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  • Shard of Rokmora
    Shard of Rokmora
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  • Ring-Bound Hourglass
    Ring-Bound Hourglass
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  • Signet of Titanic Insight
    Signet of Titanic Insight
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  • Spiked Crimson Spaulders
    Spiked Crimson Spaulders
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  • Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker
    Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker
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  • Taeshalach
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  • Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood
    Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood
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  • Reclaimed Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood
    Reclaimed Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood
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  • The Argent Mawsworn Greatsword
    The Argent Mawsworn Greatsword
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  • Primal Ritual Shell
    Primal Ritual Shell
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  • Frosty Soul
    Frosty Soul
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  • Fiery Soul
    Fiery Soul
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  • Earthen Soul
    Earthen Soul
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  • Artisan's Mettle
    Artisan’s Mettle
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  • Airy Soul
    Airy Soul
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  • Tallstrider Sinew
    Tallstrider Sinew
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  • Illimited Diamond
    Illimited Diamond
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  • Glowing Titan Orb
    Glowing Titan Orb
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  • Bow of the Dragon Hunters
    Bow of the Dragon Hunters
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  • Illuminating Pillar of the Isles
    Illuminating Pillar of the Isles
    From: $19.00
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Items in WoW are the crucial part of a player’s progression similar to any other MMORPG game. The main difference is that World of Warcraft is oversaturated with various kinds of items that do not serve the purpose of providing raw character power: toys, pets, mounts, transmog items, and etc. All people have their own goals within WoW that makes absolutely every drop valuable.

Pursuing specific WoW items can be extremely hard, requiring lots of time, gold and in some cases even high quality gear. Although past expansions mostly require only time investment due to their scaling, current Dragonflight content has to offer Raids, M+, PvP and new profession systems that restrict players’ progression depending on their item level, experience as well as gold in bags.

If you desire any kind of gear, or cosmetic drops that are hard to acquire, purchasing our WoW services will ease the pain and make your dreams come true. Dreaming about Raszageth mount or trinket from mythic Dathea? We will take care of everything, while providing swift, cheap, and top quality WoW Items services!

Buy World of Warcraft Items for Sale

Some WoW drops are just impossible to get for some people, especially if you’re a casual player that’s looking for a Mythic raid trinket or Elite Gladiator set. By purchasing gear from World of Warcraft through our services, there will be no burden to carry, no sleepless nights and uncomforting progression. We understand that not every person is a hardcore player and able to spend 12 hours a day playing WoW while being good at everything. Whether you’re a mid-core, casual or a new player, you will always require some help at certain times during your heroic adventures.

It is important to mention that Blizzard WoW in-game store doesn’t provide any loot that is tied to player power. You can only purchase pets, toys and mounts as well as services like name change, server transfer, etc. Meaning, if you don’t have a lot of time to grind through WoW content, but are willing to spend money to speed up the process of acquiring gear – you won’t be able to do so. Purchasing gear for real money is only possible through services like ours, where you don’t have to worry about everything and just observe your character becoming stronger and more powerful than ever before. Depending on circumstances, WoW services can be provided for sale, specifically whenever customers purchase several drops at once.

World of Warcraft is a fascinating RPG that isn’t too friendly to players that can’t possibly invest thousands of hours just to fully progress through content while obtaining all the desired loot. Sacrifices should be made, however, WoW Items services are always here to make you happier and you will never ever feel like you have lost something. PlayCarry team offers cheap services provided by experienced boosters, and you will even have lots of fun while hunting together for the precious WoW item of yours.

WoW Most Expensive Items

WoW Dragonflight introduced an immense amount of various items that can seriously boost your character’s power. Most of these items are either tough to acquire or extremely costly. Specifically high quality crafting reagents and consumables jumped in prices like was never observed before. Due to the updated profession and new crafting orders systems the following pieces can be found amongst the most expensive ones:

Name: Min. price: Max. price: Quality:
Alchemical Flavor Pocket 67,000 155,000 Epic
Sophic Writ 49,000 150,000 Rare
Tiered Medallion Setting 4,000 26,000 Rare
Frozen Spellthread 6,000 49,000 Epic
Darkmoon Decks 40,000 350,000 Epic
Mythic Aberrus BoE items 450,000 1,800,000 Epic
Design: Elemental Lariat 140,000 950,000 Rare

Unfortunately for most players, gear from Raids, M+ and PvP still can’t be purchased by gold, leaving top tier gear out of their inventories. However, there are still BoEs that drop from raids and can drastically increase your character power. Through ordering our services for obtaining WoW items we can walk you through dungeons, PvP arenas and raid bosses of your choice, allowing you to get the gear that isn’t possible to acquire otherwise. Don’t hesitate to choose any of the WoW items possible – we will make sure you get what you’ve been hunting for!

Rarest WoW Items

It is a really common activity for most World of Warcraft players to farm and collect various unique pieces. Particularly people are driven by mounts, pets and transmog appearances, where some of these items are considered to be the rarest in all of MMORPG genre. Acquiring them could be either challenging, or easy, depending on the requirements provided by developers. Where some mounts could be a 100% drop from old raid, some are unobtainable and could only be bought for real money. Let’s check out the rarest WoW items:

  1. Love Rocket – mount obtainable only during Valentine’s day event, the initial drop chance is 0.03%, however, in a recent post Blizzard mentioned that they will be increasing the change for the first try of the day for single account(not character).
  2. Sea Turtle – a really slow mount which can be fished throughout nodes in Northrend. It’s low resolution, but a very cute turtle, it has been particularly desirable after the “Turtle made it to the water” meme.
  3. Spellshock Legging – ridiculously hard to get legs piece that is easily the rarest item in the whole WoW history with a chance of 0,01%. Drops from Zul’farrak from only 2 bosses. Now calculate the amount of effort you have to put in order to get them.
  4. Miner’s Hat of the Deep – super rare item dropping in Uldaman from trash mobs, the exact chance isn’t known, however. it is estimated to be around 0.02%. Usually it goes for at least 5 mil gold on auction house if you can put your hands on it.

This is only a small list of rarest drops, there are in fact such items that are obtained by only 1 person in a whole WoW existence. Most of the items still can be acquired but need a ridiculous amount of time and effort put into farming. We offer you the services that can let you be free of everything and boost your character through required activities. Nothing can stop our boosting team from helping you with your mission of acquiring the WoW item of your dreams.

Item Classification in WoW Gear

Items in World of Warcraft that are equipped by players are classified into the types of armor. This doesn’t apply to necks, cloaks, weapons, rings and trinkets. Each class can wear a predetermined amount of armor types, however, if you’re a shaman which mainly wears mail armor, and decide to try out cloth gear because of its item level – you will sacrifice a big chunk of damage, due to losing a buff that is given to you for wearing a full mail set. The classification of WoW items looks the following way:


Cloth armor is considered to be a caster’s type as it always has intellect on it. It has the lowest amount of armor and only Mages, Priests and Warlocks wear these drops. Cloth in WoW can be crafted by tailors, requiring cheaper reagents compared to other armor types.


Leather can have both intellect and agility on it, making it more versatile. Rogues, Druids, Monks and Demon Hunters are the classes that aim for this armor type. Generally, it’s considered that leather loot is the hardest to get due to the competition between above-mentioned classes, as there are 4 of them, whereas other types only have 3 classes tied to them.


Mail gear also has both intellect and agility on it. Shamans, Hunters and the newly added Evokers wear this gear, making mail more relevant in Dragonflight compared to previous expansions. Leatherworkers are responsible for crafting leather as well as mail armor.


Plate has strength, agility and intellect on it as well as the highest armor number, making you feel really tanky against physical damage. Paladins, Warriors and Death Knights prefer plate gear. It’s also considered by many that plate wearers have the coolest transmog appearances amongst all other types! Consider buying an on sale boost for the cool looking Elite Gladiator set!

Competition for all these armor types is considerable, even for mail wearers as evokers became a pretty populated class. These WoW items have random drop chances in Dragonflight, meaning that stacking classes no longer works, so targeting specific armor types is no longer possible. However, there is still a great chance of receiving wanted items as the more players are in the group – the higher quantity of drops will appear. Buy our WoW items services and recover the greatness that always belonged to you!

Upgrading Items in WoW

WoW Dragonflight loot went through a great change as now not only PvP and M+ gear can be upgraded, but also the new crafted ones! Previously only drops from M+ dungeons could be further upgraded with valor as well as you could buy PvP gear and upgrade it with conquest and honor points. Crafting professions introduced a lot of powerful pieces that can be upgraded up to 418 ilvl! It will require you to spend a considerable quantity of gold for resources and crafter’s fee but it’s worth it in the end. Some of the WoW items can be further infused with optional reagents that guarantee certain stats and even provide additional bonuses.

From week 6 there is also a catalyst available that allows players to turn their normal gear into tier set items. The charges for the catalyst are restored by doing any World of Warcraft Dragonflight content with the maximum of 6 charges per character and they are account-wide! However, you can only use one charge a week per character. Tier sets are arguably the highest power addition to your heroes, so you definitely do not want to miss on this great system.

Upgrading your WoW items will bring a noticeable change in the damage, healing and stamina. However, it’s not that easily obtained, as you need to buy reagents with gold for crafted gear as well as infusing it further for higher item level. This will require you to complete mythic raids, 16+ keys and high-rated arenas so you can upgrade your items up to 418 ilvl. PlayCarry team can make the process of obtaining WoW loot way faster and for a cheap price. WoW item services can be provided on sale, making it even more viable for our customers.

WoW Item Restoration

Recovery of WoW items is also important as sometimes people simply sell or delete loot that they actually needed. Usually you can restore these items by simply buying them back from the vendor. But what if you’ve completely missed the opportunity of buying an item back or even deleted it? This is when WoW Item Restoration comes to your aid.

World of Warcraft servers keep all the data about deleted or sold items for the quantity of 30 days. This means that you will have a whole month of time to successfully recover lost loot. Restoration process doesn’t cost anything, it can be simply done through in-game support that will redirect you to the official World of Warcraft website. Use following steps:

  1. Visit Blizzard’s official Restoration page.
  2. Select “Begin Item Restoration” section.
  3. Choose the character on which you lost your loot.
  4. Select the item you want to recover.
  5. Review your Item Restoration. Congratulations, the item is restored!
  6. Open a mailbox in WoW to reclaim your loot.
  7. In case of difficulties or failure of the system to deliver your loot, you should contact support to aid with your problem.

Now you have reclaimed what is rightfully yours,and can thoroughly enjoy it. However, restoration of WoW items can be done only once every 7 days per one WoW account, so use it wisely.


How to Compare Items in WoW?

Comparing items in WoW can be simply done by putting your mouse over the gear that is to be compared to the one you already wear and pushing a shift key. More detailed information can be provided by using add-ons like Pawn or a more precise and advanced one - Simulationcraft. The former is used by all top level players for the best optimization possible, as it allows you to simulate various in-game scenarios with different gear and talents, allowing you to find a more fitting one.

How to Link WoW Items in Chat?

It can be done by following the next steps:

  1. Open in-game chat
  2. Choose the channel where you would like to link your item(/i for raid, /p for group, /g - guild and etc.)
  3. Open your bags
  4. Find the piece of loot which you want to be linked
  5. While the chat is still open, hold the Shift key and click the left button of your mouse

How to Split Items in WoW?

It’s even easier than linking! Find the item that you want to split, use shift + left mouse click, choose the quantity that you need to separate, and drag the item into the empty slot in your bag.

How to Repair Items in WoW?

It can be done either by using vendors that have anvil shown whenever you mouseover them, or by using your own WoW toys or mounts with repair function included in them. Item repairing requires World of Warcraft gold to fix a broken armor piece or weapon. Price depends on the gear conditions.

How to Preview Items in WoW?

Mouseover the item you want to preview, use CTRL + left mouse click combo and Voila! It is done. Players can save preview gear sets and link it in the game chat. Furthermore, this feature helps to share the transmog sets with friends and guild mates.

Why would I care about WoW items that do not provide character power?

Prestige - simple as it is. People get thrilled whenever they see a person having a really rare mount or piece of transmog. Dragonflight is rich with cosmetics that can enhance your visual perception of WoW. If you ever wanted to stand out from people - World of Warcraft is a perfect place and Play Carry can easily help you with your quest.

Is it obligatory to do high-end content for 418 crafted gear in WoW?

Yes, it is. The starting ilvl is 382, to upgrade gear further to 405 you would need to complete heroic raids or 10+ keys in case of PvE content. It’s better to instantly craft top level items rather than gradually, since fees for recrafting are usually high.

How do I get a service for sale?

For our most dedicated customers we provide sales for various boosts whenever they purchase several ones at once. Discounts can also appear on specific days of a year. Monitor our Play Carry website for more information.

Which WoW items are the best right now?

In the first patch of Dragonflight expansion there are several drops that you may want to have:

  • Whispering incarnate Icon - trinket with passive effect that increases your secondary stats, additional effects might appear if there are players with the same trinket in your group.
  • Manic Grieftorch - on use trinket that does insane damage, 2 min cooldown but can be reduced by 90 seconds if your ally dies.
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