WoW Raids Boosting

WoW Raid Boosting is a challenging and exciting high-end World of Warcraft activity we offer at a cheap price. With PlayCarry you won’t have to worry about knowing all the tactics, wow raid services are perfect for players with any skill and gear. A raid carry is an excellent way to easily get desired rewards and achievements.

Raids are the most complicated PvE content available in WoW, and some players can face difficulties completing them. Even if you find LFR mode too easy, Heroic can cause difficulties, especially when your character is freshly leveled. With PlayCarry teams, there are no gear or skill requirements to start a raid boost. You just need to be online to accept the invitation to start, or you can just let us do everything by ourselves with piloted mode.

Buy WOW Raid Boost on EU and US

Our hardcore MMORPG teams provide World of Warcraft carry services daily with both factions. All raid carries in World of Warcraft require 10-20 teammates, and our boosters are ready to start whenever you need them. Different loot run options can be done in all carries, with that you are guaranteed to get high ilvl gear in the required amount.

There also are services for specific achievements, such as Glories, Cutting Edge, getting a full Gear set, etc. On our site you can find any offer for your request or simply ask our operators in the online chat.

World of Warcraft Raids available for boosting

PlayCarry WoW boosters provide all 4 raid tiers:

LFR Tier RaidsThe easiest tier. A carry like this is good and helpful if you are new to WoW. You can practice and learn your class without paying a lot of attention to hardcore mechanics.
Normal Tier RaidsAlso an easy option, but here you’ll get some good gear to start exploring harder PvE content.
Heroic Tier RaidsIn Heroic raid carry you may need a basic knowledge of your class. This is enough to complete the run and get some BiS equipment for your character.
Mythic Tier RaidsThe hardest possible option. If you choose this, the boosting team might ask you to change your spec at some bosses. But you don’t have to worry, we have piloted option available if you are not sure about doing this yourself.

We are ready to carry different raids from the current and the last expansions. For example, Vault of the Incarnates Normal / Heroic / Mythic mode will be available shortly after release on the official servers.

Raid WoW Boosting Rewards

After purchasing wow raid boost, you’ll get awesome rewards:

BIS PvE gear with high ilvl that helps you continue exploring PvE content much more effortless.
Exclusive and time-limited achievements.
Special ranks, such as The Storm-Eater, Breaker of Chains, etc.

What are the advantages of using our raid carry services?

  1. You decide how much loot you get by yourself. Unlike a run with random teammates, raid boosters will trade you all the rewards they get.
  2. We have a large amount of raid carries daily. With us, you pick a convenient time to start the raid boost any day.
  3. Our raid boosters are professionals, doing loot runs a lot of years. They will complete the carry quickly and easily.
  4. We are a trustworthy and experienced service, and guarantee your account’s safety after any boost.
  5. Operators from support team are online 24/7 to help you out with any possible question


Who are WoW raid boosters?

WoW raid boosters are skilled WoW players that specify on completing raid carries in different modes. They know the needed tactics and raid bosses mechanics, and are ready to share their knowledge and help both beginners and skilled players.

Can I play while raids boosting?

We offer two boosting modes: Self-Play and Piloted Mode.

Self-Play allows you to control your character by yourself. It’s okay if you don’t like sharing your account with a raid booster. This way you will observe the professional raid carry team and get a good experience in completing a specific task. Most of the carries are done using Self-Play mode.

Piloted Mode allows you to complete the Mythic or Heroic boost even if you are new to the game. The raid booster will log in to your account and do the hard work by himself. We do everything that depends on us to provide the safest service- all of our boosters use the VPN of your state/country and make it unnoticeable. The boosters don’t communicate with any of your friends or guildmates, and always turn the invisible mode on.

Does Blizzard allow boosting in raids for gold?

At the moment, buying wow service for a raid for gold is not prohibited by Blizzard. Though there is no guarantee of getting what you were promised, because Blizzard doesn’t control any gold boosting carries, so they can’t do anything if a team like this starts scamming players.

On the other hand, we have a lot of reviews and care about our reputation a lot. So feel free to contact us and ask any questions to our 24/7 online support team!

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