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Leveling a WoW character in the usual way can take weeks or even months. It will be necessary to regularly complete various quests, dungeon farming, upgrade characteristics, grind, etc. And if you want to speed up this process (for example, if you want to choose a character of a different class), a power boost service is a great idea. With it, you can upgrade your character much faster. So, do not waste time on boring tasks at the initial levels.

How does Power Leveling in WOW work?

WoW powerleveling requires a lot of knowledge and drawing up various strategies, but the result will not be long in coming: it will be possible to bring the character to the top in a matter of days!
WoW provides many opportunities to quickly build up experience. The main thing is to be able to use it.

PlayCarry offers a great alternative to a long time building up points – instead of tedious progress, you can skyrocket to level 60 thanks to the work of our hardcore gamers.

Power level boosting allows the player to quickly jump to the maximum level through the active use of various equipment and special items. Wow power leveling can be achieved in various ways or combinations thereof. Namely:

Using characters with maximum stamina. This applies to both the main character and the secondary ones.
Completing only those quests that will bring the most experience. In addition, the order in which they are performed is also important.
Accounting for the individual characteristics of each class and profession.

Finding a balance between time spent on a single character and experience points can take many hours of play. Therefore, it is better to entrust this to professionals – players with a deep knowledge of game mechanics. Their experience will help you quickly rush through the first levels and get into the Shadowlands. They know the shortest paths to get to the upper levels.

Why Use The Service?

Because it saves time! Seriously, character development in the first levels is often pretty boring. You have to complete quest after quest, level after level… Instead of spending hours and days on something much more entertaining. Not very attractive, right?

Wouldn’t it be better to get everything at once by starting the game at a high level, where you will find interesting social content, exciting adventures, and many interesting items and rewards? Without any effort and additional knowledge. The PlayCarry service will do it for you!

That is why wow character level-up services have gained such popularity: instead of you, the development at the initial levels is done by pro players. They will do it much faster than the average user. You will immediately see real progress and be able to enjoy all the benefits of World of Warcraft. Moreover, there is no fraud in this: only knowledge of the gameplay and experience.

Why Choose Playcarry?

We boost characters manually without using third-party programs. No “magic buttons” and other cheating tricks: only hours and days spent in the game, experimentally verified schemes, and the ability to navigate WoW “with closed eyes”.

The Playcarry team consists only of experienced players who have devoted many hours to completing quests, dungeon farming, and learning the game mechanics. We attract only professionals who can achieve fast and effective results.
We never ask for sensitive data and we care about the security of your account. We also provide customers with security through the use of a VPN – it will mimic your real position. Everything will look like this if you go through the whole process yourself.
For each client, an individual strategy is developed that allows you to quickly and efficiently boost your character. No monotonous patterns – only unique development paths.
The user can control the process and play independently. You can log into your World of Warcraft account, but not at the same time as boosting. Choose a convenient time for our work – we are available 24/7. But if the customer prefers that everything goes without his participation, the team will do everything on their own.
Cool prices. Although professionals will work on your account, the Playcarry service is very cheap. Choose the service you need – just a few clicks separate you from the game at the top.
24/7 support. We are always ready to answer customer questions, resolve unforeseen situations, and provide a report on the work done.

In addition to WoW powerleveling a character from scratch, you can also choose to level an item (Gearing), PvE Coaching, Shadowlands Leveling, etc.

What is Required from a Player?

Ordering a WoW upgrade on the Playcarry is very simple. You are required to:
Select and check the settings for your region. It is better to do this twice, as further actions depend on these settings – they will be different for the EU and the USA.
Customize the settings to suit your character’s needs. Class, profession – all this must be taken into account.
Create an order. Our manager will help you sort out the details, clarify the data for accessing your account, discuss the time for completing the task, etc.
If it seems to you that something is beyond your control, you can always contact support: Our specialists will figure everything out and fix all the problems.

You can also contribute to the effectiveness of wow power leveling. Here is what will help you with this:
Buying and upgrading family heirlooms to increase experience points.
The presence of potions and other power amplifiers. It would seem that this is not too much gain. But every detail plays a role!
The presence of gold for which you can buy a mount. With it, the upgrade time will be significantly reduced. And that’s what we need, right?
Learning flight paths – so completing quests and dungeon farming will be faster.

But in any case, we will complete the task in full. And we will raise the level to 60 in the shortest time. And… Shadowlands is waiting for you!

What Does a Player Get Finally?

Using the services of Playcarry, you will receive:
Fast wow power leveling with all the benefits: access to interesting tasks, high-class items, access to the Shadowlands expansion, etc.
The security of your account. This is the main priority of the service.
Support and willingness to answer your questions at any time of the day.
Free time for exciting things instead of routine tasks at the first levels. You can play other games, spend time with friends or family, do self-development … or whatever!
Services of professional players for the minimum cost. It is cheaper than a medium-sized pizza!

You can also order a comprehensive package of services. It’s profitable and cheap. Of course, you can get a high-level character on your own. But it will take a long time. However, the decision is always yours.

Security and Power Leveling

The guarantee of safety is a matter of paramount importance for our wow leveling service. To ensure the security of your account, our specialists:
Use VPN and SSL protocols. This helps mimic your connection to the game.
Do not use additional scripts or bots – only manual work!
Do not cross MAC addresses and IP addresses. It is for this reason that the user is not recommended to play simultaneously with boosters.
Do not use in-game chat.
Do not ask for confidential information. The answer to the secret question must remain your secret, do not disclose it to third parties!

In the event of an unforeseen situation, our managers will join the process and do everything to resolve the situation. You can completely trust us.


Is there power leveling in WoW?

Yes, the Playcarry offers you the service of power leveling your character in WoW with the help of specialists of wow leveling boosts. They will manually lead it from level to level in World of Warcraft without the involvement of third-party programs. The use of bots, illegal scripts, and third-party software can be unsafe, so we do not recommend going this route.

What is power leveling service?

WoW player leveling service is a platform where you can order service to level up your WoW character and gain access to Shadowlands. Playcarry is a professional wow power leveling service offering safe and reliable wow powerleveling from experienced players. The service manager will offer you the best option, discuss the desired conditions and help you place an order. Familiarize yourself with the range of services and prices - you will surely like them.

Can I play while leveling?

Yes, but you can't play at the same time as the Playcarry specialists are working. The leveling will take place at a convenient time for you so that during the breaks you can enjoy the game at the top levels on your own. Discuss this issue with managers in advance - the support service works 24/7!

If you plan to participate in raids, let a manager know your schedule: we understand how important it is for you to communicate with your team. So you will have the opportunity to participate in all team activities, including the wow powerleveling process.

Is boost worth it in WoW?

Yes, if you want to play an interesting game without having to go through the boring beginning levels day after day. This will save you time and allow you to have a good time while experienced players do all the work for you.

Yes, if you want to have fun with your high-level friends and play World of Warcraft adventures together.

However, you can level up the traditional way for free. But then you should be patient and spend many hours playing the game.

Do boosted characters get professions?

Yes. We develop a boost strategy based on the characteristics of your character and find the fastest ways to level it up. Before the work starts, a manager will discuss all the details, including the profession issue.

Immerse yourself in the incredible World of Warcraft and start from the top level! Entrust us with your character, and we will complete our task 100%! Want to save even more money? Let’s order wow power leveling packages. And additionally, check out the Discount Bundles section - here are super-profitable offers for a comprehensive upgrade.

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