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Apex Legends Boosting is a group of game services dedicated to help players achieve any possible goal and gain essential skills for further successful competitive matches. Apex consists of PvP activities, and the whole process fully depends on the skills of teammates. PlayCarry service offers a team of experienced gamers, who are ready to boost your account on XBOX, PlayStation, or PC.

Apex Legend has more than 20 playable characters with unique abilities and skills. Our boosters have already mastered each one of them. Performing any kind of Apex boost is easy for them, so they always manage to do it professionally and in no-time. We also check our boosters’ equipment to be sure they have high FPS and no lags, so they could perform the best results.

Apex Legends Boost may be helpful for different players. It’s the best way for newbies to obtain knowledge on tactics and start their path correctly. Skilled Apex players can find the best teammates in PlayCarry and conquer new heights. Buy it cheaply in PlayCarry and receive the best service at a cheap price!

Apex Legends Boost Game Accounts

Players can purchase 4 different kinds of account boosting services in Apex Legends. Even though the most popular part of the game is competitive battle royale, performing carries there can be different. Depending on gamers’ ideas, we created a list of the most demanded services, which are listed below. Check them to find the best option for your account!


Coaching is a perfect service for players whose goal is to gain priceless experience and learn different tactics, mechanics, and strategies. Our skilled coaches are ready to show the best ways to win a battle royale as fast as possible with any character. They also observe your games in order to give helpful advice and improve your carry abilities.

Ranked Boosting

Ranked boost is dedicated to upgrade the PvP rank of players. Ranking is an important in-game mechanic, which defines the skill of your teammates and enemies. This service is possible as a self play boost or a piloted carry. Our best players team up with customers and help them farm wins, earn elo and get XP. With PlayCarry ranked carry, gamers can reach any desired rank, up to Predator.

Badge Boost

Badges are a great way to personalize your interface and show your achievements to the other Apex players. Some badges are pretty difficult to obtain. With PlayCarry Badge boost, it is possible to obtain any badge quickly and easily. Any challenge will be done in no-time by our professional teammates at a cheap price.

PlayCarry cares about its customers, and we understand that each player is unique. All of the gamers have different goals and different ideas on how to achieve them. We are ready to create a perfect and cheap Apex Legends boost that will meet any requirement.

How to boost in Apex Legends?

Boosting in Apex Legends is not the easiest task. The game is played on the principle of survival of the fittest. Gamers have to spend a lot of time in order to be able to carry matches like this. They need to participate in a vast amount of matches and have skill to know the actions of the enemy in advance. Performing the carries on higher ranks, like Diamond, is even harder, and even impossible for most players. And we only hire the best of the best.

Starting an Apex Legends carry with us is pretty simple.

  1. Pick the service that suits your needs. They are displayed on our site. Live chat support managers are 24/7 online to guide you and help with selecting a boost. They can also tell you all the other needed information: ETA, price for customized carry, availability of teammates, etc.
  2. Decide if the boost will be done in a self play mode, or with account sharing.
    Self play is usually chosen by gamers who need a decent team by their side or want to progress and receive useful knowledge. In this mode, you play by yourself, while our boosters perform a carry as your teammates. The communication is usually going in discord.
    Account sharing means that a booster logs in your account and, with the help of other teammates, completes any service. This is a good option to make the carry faster. For example, we often use it for Wins orders, or to get a certain Badge in Apex Legends. All safety measures are taken- we use VPN and we know how to act properly and avoid a ban.
  3. Purchase a carry from PlayCarry site.
  4. Describe your order to operators in the live chat. They are responsible for connecting you with the teammates and helping you start the service.
  5. Wait for the boosters to complete a service.

Apex Legends Boosting may seem complicated, but doing it with PlayCarry is easy. We are professional gamers who know how to carry. Here, players can find the teammates that complete services of any difficulty and make it seem like the easiest match ever. Buy a cheap Apex service on our site and see for yourself!

Apex Legends Season Services

Like most multiplayer games, Apex Legends has seasons and seasonal events. The Seasons change every 3 months. Each season has its own battle pass with various unique rewards. Usually, 1 battle pass has up to 100-110 Ranks! The prizes are different and mostly cosmetics, such as characters’ poses, skins, animations, etc. PlayCarry offers seasonal services to help gamers obtain any desired item in time!

Here is a list of current and next seasons and their length.

Season Length (days)
16 84
17 89
18 91
19 78

No matter how difficult the rewards are, PlayCarry team will help with the boost during any season. Don’t waste your time on carrying each match by yourself. Buy a carry in Apex Legends to get guaranteed items for the top rank of the battle pass!

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