Aberrus Bosses

  • Assault of the Zaqali
    Assault of the Zaqali
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  • Echo of Neltharion
    Echo of Neltharion
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  • Kazzara, the Hellforged
    Kazzara, the Hellforged
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  • Magmorax
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  • Rashok, the Elder
    Rashok, the Elder
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  • Scalecommander Sarkareth
    Scalecommander Sarkareth
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  • Molgoth
    The Amalgamation Chamber
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  • The Forgotten Experiments of the Dracthyr
    The Forgotten Experiments of the Dracthyr
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  • The Vigilant Steward, Zskarn
    The Vigilant Steward, Zskarn
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Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible is a new raid in the World of Warcraft expansion Dragonflight with new unique bosses and mechanics. Gamers can find interesting boss encounters and a familiar to many WoW Vanilla players class call from Nefarian in the form of Neltharion. There are 9 bosses in total in the raid, and their mechanics can surprise players with the most successful solutions from past raids in addition to the great variety.

Aberrus WoW raid is going to allow gamers to fight Kazzara, the only survivor with Shadowflame in the Earth-Warder experiments, a brutally failed attempt to develop Draktirs, and even the Echo of Netharian himself. To reach the depths of Shadowed Crucible players have to fight Magmorax, the relentless guardian, and other defenders to defeat one of the Scalecomanders, Sarkareth, at the end. The lore of the bosses in WoW Aberrus raid is closely tied to the origins of Azeroth and reveals the story of the fifth dragon-creator of this world. It might not be boring, as throughout the raid you can see an abundance of secret experiments and failed specimens, which the heroes have to defeat.

Aberrus, Shadowed Crucible is not a passing raid with simple bosses, but the real test for both beginners and experienced WoW gamers. It requires a good knowledge of boss mechanics and sharpened skills. Heroes of Azeroth face unpredictable attacks and difficult encounters, and the class call from Neltharion can be an insurmountable obstacle for most novice users. To ensure you don’t have trouble getting through this raid, you can turn to our boosters, who will be ready to help our customers who leave their orders with a quick and fun raid experience by the release of this WoW raid.

World of Warcraft Aberrus Boss Order List

Soon the Aberrus raid can become the most relevant in World of Warcraft, so it’s worth checking out his Boss Order List. Throughout the raid, bosses can be divided into blocks based on difficulty and loot value. The first two bosses might drop medium-level loot after their death. The third through seventh bosses shall drop items with higher stats and ilvl. When killing the last two bosses, characters can get very rare items with high ilvl and high characteristics into their inventory, which makes raid extremely useful for WoW farming.

Below is a complete list of all nine raid bosses of Aberrus:

  1. Kazzara – a ferocious, crazy experiment with elemental plates, a one-of-a-kind lab guardian. It has powerful offensive and strong defensive abilities in its arsenal. And on Heroic and Mythic difficulty, after losing a certain amount of health, Kazzara will deal constant damage to all heroes.
  2. Molgoth – one of the strongest creations of Shadowflame, which is stronger than most elementals. It combines its powers with two other elementals, Krozgix and Moltannia, to protect its creator’s secrets. In the last phase, players going to fight Living Shadowflame, where the elemental power takes on a new look.
  3. Experimentation of Dracthyr – when creating Dracthyrs, there were many unsuccessful specimens and most of them were hiding in the depths of the cave. The showdown will take on Neldris, Thadrion, and Rionthus, whose fast and unpredictable attacks confuse and prevent gamers from damaging them. Their mechanics do not change in any way depending on the difficulty of the raid.
  4. Zaqali Invasion – during the Zaqali Invasion phase of the raid, gamers should encounter the Zaqali warband who wants to prevent us from getting deeper into the final boss. To pass this stage, you need to defeat the defenders and commanders of Zaqali, as well as prevent the closed door from being destroyed.
  5. Rashok – the former leader of Zakali, whose thousand-year imprisonment was interrupted by gamers entering the dungeon. Rashok gradually accumulates energy up to 100 units and attacks all characters in an area. To defeat him, you need to survive all his attacks and neutralize him as quickly as possible.
  6. Zskarn – one of Neltharion’s first loyal acolytes who helped build the raid’s halls. Using sneaky tactics, traps, and golems, he shall plague you throughout the battle. One of its features is that periodically it will force you to attack your allies.
  7. Magmorax – a dungeon guardian beast that never sleeps. His attacks are not as difficult and more predictable, but if you get hit by them, you will receive tremendous damage. It makes the passage exciting and intense.
  8. Neltharion – former guardian of the earth, now known as a black dragon. It was this boss who was one of the creators of Azeroth, so the history of the knowledge he left in the laboratory should be hidden from other people’s eyes. He will use his earth power to shatter the arena and break portals.
  9. Scalecommander Sarkareth – a character we already met as an NPC in the Dragonflight expansion, Dracthyr broke away from the rest of the commanders to rebel against the Dragonflight. From the very beginning of the battle with him, a hail of various attacks will rain down on the heroes, from which it will be almost impossible to dodge. The less health he has left, the more he strengthens his body and the power of his attacks.

All nine of the bosses in the WoW Aberrus raid are dangerous to gamers since they each have special skills and strategies that must be used in a fight. To make it simpler for players to determine their forces, they are divided into three quarters that are increasingly harder. A flexible system in the raid also lets the raid leader decide which boss sector to take on first. The team must defeat every boss in the previous chapter, though, to go on to the next stage.

Aberrus WoW Boss Guides

Before engaging in a battle with the bosses of Aberrus Raid, players should thoroughly prepare. The WoW raid leader will guide players in the battle against Aberrus Bosses. Players should read the guide written in the game interface and then experience the different phases of the bosses.

Aberrus WoW raid boss location
Aberrus WoW raid boss location

At each level of difficulty of the raid the ability of bosses and other defenders of the laboratory changes, which should change the tactics of the game against them. In heroic and mythic playthroughs, tactics from normal mode might be irrelevant. Players need to increase their DPS, as the health and damage of the bosses increases with difficulty level. If the damage dealing is small, gamers risk not having enough time to invest in the enrage timer, which leads to the inevitable wipe of the entire group.

Gamers should read the game guide and experience the various boss phases in advance of the Aberrus Raid. Players must modify their strategy in response to changes in the boss’ and defenders’ skills as the difficulty level increases. Increasing DPS is essential in heroic and mythic modes to prevent the group from being wiped out by the enrage timer.

Aberrus Raid Final Bosses

WoW Aberrus raid is so popular now because of its final bosses. They occupy a special place in the raid, without them it might not exist. The lore of Aberrus raid revolves around them, and the main figure, Neltarion, is the most mysterious and epochal figure at the moment. Among them is also Magmorax, the legendary beast-guard of the Shadowed Crucible halls and one of the five Scalecommander of the Dracthyr, Sarkareth. Even after defeating all the bosses, the heroes of Azeroth will have a long time to rebuild their lands from the consequences that Neltharion has brought upon them.

Boss name: Min. ilvl: Max. ilvl:
Kazzara 402 410
Molgoth 402 410
Experimentation of Dracthyr 402 415
Zaqali Invastion 415 415
Rashok 415 415
Zskarn 415 420
Magmorax 415 420
Melthation 415 425
Scalecommander Srkreth 415 425

*At the moment, here is the most up-to-date data, it should change closer to the release of the patch.

Spectacular and interesting final raid bosses Aberrus are also the main villains of the game patch WoW Embers of Neltharion. This is a great opportunity for all Azeroth defenders to prove themselves and in addition, get rewards to increase their ilvl. Don’t expect the challenge to be easy for you, and PlayCarry boosters will be there every day to help you with a fast and smooth passage through the raid.

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