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World of Warcraft Quest Farming is a group of services needed to complete essential questlines in WoW at a cheap price. In PlayCarry, our professional booster will efficiently complete various tasks for your characters. Need a weekly or world quest farm? Finishing a significant storyline seems long and boring? Contact us in live chat to start as soon as possible!

Questing is one of the main mechanics in WoW. You need to grind it while leveling up your character, unlocking high-end content, grinding reputation, receiving achievements, and many more. Sadly, the general sense of questing is almost the same since Vanilla, except there are Daily, Weekly, and World quests now. Scenarios added more interest in this process, but still, most of the possible tasks are killing some mobs or collecting certain items.

We fully understand that long questing process must be tiring, especially for gamers who play World of Warcraft during multiple expansions. Completing freshly added storylines from a new expansion for the first time is ok, but twink lovers get tired of it very fast. PlayCarry is ready to help and let you rest from routine activities while our professional boosters do questing instead of you!

Questing system in WoW

Even though there is no way to minimize the routine, Blizzard sometimes tries adding new features to make it at least a little different and unique. For example, Daily quests were added in The Burning Crusade, Weekly quests- in Wrath of the Lich King, and World quests- in Legion. As you can see, there was a big break between adding something new to that system and Dragonflight is not bringing anything new as well. Despite this, some players still enjoy questing, so let’s take a look at the common mechanics.


Questlines are the most common content in World of Warcraft that players meet at any progress point. Sometimes, we meet unique interesting content. For example, many of us shed a tear over the sad story of Raestraza and “The Day That Deathwing Came”, and on the other hand, “Welcome To The Machine” made us try being quest givers and laugh. But, of course, such good content can be counted on fingers. That’s why players consider purchasing WoW Quest Farming from PlayCarry and skipping every boring part!

Daily quests

Daily quests are usually needed to upgrade professions or reputation with particular factions. For example, fishing and cooking level can be greatly increased with daily questing in The Burning Crusade or Pandaria locations. And completing daily tasks helped a lot of our customers achieve exaltation with some hard to get factions, like Ve’Nari from Shadowlands. By farming all needed Daily quests, our skilled boosters can increase your character’s reputation or skill level.

Weekly quests

Weekly quests are obviously available only once a week, but the rewards are valuable. They are updated every Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on your realm (EU or US). It is a great way to obtain particular currency or items because Weekly quests usually grant useful rewards. With us, you won’t have to worry about remembering every weekly reset, our team will make sure to notify you and let our booster do it!

World quests

World Quests usually have 24 hours reset, but they have some differences from Daily questing. Players need to go to a certain location to start a World quest, and it will begin automatically. Also, the rewards are different and change every time. Completing 50 or more World quests usually is required to receive a Pathfinder achievement on certain locations. They also grant some reputation upgrades, so let us know if you want to start a boost like this!

Dragonflight Quest Rewards

There are no new questing features in Dragonflight so far, so we’ll stick to the usual concept of performing such services. All services of this kind are only performed in Piloted mode, which means that our teammate logs in to your account and grinds instead of you. Of course, account sharing is risky, especially when unprofessional boosters do something like this. We care about our customers’ safety, so with PlayCarry you can be sure of our efficient VPN, and well-established mechanism of Piloted boosts.

Dragonflight looks like a twink-friendly expansion from the very beginning, because some helpful Renown rewards are now account-wide. That may cause more players to create twink characters. Leveling by questing becomes more tiresome with every new character, so feel free to contact us when you are tired of it!

WoW Quests Achievements

There are plenty of Quest achievements in World of Warcraft. Questing is one of the best ways to receive a lot of achievement points and some titles or even mounts. Here are some options to farm related Achievements:

  1. Questing in certain locations grants different rewards, depending on expansion. For example, all Pathfinder achievements, starting from Draenor, require completing all main questlines of Expansion and completing the Loremaster. Title Loremaster is also given for finishing all main storylines and scenarios in all locations of WoW. It’s crazy, but we can also help with that!
  2. Every 5th, 10th, 25th, etc. completed task guarantees you an achievement. It applies to Daily, Weekly, and World questing. Our teammates can complete any amount on your character!
  3. Questing is also an excellent way to earn some gold. When you reach the maximum level, quest givers that would give you experience offer you more gold instead. And, of course, achievements are also granted! Every 10.000 gold rewards will be accompanied by achievement!


How many quests are in WoW?

If you add both from Horde and Alliance, the approximate number of quests in WoW will be more than 24.000 currently, and that number grows with every patch. It seems like a lot, but in PlayCarry you can find a booster for any amount of quests!

When is daily quest reset?

It depends on the region of your server. All servers from the EU region have resetting time at 7:00 UTC, US regions (North America and Oceania)- at 15:00 UTC, and China, Korea, and Taiwan from the Asian region - at 23:00 UTC. This is when dailies reload, so make sure to finish them in time or let our boosters take care of it! Our 24/7 online live-chat operators can let you know when the reset time is and remind us to let our teammate start!

How to show low level quests?

There is a “Trivial Quests” checkbox on your minimap. You should click on the magnifying glass and pick it, and after this low-level quests will also be shown.

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