Trinkets Items in WoW

Trinkets are World of Warcraft in-game items that characters equip to boost stats and DPS rankings. WoW Trinket slots have 13 and 14 character gear positions, so players can use macro to activate or equip different items before the combat. Like all World of Warcraft items, trinkets have 3 quality ranks – common, rare and epic.

  • Common – drop from mobs in Azeroth locations and from quest rewards.
  • Rare – have a low drop chance from elite mobs and dungeons.
  • Epic – available for defeating raid bosses, mythic+ dungeons and high-rated PvP activities.

Trinkets are must-have items for WoW endgame content in every expansion. These armor pieces affect the class mechanics by increasing damage dealing, tanking or healing abilities. It’s the main reason why players need to combine different character builds to maximize the gear profit.

Buy Trinkets WoW on Sale

Buying a World of Warcraft trinkets, gamers receive a chance to achieve the best in slot (BiS) loot avoiding routine farming. The high item level trinket requires players to complete mythic raids or reach high arena ranking. It’s not an easy task for a casual WoW champion without the guild. But how to farm items when you don’t have teammates to play with? Boosting services is the best solution to your problem!

Farming a unique trinket usually takes gamers over 2 weekly resets. With our services, you can buy any rewards at a cheap price and skip this process. Achieve epic loot from bosses avoiding endless wipes in dungeon runs with random groups. Join the professional guild runs and have an amazing WoW gaming experience with PlayCarry team.

Best in Slot World of Warcraft Class Trinket Ranking

Every class receives the best in slot (BiS) trinkets every WoW game expansion. To receive it, players must achieve a high skill level on their characters, join the raid run, win the boss fight and roll an item with other group members. Since the drop chance is always quite low, specific item farm may take more than 10 attempts. However, our WoW carry team is ready to help you with obtaining the best in slot trinket for your class.

Death KnightAlgeth’ar Puzzle Box
Demon HunterWhispering Incarnate Icon
DruidFurious Ragefeather
EvokerBroodkeeper’s Promise
HunterWindscar Whetstone
MageMote of Sanctification
MonkIceblood Deathsnare
PaladinBlazebinder’s Hoof
PriestVoidmender’s Shadowgem
RogueStorm-Eater’s Boon
ShamanEye of Skovald
WarlockRuby Whelp Shell
WarriorHunger of the Pack

Starting with Classic World of Warcraft, characters farm the best in slot trinkets for their classes and specializations. But with every new game expansion this task becomes harder because raid bosses receive additional mechanics and item level gear cap becomes higher.

WoW PvP Trinkets

PvP trinkets help WoW players in arenas and rated battlegrounds. These items increase the character’s power only in battles, making them very focused. If a World of Warcraft character equips PvP trinkets in both gear slots, he receives a significant improvement, up to +20% versatility and 1 of the following bonuses:

  1. Removing any crowd control effect once every 2 minutes (does not stack with the Human racial ability);
  2. Reducing the duration of any incoming crowd control effect by 20%;
  3. Removing a crowd control effect that lasts for more than 6 seconds once per minute.

PvP trinkets are capable of removing slows, stuns, snares, and other control effects from the character. They have unique mechanics that make the rated aspect of the game balanced. Gamers can purchase these items from PvP vendors for honor and conquest points.

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