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Sabellian is a reputation available for leveling in World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion. It is a part of the Valdrakken Accord and 1 of the 2 rival factions introduced at Obsidian Citadel.

Sabellian reputation leveling and rewards

Players can start grinding Sabellian reputation as soon as they hit level 70. All you need to do is to pick a side between Sabellian and Wrathion by doing a weekly “Allegiance to One” quest.

There are 3 ways to level up your reputation with either of those factions:

  • Farming Obsidian Keys
  • Completing Obsidian Citadel Special Event
  • Weekly Quests from NPCs in the area

Players will be mostly farming Reforged Keys since the weekly quests and Special events are not always available. Each turned-in key rewards heroes with 250 reputation points. As a reward for going through all the troubles, players can expect various 398 ilvl items, cosmetics and mount customization options, battle pets and more. Sabellian also offers faction-specific transmogrification items and weapons.

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