Valdrakken Accord

Valdrakken Accord is 1 of the 4 main renown factions that players can earn a reputation with during the World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion. Their base with all the quest givers, quartermasters and vendor NPCs is located in Valdrakken city in the Thaldraszus zone.

Valdrakken Accord rep guide

As you strive to become a master in World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight, earning your worth with the Valdrakken Accord can unlock exclusive rewards, including access to the Siege on Dragonbane Keep event, more World Quests, and dragon-themed ensembles and weapon transmogs.

To farm Valdrakken Accord Renown, players would have to complete several tasks around the Dragon Isles, including Valdrakken Accord World Quests, gathering treasures for Titan Relics, completing Siege on Dragonbane Keep events, Wrathion and Sabellian daily quests, and Valdrakken Accord questlines.

Keep in mind that you need 2500 Reputation for 1 Renown with the Valdrakken Accord. While it isn’t too hard to farm reputation, it does require effort and attention to complete all tasks and quests.

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Valdrakken Accord
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