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Undying Army Boost


The Undying Army is the faction in Maldraxxus, associated with Necrolord covenant. You don’t need to be a part of Necrolor covenant in order to be able to level this reputation, however being a Necrolord would be a plus. Our Undying Army reputation boost will get you to Exalted in a quickest way possible, while you can do other enjoyable Shadowlands activities instead of boring grinding.

ETA for the boost is 3 weeks

The Undying Army reputation rewards:

  • Exalted with The Undying Army faction
  • “Lurid Bloodtusk” mount at Exalted reputation
  • Engineering recipe “Wormhole Generator: Shadowlands” at Honored reputation
  • Weapon illusion enchant “Illusion: Undying Spirit”
  • “Memory of the Rattle of the Maw” Legendary power recipe
  • “Barbarous Osteowing” and “Death Fetish” cloak transmogrification
  • New Maldraxxus world quests
  • Part of the “Shadowlands Diplomat” achievement
WoW Undying Army Boost
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Undying Army Boost
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