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Amirdrassil Boost is a World of Warcraft carry service players can buy to defeat 9 druid bosses in the third Dragonflight raid. It launches with the “Guardians of the Dream” game patch and brings WoW characters epic rewards, achievements, items and mounts. Amirdrassil carries are available in 4 raid difficulties:

  1. LFR – players start with LFR raid mode to test boss mechanics and improve tactics. That’s why this dungeon difficulty doesn’t include high ilvl rewards, but still on demand among WoW champions. It becomes available for gamers with the 4th weekly reset after the Amirdrassil release date.
  2. Normal – the most popular option for World of Warcraft guild groups and casual players. Normal raid mode doesn’t include additional challenges or improved mechanics like Heroic and Mythic, but awards champions with decent item level trinkets and weapons from the last 2 bosses.
  3. Heroic – this raid boost mode allows players to join Amirdrassil run with the professional PvE group and win fights against Fyrakk (the last boss) and his allies. All the enemies in HC difficulty have increased health points, damage dealing abilities. It requires characters to defeat all bosses in Normal mode first to learn tactics.
  4. Mythic – the hardest Amirdrassil difficulty to boost that requires specific composition of WoW classes. All the enemies in Mythic location have additional spells and mechanics. It makes raid impossible to carry without a stable guild team. At the same time, Mythic rewards include high item level gear that gamers will use till the end of Dragonflight expansion.

Amirdrassil, The Dream’s Hope Boost raid is available for boosting in Normal and Heroic difficulties from the first days after the Dragonflight Season 3 release. Players will confront ancient druid forces to save Azeroth and the Dragon Isles from cataclysm. This battle allows characters to confirm their status as World of Warcraft heroes and let them obtain new trophies and treasures for the hall of fame achievement collection.

Boosting Amirdrassil WoW Raid Loot Options

Amirdrassil loot rules allow WoW gamers to boost characters’ item level using 5 raid options. Every option has a different price range and gear drop chance. This helps players to choose the most suitable carry service for their character or acquire missing rewards from the loot table.

  • Group loot – players roll items that drop at the end of every boss fight between the group members. Every gamer has a chance to loot trophies with a small chance. The number of dropped rewards depends on the raid size. The more characters there are in the group, the more items will drop from the boss.
  • Guaranteed loot – selecting this option, player reserves at least 1 guaranteed item from the boost run. If he doesn’t receive loot, we’ll add him to the second Group loot run for free on the next weekly reset. In case of this, the customer gets 2 items from the great vault and 1 or more items from the boosted services.
  • Tier sets tokens – raid leader adds specific boosters to Amirdrassil carry run to boost drop chance of tier sets tokens. If a token drops, group members trade it to the customer. Furthermore, this loot option also includes Group loot rewards.
  • Armor and weapon – player decides what World of Warcraft classes he wants to add to his raid to increase chance of receiving armor and weapon items. This option suits more for champions that want to farm specific items from non-set gear slots.
  • Loot traders – this option is available only on the first day after the Dragonflight weekly reset. Player selects the number of boosters he wants to add to his Amirdrassil run with an unsaved raid cooldown. Every group member trades the rewards he obtains during the service to the customer (if he’s able to trade it). This option includes tier set tokens, armor, weapons and trinkets.

Amirdrassil loot options offer World of Warcraft gamers epic rewards and item level boost in Dragonflight Season 3. Every character can join the group to achieve a quick dungeon completion with a professional raiding team and complete the required gaming tasks. If the service does not meet the players’ expectations, they can request a re-run.

Item Level Loot Rewards in Amirdrassil Carry Runs

Item levels rewards from Amirdrassil boosts directly depend on the raid’s difficulty and loot options. Dungeon bosses’ difficulty levels increase with the gear rank that WoW players collect after the successful battles. That’s why characters receive rewards of corresponding item levels:

Raid difficulty: Min. item level: Max item level:
LFR 444 450
Normal 454 463
Heroic 470 476
Mythic 483 489

Amirdrassil is the new raid of Dragonflight Season 3 that brings updates to the game loot reward system. Gear item levels were boosted to meet the World of Warcraft item level requirements. The first week of the raid release was the hardest one for players that tried to defeat Fyrakk, the Blazing and other 8 bosses, since they used old equipment from Aberrus dungeon. That’s why most gamers should complete Mythic Keystones first to achieve at least 440 ilvl, before boosting the Amirdrassil raid.

Class Guide for Amirdrassil World of Warcraft Characters

Amirdrassil is a challenging raid for World of Warcraft characters without PvE boosting experience. Boss fights here are more difficult than in Mythic+ dungeons because 10-25 players participate in these battles (not 5, like in Mythic+ keystone runs). A single mistake by one group member is fatal and affects the outcome of the battle. However, gamers can avoid failures by learning Amirdrassil boss tactics. Here’s a simple guide for all World of Warcraft classes, following which characters can achieve 100% success in fights and defeat bosses without wipes.

DPS (damage dealers)

– damage dealers should use PvE gear with the main stats to boost the damage dealt to Amirdrassil bosses. This will allow DPS characters to maximize damage rankings and finish the battle before group healers run out of mana. It’s important to utilize the full range of class abilities – dealing area damage if there are more than 3 enemies, and also using your main burst abilities in combination with procs from enchants.


– the main task of healers is to restore the tanks’ health (primarily) and also keep an eye on the damage dealers’ life points. Tanks are always the top priority for healers during boss fights. Healers consume mana as their primary resource for their abilities, so players of these classes need to pay attention to their mana levels. If healers run out of mana, they should use abilities for resource regeneration.


– are the main targets for Amirdrassil enemy units. They act as the bulwark of defense for other group members. High item level gear is a must-have feature for World of Warcraft tank game classes, because without the decent equipment rank they won’t be able to reflect opponents’ attacks. Therefore, players should first ensure that the armor on their characters matches the dungeon’s difficulty level. A crucial success factor during boss fights is teamwork with the second raid tank: alternating abilities, positioning, and tracking fatal strikes.

Gamers can use an alternative option is to complete the Amirdrassil raid and join a professional boost group where characters have been clearing the raid since its release on beta servers. In this case, champions save their time and gain real experience with hardcore players. It allows newbie gamers to collect achievements, loot and gear after defeating all the 9 raid bosses, including Fyrakk.

Amirdrassil raid boss fight in WoW game
Amirdrassil raid boss fight in WoW game

Amirdrassil boost raid run is not the hard task for prepared WoW guilds, where each character takes the right position and boosts the power of the entire group with talents and passive abilities. However, groups that consist of random players from LFG don’t have much chances to defeat the first 3 bosses because of the lack of communication and PvE experience. But gamers can easily fix this problem by learning World of Warcraft class guides and following the tactics to avoid wipes.

Tier Sets in Amirdrassil Raid

“Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope” raid is primarily appealing to World of Warcraft gamers because of its tier sets rewards. Tier set boost character abilities on 8% and 14% of all WoW classes when a champion equips 2 and 4 armor items. Players can equip 5 gear pieces from the set: head, shoulders, chest, gloves, and legs.

Set pieces drop from Amirdrassil bosses as token items that characters need to use to create an armor piece on their class specialization. If the tier token drops from the boss, every raid participant needs to roll it. So the chance of receiving this reward is 1 in 25 for each group member. Additionally, tier set tokens have a 15.39% drop chance from the bosses, making these items very rare.

However, players can receive a full tier set on their class by buying Amirdrassil boosting runs with the token prio option. This service increases the customers’ chance to receive the required loot from the first try. This option is available for all WoW classes in Normal, Heroic, or Mythic raid difficulties.

How to complete Amirdrassil, The Dream’s Hope Raid

To successfully complete the Amirdrassil raid, players need to prepare for battles with every dungeon boss. The zone’s difficulty level increases with every defeated enemy until the champions face the final boss – Fyrakk. However, the entire race to the world first Amirdrassil completion is much easier if gamers follow the key rules. Here are the main ones:

Group inspection – every gamer needs to check the group’s level of preparation before entering the dungeon location. Most of the random groups end before they even start fighting due to low gear levels among raid members and a lack of experience.

Consumables – are the must-have feature for every Amirdrassil raider: food, flasks, and buffs, significantly boost character abilities and add up to 45% of main stats. Champions can purchase these items at the auction house or craft it manually using professional skills. Furthermore, characters with boosted profession levels are more useful in fights, as they trade consumables during the battles.

Boss fight guides and tactics – this step takes gamers no more than 2 minutes to learn the boss fight strategy. At the same time, it’s the most effective approach to prepare for the battle. Players often develop strategies by adding their own tactics or improvising during battles. In such cases, group members should use voice chat to coordinate actions.

Amirdrassil journey turns into a trial for unprepared Dragonflight champions. However, players can easily overcome 8 out of 9 bosses in Normal and Heroic difficulties if their gear has reached the required level following this guide. But even if players don’t meet these requirements, they can complete the Amirdrassil raid as part of a professional group using a boosting service.


How much is Amirdrassil Boost?

The cost of Amirdrassil Boost service can range from $19 to $2999. The price depends on the options, raid difficulty, and the number of bosses the client wishes to buy. The flexibility in options and pricing allows customers to find any service they need at a price that suits them best.

How to get to Amirdrassil?

To get to Amirdrassil entrance, players need to complete the starting quest chain of patch 10.2 to unlock access to the location. The quest chain begins with the quest "Call of the Dream." Players can initiate this quest chain by logging into the game after the patch's release.

When does Amirdrassil open?

Amirdrassil: The Dream's Hope is set to be released on October 10th, coinciding with the release of the Dragonflight: "Guardians of the Dream'' game patch. Players will have the opportunity to enter the raid on Normal and Heroic difficulty levels during the first two weekly resets. After a few weeks, champions will be able to test their skills in Mythic and LFR raid modes.

What ilvl is good for Amirdrassil?

The recommended item level for Amirdrassil Normal is 441, Heroic - 450, Mythic - 462. These item level recommendations can be lower if a player is highly skilled with World of Warcraft classes and has experience from previous Dragonflight expansion raids.

Can I buy Amirdrassil boost with in-game WoW gold?

Yes, you can purchase Amirdrassil carry service with World of Warcraft gold. However, the number of slots is limited to 25 per week, and the price on boost will be equal to x1,5 from the amount listed on our website.

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