WoW Torghast Tower Boost

Torghast Boosting Services in World of Warcraft game were designed to assist players with reaching the tower layer they need. Since the activity is quite hard to complete in solo mode, PlayCarry team provides carries with the help of professional gamers. We guarantee layer completion of 4 or 5 stars, as requested.

Torghast tower is the innovation challenge developers introduced in the WoW Shadowlands expansion. It’s a scenario activity with endless floor mechanics. The main idea of Torghast is to let players decide how they want to boost characters with specific bonuses which drop during the run. Every 8 floors gamers need to fight the boss to complete the level. The number of deaths is limited to 5. After dying 5 times, you can’t complete the layer.

Torghast Boosting Class Builds Guide

  • Paladin – protection and retribution paladins are the kings of Torghast Boosting. They have abilities to mass taunt over 20 enemies and defeat them with AoE spells. Furthermore, there’re lots of undead mobs on every floor, which become excellent targets for Turn Undead attacks.
  • Druid – guardian specialization is the best choice to run layers. Druids have a huge damage boost from Torghast bonuses for their Trash ability. It deals +20% more damage to the opponents and bleeds them.
  • Warrior – the best class strategy builds around Victory Rush ability. Gamers must start the boss encounter with 2-3 weaker enemies. When health points drop below 50% – warriors need to slay mobs to restore health with the ability.
  • Demon Hunter – any DH spec is good for the tower challenge because of high mobility. However, leech talents are a must-have here for every demon hunter. If you play night elf, remember to use Shadowmeld after pulling packs of enemies to drop down the combat and save important cooldowns for the final fight.
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