the expansion will start a questline that will lead you to the start of unlocking any race, so choose wisely! Interested in your character looks more, than in racial perks? We can help you decide! For example, Lightforged Draenei look a lot like regular Draenei, but a little recolored. Same for Mag’hars and regular original Orcs, Dark Iron Dwarves and Dwarves. All the other races have their own unique features for their faction, like Void Elves that you can custom to look like Blood Elves on Alliance. Contact our live-chat support for more detailed personal advice!

Can you boost allied races?

Indeed! In PlayCarry, professional WoW players offer their services to all races of Horde and Alliance.

What is the fastest way to unlock allied races?

Don’t like tedious questing or achievements farming? Then the fastest way is to contact our live chat support and start the carry today!

What is the easiest allied race to get?

From our experience, all allied races, except Zandalari Trolls, Kul Tiran, Nightborne, and Mechagnomes, are equally easy to get.

Can you buy a race change to allied races?

After completing certain criteria and unlocking them once- yes. Also, note that Heritage armor can only be obtained after you level up a character of the particular race by yourself.

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