WoW Vault of the Incarnates Raid Boosting

  • Vault of the Incarnates Loot
    Vault of the Incarnates Loot
  • Raszageth Boss Kill
    Raszageth Boss Kill
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  • Vault of the Incarnates Heroic
    Vault of the Incarnates Heroic
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  • Vault of the Incarnates Mythic Boost
    Vault of the Incarnates Mythic
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  • Vault of the Incarnates Normal
    Vault of the Incarnates Normal
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  • Vault of the Incranates Full Gear
    Vault of the Incranates Full Gear
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  • Vault Raid Bundle
    Vault Raid Bundle
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  • Controlled Current Technique
    Controlled Current Technique
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  • All-Totem of the Master
    WoW All-Totem of the Master
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  • Broodkeeper's Promise
    Broodkeeper’s Promise
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  • Rumbling Ruby
    Rumbling Ruby
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  • Manic Grieftorch
    Manic Grieftorch
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  • Decoration of Flame
    Decoration of Flame
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  • Iceblood Deathsnare
    Iceblood Deathsnare
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  • Spiteful Storm
    Spiteful Storm
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  • Desperate Invoker's Codex
    Desperate Invoker’s Codex
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  • Kharnalex The First Light
    Kharnalex, The First Light
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  • Seal of Filial Duty
    Seal of Filial Duty
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  • Seal of Diurna's Chosen
    Seal of Diurna’s Chosen
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  • Whispering Incarnate Icon
    Whispering Incarnate Icon
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  • Neltharax, Enemy of the Sky
    Neltharax, Enemy of the Sky
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WoW Vault of the Incarnates Boost is the first Raid Carry Service in World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion players can buy at a cheap price. VotI Boosting is available for level 70 characters on EU and US regions. Have no gear or achievements to enter the raid? Leave all the problems in random groups and let our professional team guide you!

Vault of the Incarnates requires 18 WoW boosters to complete the whole raid carry of 8 bosses. We offer you to join guild runs with loot trade to achieve your goals and gear in 1 attempt.


There’re no specific gear requirements to Buy VotI Boosting in World of Warcraft. Service is available even for fresh level 70 WoW characters. However, you need to follow next steps:

  1. Accept summons from our group leader before the boss fight;
  2. Loot enemies to receive more items;
  3. Don’t run in from of group – let us boosters do their work;
  4. Avoid messages about carry runs in game chat;

Buy Vault of the Incarnates Carries in World of Warcraft

First Dragonflight 25-man dungeon is available in 3 difficulty modes. It reveals the essence of Dragon Isles and shows players the real danger of new WoW expansion.

Vault of the Incarnates Location on World of Warcraft map

The elements have broken into the prison of the titans where ancient incarnates have been languishing since time immemorial. Raszageth performs an unholy ritual to free his allies to cleanse the world from the Titans’ influence. Azeroth defenders must storm this impregnable fortress to end the looming threat. Many heroes will die, but in case of defeat, the incarnations will flood the World of Warcraft with fire and blood.

Loot table:

Mode: Price: Rewards’ level:
LFR $9 385-392
Normal $12 398-405
Heroic $19 411-418

We offer various service setups, so you can select bosses or loot you’re interested in and join the run in comfortable time.

Cheap Vault of the Incarnates Boost WoW on EU and US

  • Normal – first available difficulty for Dragonflight raid. Bosses have no upgrades or lethal abilities;
  • Heroic – the most popular option with value rewards. Requires decent teamworks, alchemy potions and composition of classes;
  • Mythic – the hardest difficulty with Feat of Strength achievements and BiS gear on every class.
  • Full Gear – available in Normal, Heroic and Mythic difficulties. We’ll farm equipment in every gear slot for your character. Service might take 3-5 weekly resets.
  • Raszageth Kill – last boss fight with the best loot. Delivery time is 35-55 minutes.
  • Single Bosses – select a boss you want to defeat. Make a purchase and join the group.

The biggest Vault of the Incarnates Boost innovation for EU and US characters is the return of WoW group loot system, where players can refuse or roll items. Characters will be able to trade rewards inside the group regardless of characters’ item level. Armor and weapon types won’t longer depend on the class composition as before. This approach will not force guilds to create statics for specific items farming. However, loot system receive several changes:

  • Players can’t roll the similar item 2+ timer per 1 run;
  • Characters are not able to receive the same item they already have. However, they still can roll the gear that has improvement (like Warforged or Titanforged);
  • The group leader will not be able to control the loot transfer to gamers, without their involvement.

Another innovation developers returned to WoW Dragonflight is class sets. Gamers can farm tier tokens that drop from bosses with a slight chance. Each token has 3 classes that can exchange it on set armor.

These WoW mechanic upgrades make boosting in Vault of the Incarnates much easier. That’s why we provide carry service at a cheap price with more options.

Previously, the group did not receive any additional rewards for overcoming a stronger boss, but now the item level from different raid wings will increase, as will the difficulty of the enemies.

Usual mobs will no longer drop loot of epic quality. You won’t be able to gather groups of 3-4 people to farm BoE items in WoW Dragonflight. However, heroes will face lieutenants – the secret bosses. Lieutenants contain valuable loot, which is available to players once a week on any Vault of the Incarnates Boost difficulty level. Rewards from these enemies are not personal and you can sell them at auction house for gold. The number of dropped items depends on the participants.

Vault of the Incarnates Carry Loot Options:

Raid boosting is available with 2 different options and 2 playing modes. So you should decide the number of items you want to achieve and gaming type:

Loot options

  • Personal – no guaranteed rewards from trade. All the trophies you’ll receive depend on personal roll. Buy WoW VotI Carry with current option to receive up to 3 items from raid;
  • Custom number of rewards – from 1-3 items up to 24 gear pieces in 1 run! We’ll add more boosters into your raid to bring more loot. Every time they receive gear that suits your class – they trade it to you.

Playing modes

  • Self play Carry – join the group and play your character during the run. Prepare flasks and elixirs to deal more damage or healing.
  • Piloted (account share) – our booster will log in to your account to complete Vault of the Incarnates Boosting on any difficulty level.

Players meet the same loot system in Amirdrassil Boost, as in Vault of the Incarnates raid carry runs. It allows gamers to collect items from the Very Rare list on their World of Warcraft characters.

The best classes to boost in Vault of the Incarnates

With Dragonflight right around the corner, there are an absolute ton of classes that have got some major updates. Some classes that felt a bit neglected before now get noticeable facelifts, making them great in a raid environment. This is a perfect time for a player to decide what class they want to boost in Vault of the Incarnates Raid.

However, it is important to mention that the tuning phase is constantly with us and some specs need drastic changes in the talent tree. It’s expected that specs like guardian druid, shadow priest, retribution paladin, etc. will only receive changes in the first update patch 10.0.1. Because of this, we will mainly focus on classes that already have great talents and would only require a tiny amount of tuning.

List of the best classes for Vault of the Incarnates boosting:

  1. Druid. Yes, we just mentioned that guardian needs a revamp to its talent tree, however, the other 3 specs are ready to go and they have a magnificent tool kit.
    1.1. Feral got the most love from the upcoming Vault of the Incarnates. Its kit can offer absolutely everything you can only think of.
    1.2. Restoration at the moment seems like it could be a meta spec, especially with recent scaling boost in players’ stamina by 40% as well as making enemies deal 40% more damage. It’s important to mention, that there were no buffs to healing output, making specs like mistweaver suffer even more with their mana pool. Healing over time gameplay will definitely find its place in this state as druids did a lot of overhealing previously, but no more, thanks to changes in scaling for VotI.
    1.3. Balance druids have one of the best bursts in Single target, making them extremely valuable on certain phases amongst all Incarnate bosses. AoE may take a little bit of ramp up time as you want to spread Moonfire on all the mobs.
  2. Monk. One of the least played classes that provide insane utility and irreplaceable buff, while having access to play all roles.
    2.1.Brewmaster may lack survivability but its damage is unmatched as well as the number of spells being key bound. If you’re a skilled player, then carrying your party through dungeons won’t be a problem.
    2.2. Windwalker is arguably one of the strongest specs, as it’s completely unkillable considering the number of defensive talents available, and don’t forget about its damage. Even after a 10% nerf, it’s doing great in a raid environment.
    2.3. Mistweavers are the kings of throughput once again, the only downside being their fastly burning mana pool due to the amount of healing you need to provide because of recent rescaling. However, with external boosts like innervate and mana spring totem, you basically have no limitations.
  3. Warlock. Can you recall a single patch where warlocks would not top DPS meters? We neither. All specs are viable in VotI, with affliction standing out in AoE scenarios. And they’re tankier than any existing dps spec to this moment.
  4. Rogue. If you’re a fan of melee playstyle, then there is not a single reason to play rogue. They’re similar to warlocks – always offer great throughput with a number of valuable damage profiles and survivability with cheat death. Recently added atrophic poison further helps to reduce physical damage on raid group, saving you a spot in a raid group.

Boost your gear with Vault of the Incarnates WoW Raid Carries

Main reason why players Buy Vault of the Incarnates Carry Services is BiS gear of the Dragonflight season 1. Raid brings gamers a possibility to farm equipment of higher ilvl. But this task is not an easy one for random guilds. Bosses drop only 2-4 items on a 25-man group. Every group member is hungry on rewards, so your chances to get items are <5%.

Buying VotI Boosting for your WoW character, you’ll avoid this problem. Our boosters already farmed required gear to provide customers with a decent level of carry services. Join raid run with top 10 PvE guilds of EU and US realms to receive fun, achievements and some epic gear!

There are 4 items players are able to achieve during Vault of the Incarnates Carry that are 6 ilvl higher than all the others. In the loot log they are marked as Very Rare. These are BiS items with a special effect for most classes. Drop chance of which is below 2%:

  • Seal of Diurna’s Chosen
  • Seal of Filial Duty
  • Whispering Incarnate Icon
  • Neltharax, Enemy of the Sky

How to Buy Vault of the Incarnates Carry?

Vault of the Incarnates boosting is available right after raid release. Our team has already defeated all 8 bosses on beta servers, that’s why we guarantee fast and safe loot runs.

Required for purchasing steps:

  • Check your character – service doesn’t have any gear requirements. However, make sure that your character has already reached level 70 in Dragonflight zones.
  • Select a service and payment method – use additional options to get more benefits from carry;
  • Add boosting to cart – leave more information about character;
  • Buy Vault of the Incarnates Boost – the last step to complete booking an order.

Purchasing a VotI Carry Service in WoW, your character will receive the best World of Warcraft raid boosting on the market at a cheap price. Start your order now to achieve BiS loot of Dragonflight expansion in 4 easy steps. Let boosters from top 10 EU and US guilds make your game experience better.

Have any problems with purchasing or still have questions? Whisper us in a live chat! Our managers are happy to assist you with any questions you may have 24/7.


Where is Vault of the Incarnates located?

Raid is located in deeps of Thaldraszus - the Dragon Isles location. Exact coordinates of the dungeon are - 71, 57.

How to get to Vault of the Incarnates?

You need to travel into Dragonflight locations and use flying master services if you can’t use your own flying mount. Then you need to move into the eastern part of Thaldraszus and walk through the portal. However, you can always Buy Vault of the Incarnates Boosting to get WoW character summoned right to the boss.

How much is a Vault of the Incarnates Carry?

Starting price for WoW VotI Boosts is $8. We offer buyers to purchase multiple raid packages and last bosses. Furthermore, service is on sale for specific classes.

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