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WoW RBG boosting is an easy way to achieve any goal in World of Warcraft rated battlegrounds. RBGs require more concentration and team play than any other PvP activity in WoW. Finding 9 other players that are good in PvP and can communicate at least a little to win 1 single battleground is a nerve-wracking process, especially for beginners. But what can a newbie do to receive wanted rewards without facing this? PlayCarry is ready to offer RBG boosting services!

RBG is the most complicated form of battleground content in World of Warcraft. Not-rated battlegrounds are much easier because they don’t require any voice chat or a good team leader. But, of course, conquest and honor point rewards are significantly smaller, and expecting anything from your teammates is useless since some of them may play on a BG for the first time. Boosting teams in PlayCarry have been doing RBG carries for at least a few expansions, so they will gladly show you everything they know.

Finding a skilled RBG team is difficult because most good teams rarely look for new players and usually need certain classes. Playing with different teammates to create your own team is also a problem. You’ll need much time to understand if you need to practice together more or if they’re just bad. Fortunately, our boosters are ready to win with any class and skill, so check our RBG boost page and get started anytime!

Cheap World of Warcraft RBG Carry on EU and US

There are various boosting services for RBG in WoW on our site. Gamers’ goals may differ, but our solution is always the same- we will provide the best carry for any player who needs it! Do not hesitate, our teams do their best on every RBG carry:

RBG Rating Boosting – RBG rating boosting is the favorite service of our customers. Relaxing and enjoying an easy RBG boost while watching true professionals doing all the hard stuff is entertaining. No toxic teammates, no losing streaks, no sudden leaving of the teammate before getting the needed rating. Just a fast and pleasant way to get any rating up to 2400. This service is suitable to:

  1. Upgrade your PvP gear. Upgrades become available after reaching a particular rating, for example, 1400, 1800, 2100, etc.
  2. RBG carry is the fastest way to farm conquest and honor points. It’s enough to make some decent PvP upgrades after reaching the needed rating!
  3. Farm some achievements, like In Service of Alliance/Horde, The Grim Reaper, That Takes Class, and much more! Every single background has its unique achievements, which you will eventually get during RBG carries.
  4. Observe different enemy teams and tactics to defeat them. There are a lot of setups for RBG, but our boosters are skilled enough to know all of them! Try RBG carry with us to have a good start on RBGs!
  5. Learning positions and mechanics on different Battlegrounds is essential if you plan to play by yourself later. There is no better way to remember it all than watching true professionals from PlayCarry!

RBG Wins – Have some rating already and just need 1 or 2 wins to get to the rank? LFG teams can’t carry out a weekly win? Want to get a Vicious saddle faster? Any goal is achievable with PlayCarry! Our boosting teams carry 5+ times daily on Alliance and Horde on all possible ratings. Feel free to contact us in the live chat, operators are online 24/7 to help you schedule a perfect WoW RBG boosting service!


There are plenty of obtainable titles on RBGs in WoW Dragonflight. Every certain point of rating grants your character a new title! For example, on our RBG Rating Boost page, players can pick a specific rating to get RBG carry, here are the rewards for it:

Required rating Alliance Titles Horde Title
1500 Sergeant Major First Sergeant
1600 Knight Stone Guard
1800 Knight-Captain Legionnaire

Overall, there are 38 titles you can obtain with our help. But from all ranks there are 2 that only the best RBG boosters can obtain.

Hero of the Horde and Hero of the Alliance

In the current Dragonflight expansion, it requires 2400 rating + 50 wins. This is one of the most complex PvP achievements in World of Warcraft, but don’t worry, our teams can carry this out! Try our WoW RBG boosting yourself and see efficient and quick results.

Buy Rated Battlegrounds Boosts in WoW

Even though there are limited offers on the site, our possibilities on RBGs are endless! We couldn’t place all the options because it is easy to get lost in them. For those purposes, our managers are always online to create a custom deal for anyone! Starting RBG boost with PlayCarry is easy.

  1. Pick RBG boost from the site or ask our operators in the chat. They will describe the price, ETA, the entire process, or anything else you might be interested in
  2. Choose the option for your RBG boost. Boosters offer 2 ways of completing RBG services: Self play or Piloted mode carries.
    Self play means you get to control your character. This feature is good for beginners and experienced players because what’s a better practice than participating in a carry with skilled boosters? You’ll see the most helpful addons, potions and flasks, learn cooperating, positioning and tactics, and many more!
    Don’t want the experience, only interested in rewards? No problem, Piloted mode RBG carries work just fine! During this kind of boost, a teammate logs in to your account and does everything by himself. Of course, it’s always a little risky, but boosters know how to make it safer. You can be sure of a good VPN and the appropriate behavior of our teams.
  3. Purchase the needed boost.
  4. Schedule the RBG carry and get ready to start!
  5. Enjoy the results and rewards!

RBG Boosting WoW Rewards

Blizzard creates challenging content often, but they are always generous with rewards. It takes a lot to achieve something on RBGs, and it’s totally worth it! Here are listed some rewards you can get with our WoW RBG boosting.

Reward The way of obtaining Example
Achievements Obtaining certain rating 1900 CR
Particular battleground goals Life or Death (Grizzly Heals)
Cloud Nine (Twin Peaks)
General PvP tasks Make Love, Not Warcraft
Titles Bound to achievements Marshal/General
Mounts Vicious Mounts Vicious Sabertooth
Purchasable with honor points Black War Mammoth


Should I buy Arena or RBG Carries?

It only depends on what you are interested in. Both Arena and RBG carries have advantages and are done professionally, so it’s up to you! Still doubting? Describe your situation and needs to the managers, they can easily help with setting a carry up.

When rated bg system was released?

10v10 rated battleground was firstly introduced during the Cataclysm expansion. Currently, in Dragonflight, it is a little different, but the general features are still the same. Among our boosters, there are some players that tried their first boosts in Cataclysm too. Don’t miss the opportunity to practice with someone so experienced!

Do I need PvP experience to get boosted?

Not at all! Our boosting teams specify carrying players with any skill. If those are your first steps in PvP, we can efficiently perform 0-1400 or 0-1500 RBG boost for your character, just listen to your team leader. For higher ratings, we’ll need some knowledge of your class and positioning, which is easily obtainable with our teams. Also, piloted mode carries are available for those who don’t want to try.

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