Sepulcher of the First One Boost

Sepulcher of the First Ones Boosting is the last WoW Shadowlands raid players can buy carry services in. Our team provides loot runs every day on Alliance and Horde factions. We welcome newcomer characters and give a 10% discount code on the first SotFO order. This discount shares on Vault of the Incarnates Boost in World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion.

Sepulcher of the First Ones Carry Guide

Our team has 4 raids in Sepulcher during World of Warcraft Shadowlands Season Three. Group consists of 25 members total – 20 boosters and 5 customers. However, there’re lots of tasks every party member need to follow:

  • Tanks – always use voice chat to coordinate actions and use abilities without delay. It’s important to taunt the boss in time to drop down all the deadly stacks and avoid fatal damage.
  • Healers – work in pairs with tanks to heal the wounds from bosses’ attacks. A good raid should always have 2 types of healers: group and single target.
  • Damage dealers – boost stats with potions and elixirs to hurt enemies. Melee classes need to keep a low threat level till the fight ends. Meanwhile, casters deal more area damage and defeat mobs.
  • Customers – we ask buyers to follow the leader tips to guarantee fast service execution. You don’t need to pull enemies or assist the group. Furthermore, we’ll summon every player before we start the encounter.
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