WoW Weapons

  • Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood
    Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood
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  • Bloodfire Extraction Conduit
    Bloodfire Extraction Conduit
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  • Bow of the Dragon Hunters
    Bow of the Dragon Hunters
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  • Brutal Dragonslayer's Trophy
    Brutal Dragonslayer’s Trophy
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  • Calamity's Herald
    Calamity’s Herald
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  • Claws of the Blazing Behemoth
    Claws of the Blazing Behemoth
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  • Echo's Maddening Volume
    Echo’s Maddening Volume
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  • Erethos, the Empty Promise
    Erethos, the Empty Promise
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  • Experiment 1, Kitewing
    Experiment 1, Kitewing
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  • Failure Disposal Cannon
    Failure Disposal Cannon
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  • Fang of the Sundered Flame
    Fang of the Sundered Flame
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  • Gorehowl, Might of the Warchief
    Gorehowl, Might of the Warchief
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  • Hellsteel Mutilator
    Hellsteel Mutilator
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  • Illuminating Pillar of the Isles
    Illuminating Pillar of the Isles
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  • Infernal Shadelance
    Infernal Shadelance
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  • Iridal, the Earth's Master
    Iridal, the Earth’s Master
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  • Lavaflow Control Rod
    Lavaflow Control Rod
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  • Obsidian Seared Claymore
    Obsidian Seared Claymore
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  • Obsidian Seared Halberd
    Obsidian Seared Halberd
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  • Obsidian Seared Slicer
    Obsidian Seared Slicer
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Weapons in World of Warcraft are an irreplaceable piece of any character progression, allowing you to dominate everyone, while also bringing an aesthetic feature to the table. They have the biggest influence on your damage and healing throughput. All classes, whenever seeking an upgrade, mainly aim for them in the first place. WoW weapons are also known for having incredible appearances, making them wanted even after they lose their value in the newly added content.

While for casters weapons deliver a very strong stat stick, for melees damage of weapons plays the most crucial role because of its “damage per second” characteristic. It is estimated by Simulationcraft that an additional 1 DPS on a melee weapon increases your overall damage by around 9.31 points. The following are types of weapons available in game WoW at the moment:


They only might look harmless due to their sizes, but the damage they will deal can’t stay unnoticeable. A perfect fit for someone who wants to attack from stealth and experiment with poisons.

Fist Weapons

Like to fight barehanded? Why not infuse yourself with the power of fist weapons and let your enemy feel every punch like he has never before? The most underrated type of weapon.


Swords in World of Warcraft have a special place in players’ hearts as most of the iconic weapons come in the form of swords. Place Corrupted Ashbringer into your own hands and execute anyone who dares to question you!


Crushing skulls of your foes will never feel more pleasant than with blunt weapons in your hands. Show everyone that your rage can not be stopped.


A choice of a natural Viking spirit – cut everyone in pieces and feed them to the wolves! Ragnarok awaits.


The only way to professionally handle magic is to have a great staff alongside with you. Tame the elements and bring destruction to your enemies.


Track down your prey and silently disable it. Bows are old-school but always reliable.


In the traditions of cowboys – there will be no fun until somebody starts to shoot. Guns are loud, so everyone will know there is a real danger somewhere around, whenever they hear the sounds of shooting.


If you have a hard time mastering the bow, then a steady focus on a crossbow might be exactly for your needs.


There are only 2 occasions where you would use polearms: fishing and piercing your foes.


A stylish way of ending someone’s life. Warglaives are the jiujitsu of melee combat.


If you ever wondered how it would feel to be a Harry Potter, there is your answer – wands.

Whether you are looking to PvP or PvE, you will always require a reliable weapon by your side while exploring the Dragonflight locations in World of Warcraft game. PlayCarry offers you an opportunity to get a cheap loot of your choice, which can’t be obtained even with gold. Choose the desired WoW weapons and our team will provide them in the shortest periods of time.

WoW Artifact Weapons

These items in Wow are real relics of the past – once legendary but never forgotten. They were introduced in Legion expansion and instantly divided player base into 2 main camps: the ones that thought this was the greatest change of all time, and the other ones being completely disguised by implementation of the new WoW system. This system introduced a new way of how weapons would eventually work for everyone in World of Warcraft. A player would choose legendary artifact depending on his specialization, and later complete a quest chain that would reward heroes with divine item of a past. These WoW weapons could further be infused by using specific gems of different elements (blood, stone, earth, etc.), this increased the item level of the gear.

As players would have the same weapons for the duration of Legion, WoW team implemented various appearances that would bring more aesthetics to these legendary items, but they were tied to certain in-game activities. Some of the required content might be really challenging to complete. PlayCarry team will carry your character and you will receive artifact appearances for WoW weapons on sale.

WoW Legendary Weapons

With these items heroes receive the most influential leap in power due to incomparable perks they supply. For the past couple of content expansions, all legendary accouterments could only be seen as drops from various raid bosses, with the most recent one being from Sylvanas Windrunner in Sanctum of Domination. Not only do these drops drastically boost damage dealt by heroes, but also serve as indicators of prestige and aesthetics. There is a list of obtainable legendary WoW weapons:

  1. Rae’shalare, Death’s Whisper
    The bow belonged to Sylvanas herself. If you’re looking for a ranger transmog you will definitely need it.
  2. Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest – a staff infused with the magic and is a unique piece since its active effect allows any owner to take the form of a blue dragon.
  3. Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings
    This blunt weapon was constructed by the titans themselves. Acquirement of this armament is surrounded by many slaughterous and intricate challenges.
  4. Shadowmourne
    A relative to the Frostmourne, which doesn’t require any introduction. Shadowmourne was created using the blood of an old god, the suffering souls of the dead, and various pieces of Frozen Throne to give it a shape of an axe.
  5. Warglaives of Azzinoth
    Also, a very iconic weapon that belonged to Illidan Stormrage. One of the best-looking weapons in the WoW game. Transmog dream of any fan of the game.
  6. Thori’dal, the Stars’ Fury
    Yet another bow: its origins are unknown, but the power it holds within comes from the Sunwell.
  7. Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros
    Bring the storm of lethal flames, all shall burn and die! Ragnaros The Firelord wielded this mace.
  8. Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker
    This piece is infused with the power of The Windlord. Undying Classic of World of Warcraft game.

Although all of these weapons are really hard to acquire as they require much time investment, as well as gold (in case of crafting), we are always ready to help you out. Nothing can stop PlayCarry team from achieving success, and you will witness it yourself. Buy a cheap carry and the WoW Weapon will be in your bags very soon!

World of Warcraft Expansion Weapons

WoW overcomes a lot of changes from one content patch to the other one and weapons aren’t any different. WoW developers always look to try new things out in order to find a perfect system that would later stay indefinitely in a game, but it doesn’t always work out, unfortunately. For the last 4 expansions, Blizzard experimented a lot and it might look like they finally found their way.


After a partial success with artifact weapons WoW game team has decided to change the system back to the roots, albeit with some changes. The most noticeable and remembered thing from BFA – was corruption gear, which also affected weapons. These gear would scale like any other normal one, except for the fact that it provided some additional passive effect to heroes, however, it would come at some cost like a decrease in movement speed. The more corruption gear – the more both positive and negative traits you would have. People hated WoW corruption gear as it was very random and hard to acquire, which brings us to Shadowlands.


Shadowlands didn’t have any corruption, and weapons were either with active or passive effect or without them. All weapons were pretty much standard stat stick, however, there were some like Jailer’s Gavel, which had an on-use effect that would grant you a random blessing, this WoW weapon was extremely broken and would be up to 20% of your DPS. Jaithys is another example, where you would feed other gear to it until it’s “full”. The stat stick would disappear, however, it would randomly strike your enemies for some amount of damage, as well as increase your strength for a certain period of time.


WoW Dragonflight isn’t really that different from Shadowlands, except for crafted gear. Newly crafted weapons allow players to upgrade them up to 418 ilvl(whereas 424 is max) and you can actually choose secondary stats that you need as well as add embellishments to it. Embellishments add a passive effect to your WoW gear that would bring some positive benefits for the player. One of the examples – is you can add fangs, that would from time to time additionally strike your enemy for +-5500 physical damage.

The past 3 WoW expansions showed us how important weapons are to any character. If you want to compete with other WoW players, you will definitely need to hunt for specific items. PlayCarry understands how complicated it is sometimes and we’re always happy to help you on your quest. Any desired WoW weapon can be yours if you let us skyrocket your hero through required content.

WoW Class Weapons

All characters have certain munition types that they’re able to use depending on specialization. It’s mostly due to lore of the game, aesthetic factors as well as logic. Certain WoW weapons are also available only to a specific class, like a recent Vault of Incarnates Evoker’s Staff. Sometimes it may cause confusion amongst players, so we’ve decided to help out customers with the following table:

Death Knight Demon Hunter Druid Evoker Hunter Monk Paladin Priest Rogue Shaman Warlock and Mage Warrior
Daggers + + + + + + +
Swords + + + + + + + +
Axes + + + + + + + + +
Maces + + + + + + + + +
Two-handed Swords + + + + +
Two-handed Axes + + + + + +
Two-handed Maces + + + + +
Staves + + + + + + + +
Polearm + + + + + +
Fist Weapons + + + + + + + +
Guns + + +
Bows + + +
Crossbows + + +
Wands + +
Warglaives +

One-handed Weapons That Sheathe on Back WoW

Transmog plays a big role in World of Warcraft, specifically for role-playing gamers. Sheathing One-handed Weapons on back in WoW is way more aesthetically pleasing to some players, rather than putting them in your “pockets”. However, it might be complicated to understand which ones have this feature and which do not. There is a list of some of them:

  1. Twinblade of The Hakkari
  2. Scourgeborn waraxe
  3. Frost Giant’s Cleaver
  4. Wrathful Gladiator’s Cleaver
  5. Fel Edged Battleaxe
  6. Spell Axe of the Speaker
  7. The Unbreakable Will
  8. Slayer of The Lifeless

It is important to mention that all monks in WoW sheathe weapons on their backs, so there is no reason to complicate your life searching for specific drops. Some of these items are obtainable through questing, some can be obtained through a legacy WoW raid, but the other ones require crafting and might cost you a big bag of gold. Our services provide smooth carry experiences that do not require you to spend your time and in-game resources, simple purchase will put any WoW Weapon straight into your bags.


What weapons can monks use in WoW?

Monks only wield one-handed axes, swords, maces, and staves at the moment. Although both Brewmaster and Windwalker can use agility staves, it is preferred to have two 1H weapons as it will provide more damage throughput.

What weapons can hunters use in WoW?

They fight with absolutely anything, except for wands, warglaives, maces(both 2H and 1H), daggers, and fist weapons.

What weapons can dractyr evoker use in WoW?

With the addition of evokers there is yet another class with a variety of choice. They can bring everything except for ranged weapons, warglaives and polearms.

What weapons can demon hunter use in WoW?

Only swords, axes, fist weapons and warglaives.

How to get an artifact weapon WoW Dragonflight?

Your character would need to get a guest from Dalaran that is required to open Class Hall. Later into the guest chain player will be offered to choose an artifact weapon. After the choice, a long quest chain will take its place. Appearances aren't included in the quest chain.

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