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WoW Battle Pets are various companions that follow you throughout Azeroth while having the feature of fighting other animals. From the very start of the game, they were just a simple cosmetic addition, however, it has changed in MoP when pets have finally received a new fighting system. This turn-based combat was mainly added for casual players to have something to do outside of challenging PvE and PvP activities. To this day there are 10 different families for companions, each has its unique passive abilities and bonuses:

  1. Aquatic – they are great against targets which keen on using damage over time effects since it is reduced by half with this particular type of pet. Family includes toads, turtles, fish, insects, and many more. You can find representatives all around the world, even in the deserts of Durotar.
  2. Beast – ferocious animals with overwhelming rage: obtain a 25% increase in damage whenever they have already lost half of their health. They are probably the easiest ones in WoW to acquire due to saturation levels on Azeroth.
  3. Mechanical – robots with a noticeable lust for blood: decline to rest even when downed, coming back to life with a quarter of HP. Irreplaceable companions for fellow gnomes with lore-based transmogs.
  4. Dragonkin – relatives to dragons themselves, that get excited whenever enemies drop below 50% and get the equivalent percentage portion in damage. You would call these battle pets ideal for execute phases.
  5. Elemental – infused with the power of elements, they are resistant to any harmful effects of weather. A great addition for players that rock with the new Dragonflight theme and lore. Could be easily found around spawn points of regular elemental mobs.
  6. Magic – protected by arcane powers, make up a strong tank with the ability to withstand big strikes since these companions can’t lose more than 35 percent of health bar per hit. Family members in the game could be found in Azure Span next to the vaults.
  7. Humanoid – a very familiar World of Warcraft race to each and every one of us. The pets regain five percent of their maximum HP with each hit during battle. There are no limitations to it at all.
  8. Flying – followers with wings and anything else that can help them to relocate with increased speed, they specifically gain a bonus of an additional 50% whenever have half or more health points. There is a noticeable variety in WoW representatives: from simple owls to deadly spores.
  9. Critter – fast and furious insects, rabbits, and rats are the best ones to fight along from this family. These companions have resistance to CC abilities like stuns and sleeps.
  10. Undead – a lot of similarities with DK class: these battle pets come back to life once they were killed, but keep in mind, that it only happens for 1 round in total. If you are looking for a scourge WoW set and need a great fit- the undead family would be irreplaceable.

Each of them has more than a hundred members, and some are extremely rare and challenging to get. Specific ones, especially with high stats, will require an immense amount of time to be spent. In order to release yourself from this duty and still get a boost in the collection, there are PlayCarry services. Find yourself surrounded by the best battle pets in WoW, while enjoying the experience of being a legendary tamer.

Buy Rare Battle Pets WoW on Sale

The history of World of Warcraft game has loads of limited content, and it is not different for companions. Lots of them, in fact, are only available through hard content, the black market, or online purchase (TSG). Rarity chart can be found on the internet, and you would be shocked to discover that we can actually help you to acquire any obtainable battle pets at the moment without complications. If you buy our carries, we can guarantee a swift on sale run from a trained game booster. To have a better understanding of rarity, check out the following WoW pets:

  1. Lucky
  2. Jade Tiger
  3. Silver Pig
  4. Golden Eye
  5. Scout
  6. Mini Thor
  7. Resonant Echo

All of the above-mentioned WoW companions have less than 1% of players owning them. Certain rare loot can be easily obtained, such as Will of Remornia, which is a drop from the last boss in the first raid of Shadowlands. A professional team is always ready to skyrocket you through past or recently added content. World of Warcraft is full of unpleasant surprises whenever it comes to acquisition of items. By ordering the boost, customer can be sure that all desired battle pets will be on their WoW account in the shortest period of time!

How to Battle Pets in WoW

There are certain requirements that should be followed before encountering your first fight. First of all, your character should be at least level 5. Second of all, there is a special Battle Pet training which should be bought only for 10 gold, this exact item allows players to start their journey as a master. Keep in mind, that it will be account-wide once WoW gamer buys it. Now we can go deeper into explanation:

  1. Try to have at least three companions at max level, it could be easily done even without much fighting since battle pets could be bought straight away from auction house. The only limitation – WoW player should already have at least one with lvl 25 present.
  2. Certain families have abilities that persist throughout encounters – try to keep buffs on friendly targets and various debuffs on enemies.
  3. After each battle review the WoW journal as it shows all the abilities pets have used and the exact number of damage or healing they’ve dealt.
  4. As you fly around doing quests and objectives, try to capture random companions, as it will substantially increase effectiveness of leveling pets, while also making collection larger.
  5. Battles increase your experience too, which is a great addition to fun you get along with it.
  6. If a gamer is only getting into this WoW system, it is advised to have first pets from mechanical and beast families, since those are the best against low-level wild companions.
  7. Always keep battle followers alive and at maximum health.

These would only be the most essential pieces that will directly boost success chance. Depending on level, companions have different stats, and some scale extremely powerful. Those ones are rare and even if could be acquired through AH, would still cost a fortune. Our customers can easily expect on sale services to get their hands on WoW battle pets as fast as possible.

WoW Pet Battles Power Leveling Guide

A great start requires companions at a certain experience level, as well as family. However, not everybody has all of them maxed out, especially in the beginning. Generally, powering through battles with pets is a perfect way of maximizing stats and increasing gains in rewards. Although standard WoW fights might feel like a swift way through, there are better ways. One of them – training stones, which add a certain amount of XP, or completely max-out battle pet to level twenty five.
However, those items are limited, so check-out the following tip:
Trainers: these NPCs scattered all around Dragonflight as well as previous World of Warcraft locations. Currently, they offer at least 5 times more xp than a regular battle, although, experience gain for characters was lowered. Most trainers limit attempts as only the first win in WoW per day grants increased gains. With introduction of Dragonflight, new NPCs went available for pet battles – Haniko and Patchu. For power leveling your pets in battles we recommend visiting:

  1. Squirt – available only once per 2 weeks, but allows entering encounters unlimited amount of times. An absolute MVP whenever a fast and unchallenging boost is needed. Certain WoW guides teach how to win him in under two minutes with only lvl 1 battle pets.
  2. Odrogg – located in Highmountain, permits several fights per day too, although still limited. Successful completion possible using brand new companions and you need about 1 min of personal time per win.
  3. Rydyr and Andurs – both are extremely quick and share the same world quest. Can be found in Legion version of the capital city Dalaran, but only one can be challenged. Once a WoW player encounters, let’s say, the first one, the other one instantly becomes unavailable.
  4. Ashlei – this trainer grants 6 times more xp than a regular pet battle. Located in Shadowmoon Valley, especially comfortable during season 1 of Dragonflight, as there is a m+ dungeon currently in rotation.

Those are only a small number of NPCs, but successfully power leveling your companions might still get challenging. A lot of concentration, time, and even skill is required. In case gamers find it undesirable to battle each one of them, special WoW services will help. Get a carry to swiftly obtain and upgrade your battle pets in WoW.

Best World of Warcraft Dragonflight Battle Pets

With a long history of this game, many unique, beautiful, and rare companions have been present. All from different families, with varying abilities and acquisition methods. Various dogs and cats would make a great addition to a player’s collection since they resemble actual pets. Even now, with around 1700 followers in World of Warcraft, there are still favorites:

  1. Stormamu – goes hard with lore of the first patch, where the main protagonist is a storm-powered dragon. Found in Ohn’ahran Plains and requires a pretty high skill ceiling, although guides with tier lists may help a lot.
  2. Gray Marmoni – an extremely cute little monkey, which is easily obtained by just leveling renown with expedition. This pet has a funny and pretty iconic ability called “Going Bonkers”.
  3. Viridescent Duck – with addition of this battle companion, the long existing question about ducks in WoW went extinct. A special treasure in Ohn’ahran plains grants this magnificent creature.
  4. Lady Feathersworth – probably the best one a gamer will get for his monk, especially in mistweaver spec. Obtained by completing a challenging and time-consuming quest chain.
  5. Scout – an actual dog in World of Warcraft, which can fight enemies with a “cute face” ability! Purchased from trainer Patchu in Iskaara.

Dragonflight added an immense amount of cute followers, which should be everyone’s priority to get. Battles will never feel the same without having at least one of them. However, if you struggle with acquisition and would like some on sale assistance – PlayCarry is always ready. Just in a few clicks WoW battle pet from any existing expansion will fight alongside you.


How to pet battle in WoW?

If a person is completely new, then buy training for 10 gold and get some companions (ideally three). Having lvl 5 character is also required, otherwise battling isn't possible. All followers have a certain amount of abilities: pet specific and family shared. Apart from straight healing and damage, specific mechanics take place, making encounters demanding knowledge, logic, and skill. All players start off with simple one-dimensional pets, which get complex later in the WoW.

How to boost WoW Battle Pets?

The most valuable item existing - training stones, which in a matter of seconds may increase companions' level up to the maximum of twenty five. The second best option - battles with trainers, as they grant five times more experience than a regular fight. And only the last option - regular encounters with wild pets. You may also always buy a quick service where our team will completely boost them for a small price.

How to heal battle pets in WoW?

Certain NPCs allow to resurrect and heal all of your followers either for free, or small amount of gold. But availability is always a question, which makes bandages a must-have for every WoW gamer. It is recommended to take care of everything before encountering a battle, otherwise player risks losing it.

How many battle pets are in WoW?

At the moment there are 1683 of these beautiful creatures in the World of Warcraft. Quantity constantly grows, and as a matter of fact, some of the battle pets have zero owners even to this date. If you have the desire to get rare companions but lack personal time or don't have a will - order a carry from our knowledgeable and skilled team.

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