Wild Hunt Boost

The Wild Hunt is a reputation faction in Ardenweald, associated with Night Fae covenant. You can get to exalted with this faction without joining Night Fae covenant, but being a part of Night Fae’s makes things a bit easier. Our Wild Hunt reputation boost is a quick and easy way to get exalted with Wild hunt, without spending a lot of time on tedious rep grind. To check more information about our services – feel free to visit our elitepvpers thread

ETA for the boost is 3 weeks

Wild Hunt reputation boost rewards:

  • Maxed out reputation with The Wild Hunt
  • Duskflutter Ardenmouth mount at exalted reputation
  • Amber Ardenmoth mount from paragon chests
  • Weapon illusion enchant “Illusion: Hunt’s Favor”
  • “Memory of Eonar” Legendary power recipe
  • “Faewoven Pack” cloack transmogrification
  • “Recipe: Eternal Cauldron” recipe for Alchemy
  • New Night Fae world quests
  • Part of the “Shadowlands Diplomat” achievement
WoW Wild Hunt Boost
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