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Timewalking Raids Carry is WoW boosting service that offers you legacy raiding experience from previous World of Warcraft expansions like Legion or Burning Crusade and get valuable rewards for your max level character. Timewalking Dungeons received developed mechanics, so players require to put more effort during runs. This was achieved by scaling characters down to its original level, leaving you all the skills and spells.

Timewalking Raids offers a bunch of useful rewards. Pets, cosmetic items, transmogrification sets, low ilvl items, rare mounts and many more. And unique experience of reliving old World of Warcraft raids with a new challenge. During the run your character will be getting more exp and reputation points.

Timewarped badges is a new currency in WoW you can spend on various rewards like mounts, pets, hairlooms etc:

  • Mounts from previous expansions
  • Various weapons and armor pieces for transmog
  • Battle pets
  • Toys
  • Cosmetic items
  • Fishing and cooking profession materials
  • Old factions’ reputation tokens
  • Heirlooms and upgrades
  • Profession recipes

Buy Raid Boosting during Timewalking WoW event

Timewalking Raids are only available during the related expansion event in WoW. These events are on a monthly rotation. It starts with The Burning Crusade WoW expansion and goes all the way up to Warlords of Draenor.

During the event you can also access regular dungeons but they are rather easy to find a group and complete. Timewalking Raids however might prove to be challenging. You’ll need a group of 10 to 30 players, 50+ level. Your character’s level and gear will be scaled down to match the item level of bosses. Our boosting services can get you a group of professional players that will storm through the place and will increase your chances of getting loot.

World of Warcraft Timewalk Raid Carries on EU and US

Timewalking is the only way you can do legacy Raids in WoW like it was meant to be. Not one-shotting everything with your max level character but actually following tactics and sweating vs bosses. However, this exciting experience might get ruined by a few factors. You can’t queue into these raids the same way you do LFR. You’ll have to assemble your own via dungeon finder manually, or join the existing one.

Another problem you might face – random players. Just like in regular runs, you might end up wiping on trash mobs and will never reach the last boss. Our carry services deal with all problems you might face. Our team of professional players will make sure everything goes smooth and quick.

There are 3 Timewalking Raids available:

  1. Black Temple – offers tier 6 sets, unique transmogrification skin for Demon Hunter class – Warglaives of Azzinoth. In order to unlock this transmog you have to complete an achievement first. This achievement requires you to equip both Warglaives on any of your character at the same time. After that part is done proceed to a Timewalking Black Temple Raid and kill Illidan Stormrage.
  2. Ulduar is one of the best dungeons in the history of World of Warcraft. If you never played WotLK and missed it – don’t think twice and try it out. Yogg’Saron is also one of the best last bosses in the whole WoW.
  3. Firelands features Ragnaros, fire elemental lord, one of the iconic bosses in WoW. Amazing fire-themed sets for every class, cool-looking mounts and dope boss fights await you there.

How we Boosting in Timewalking WoW Raids

The main difference between a regular pug run and a boosting team is that with our professional team you are set for success. Our raiders will clear everything for you quick and easy. They can even trade gear, pets and mounts for you.

The boost is available in Self Play and Piloted modes. For Self Play mode our team will simply invite and summon you to an already set up group. They’ll also trade if you need a loot during the run. Boosting is the easiest and fastest way to complete any of the 3 raids in WoW.

Why Players Buy Timewalking Raids Carry?

Our carry services guarantee you’ll complete the run, quick and easy. With increased chances of getting loot as well. It can be crucial, since the Timewalking event is on a monthly rotation. Make sure you don’t miss it.

Increased chances of getting loot, tier sets, weapons, even mounts and battle pets.

50% reputation gain increase with old expansion factions related to the current Timewalking Raid.

Timewarped Badges as a bonus. Use them to purchase pets, mounts, tabards, hairlooms and many more.


What is Timewalking in WoW?

Timewalking in World of Warcraft is a special kind of PvE activity that features dungeons and raids from previous expansions. TBC, WotLK, Cataclysm, Pandaria, WoD and Legion. Completing event dungeons offers players various rewards, loot and experience with reputation points.

Do Timewalking raids scale?

Timewalking Raids scale your character down to related expansion respected levels. This way they are able to offer you a challenge, unlike regular legacy dungeons. And better, useful rewards, that you will find useful during the leveling or to gear up your new character.

Can you solo Timewalking raids?

No, you would need a group of 10 to 30 people. With tanks, healers and damage dealers. And following tactics during boss fights. Or one of our Professional boosting teams.

Can boosted characters do Timewalking?

Yes, boosted characters may jump straight into action. However, recently boosters characters have to wait 24 hours before entering zones. It would be a great way to level and earn valuable rewards at the same time. You’ll end up getting some decent gear and transmogrification items by the time you reach max level for current WoW Expansion.

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