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  • Ivory Trader's Ottuk
    Ivory Trader’s Ottuk
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  • Reins of the Liberated Slyvern
    Reins of the Liberated Slyvern
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  • Magmashell
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  • Temperamenta Skyclaw
    Temperamenta Skyclaw
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  • Lizi's Reins
    Lizi’s Reins
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  • Otto
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  • Llothien Prowler
    Llothien Prowler
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  • Loyal Magmammoth
    Loyal Magmammoth
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  • Verdant Skitterfly
    Verdant Skitterfly
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  • Zenet Hatchling
    Zenet Hatchling
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  • Scrappy Worldsnail
    Scrappy Worldsnail
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  • Stormhide Salamanther
    Stormhide Salamanther
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  • Azure Skitterfly
    Azure Skitterfly
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  • Winterspring Frostsaber
    Winterspring Frostsaber
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  • Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent
    Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent
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  • Cliffside Wylderdrake
    Cliffside Wylderdrake
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  • Raging Magmammot
    Raging Magmammot
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  • Pureheart Courser
    Pureheart Courser
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  • Reins of the Grand Expedition Yak
    Reins of the Grand Expedition Yak
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  • Deathcharger's Reins
    Deathcharger’s Reins
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WoW Mounts are a transportation form in World of Warcraft, that allow players summon vehicles for faster movement on the ground, underwater, or even flying. Throughout WoW history, mounts were always the most desirable items from all of all collectibles. Players wait hundreds of hours in The Storm Peaks in Northrend to kill Time-Lost Proto-Drake and loot the Reins, or unite and camp Sha of Anger in Kun-Lai Summit to loot Reins of the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent. Gamers have different reasons to desire a specific mount, and PlayCarry shop is ready to help everyone!

There are different ways to obtain different vehicles in World of Warcraft, some of which give 100% guarantee of receiving the desired mount, while the others have only 0,1% chance of drop. For example, mounts like Vashj’ir Seahorse or Reins of the Llothien Prowler are guaranteed for completing questlines, and transports like Marrowfangs Reins or Mummified Raptor Skull have only 1% drop rates. Tired of farming the same old raids and dungeons every week? Don’t have a team to fulfill specific tasks for particular mounts? Mount questlines look tiring? Contact PlayCarry to buy any mount in WoW at a cheap price and get started!

There were very few transports in Vanilla. In the current WoW Dragonflight expansion, there are more than 900 available mounts, but most players don’t have more than 200 of them. We understand how hard it is to farm mounts after a certain point, that’s why PlayCarry boosters are working everyday to get any transport for our customers! Vehicles in World of Warcraft are different:

  • Ground transport is the first thing characters learn to start moving faster. Some locations only allow ground vehicles, so having a nice rare mount like this is a must.
  • Flying mounts are the fastest and the most desirable items for World of Warcraft collectors. They have unique models and can be used mostly anywhere. Some players even like to show off their new rarest mount in main WoW cities, like Valdrakken, so buy WoW Mounts to be among them!
  • There are only a few Aquatic transports, but their appearance is the most interesting- seahorses, sharks, huge jellyfish, rays and turtles. Having a mount like this is a nice addition to your World of Warcraft Mount collection.
  • Dragons from Dragon Islands are a new flying transport added in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. On dragons, riding includes its own set of skills and a movement system, making flying in the sky a self-sufficient fun activity.
  • Some mounts are mixed and can also be used in different places, for example, Sea Turtle is amphibious and can be summoned both underwater and on the ground. Most of the flying mounts are often used as ground vehicles too.
  • Passenger mount is a transport of any kind that allows to carry 1 or more other players besides the owner. Those are very helpful while playing with friends!
    Any mount listed above is available for sale in PlayCarry shop, where you can buy WoW Mounts with real money. Contact us to start your journey of collecting all the mounts in World of Warcraft!

Buy WoW Mounts Cheap on EU and US

Buy any mount and travel across the endless locations of Azeroth by air, land or sea – it doesn’t matter. You can cheaply buy the fastest WoW mounts in PlayCarry shop. Bored on your own? Pick any passenger mount with 2 to 5 additional slots for your friends and carry them to any part of the universe. WoW mounts are super convenient for everyone, not only because of their uniqueness or speed. Bring an auction house with you, change the transmogrification anytime ,or help your whole raid repair their gear. Respect from the group is guaranteed, and they are most likely to give some decent drop to you!

Your bags are full? No problem! A mount with a vendor is a key. Buy WoW Mounts with vendors in our store and sell what you have collected in order to farm raw gold without wasting time on hearthstones and running around.

Can you imagine running without any mount? Crossing Kalimdor from north to south would take up to 10 hours! Other players would watch with envy as our customers ran nearby and were already returning back on their brand new mount, which they bought from us. You can have any transport too! Don’t spend time on running around, purchase a mount and make the World of Warcraft gaming process even better!

Buying mounts in WoW is a popular and highly demanded service on EU and US servers. World of Warcraft players contact us oftenly with the consultation on different mount services. Usual reasons to buy a WoW mount are the same:

  1. Low drop rates of some mounts make players want to skip the boring routine and use boosters’ help. A lot of different vehicles drop from the last bosses of different raids, which takes some time to complete. Imagine farming the same dungeons and raids every week, hoping to get the desired mount, and it’s not even the hardest! Rare bosses in the open world that drop mounts are hard to find, and some of them have extremely small possibilities of drop. This is the main reason to consider purchasing a boost.
  2. Lack of time to spend on any kind of farming like questing or upgrading reputation to buy a mount. No matter what kind of activity needs to be done, our boosters are ready anytime to perform the best World of Warcraft mount carries!
  3. At this moment, players need the help of their teammates to collect some mounts from Dragonflight and Shadowlands. Finding a team for a specific task like this may be complicated, and of course the teammates might want to get that reward too. This is why we are ready to provide you with the best teammates anytime!

Please note that most World of Warcraft mount services can only be done in Piloted Mode. We are honest- there are some particular risks in account sharing, which we try to minimize during each order. VPN and other safety measures are included to every Piloted carry, feel free to write in our live-chat and ask the manager any question about your future boost!

Dragonflight Mounts

With each expansion or patch, World of Warcraft generously expands its collection by introducing a large number of new mounts, and Dragonflight is not an exclusion. Flying on Dragon Islands is only possible on your personal dragon, but move to the ground to face different mount species among which are both familiar deer, snails, mammoths, and unusual living creatures like salamanders, otters, bull deers, kirins.

Unlike the other WoW expansions, in Dragonflight the rewards for high-end content, like Gladiator in PvP and Keystone master in PvE are not mounts, but appearance for your dragon. Still, it didn’t change the fact that there are plenty of new WoW mounts with different ways of obtaining.

Rarest Mounts

The most rare mounts in the history of World of Warcraft are the first epic racial mounts from Vanilla. A few months after the release of the game, they became unpurchasable. In Europe, there are very few owners of such WoW mounts, since the release of WoW there was delayed by 2 months. They were removed from the game in April 2005 – 5 months after the release of the game in the US and 3 months in Europe

All the WoW mount rewards from previous high-end content are considered rare as well. It is easy to meet players with Keystone master or Gladiator mount from Shadowlands, but do you see mounts like this from Pandaria or Draenor oftenly? WotLK also has a huge list of deleted transports that can’t be obtained even on the Black market, like the one from Trial of the Crusader or a Black Proto-drake. Seeing a player with a vehicle like this on your server is a big luck!

WoW Holiday mounts, like The Horseman’s Reins or Big Love Rocket are in the top of the rarest vehicles as well. Special events should be entertaining and easy content, but for most WoW players it is an irritating everyday farming with fading hope each year. PlayCarry boosters can’t bring the deleted WoW mounts back, but helping with obtaining a rare mount is an easy task that our teammates have been willingly doing for years! Contact us to finally leave the boring routine behind and receive items you always wanted.

Farmable WoW mounts

Farming is an integral part of owning a vast World of Warcraft Mount collection. Of course, there are plenty of ways to collect vehicles, but almost all of them mean grinding.

  • Mounts for reputation require grinding faction quests or special currency like Drowned Mana. Supply chests from any faction also mean additional farming, and mount drop chances are 5-15%. All the WoW reputation mounts are available on our boosting site!
  • All mounts from dungeons, raids and open world are farmable as well. Nobody knows how much grinding is needed here- It only depends on luck and drop chances.
    Basically, we’d say that most mounts can only be received after a good amount of time spent on farming them. Remember, that any mount can be obtained with enough time, and PlayCarry boosters have plenty of it! Rely on us and buy any needed mount at a cheap price.

WoW Mount Equipment

WoW Mount Equipment system works very simply. It can only be used at level 10 and above. In the “Mounts” UI of your collection, there is a window in which you can place an item of equipment that gives certain bonuses, and it will work on all the character’s mounts.
Most mount equipment is crafted through professions, but some items are also purchasable from vendors of certain factions. You can replace equipment at any time, however, the current item will be destroyed when replaced with a new one (like jewelry stones). Equipment doesn’t work on some special WoW mounts with extra abilities like the Sky Golem. Here is the list of available Equipment in Dragonflight:

  1. Anglers’ Water Striders allows your character to walk on the water surface, similar to Path of Frost DK ability. Any taken damage disables the equipment, but you can turn it back anytime. To receive this item, players need to earn exaltation of The Anglers faction in Mists of Pandaria. After this, Anglers’ Water Striders can be purchased from Nat Pagle.
  2. Inflatable Mount Shoes are basically the same as Anglers’ Water Striders, except the way of obtaining- they are created by blacksmiths.
  3. Light Step Hoofplates add +20% to your mount’s speed. Very useful thing for upgrading gathering professions or traveling in places that don’t allow flying. Crafted by the enchanters.
  4. Saddlechute reduces the falling speed. Players need to dismount during the fall to make it work. This mount equipment is crafted by tailors.
  5. Comfortable Riders Barding is our personal favorite thing! It prevents your character from getting dazed. This means you can safely explore the world without worrying about getting killed by aggressive mobs! Travel safely with this item that can be created with leatherworking.

World of Warcraft Mount Boost Speed

Speed of your mount riding depends on the riding skill level. Your character can upgrade those skills during leveling. There are trainers in every expansion’s big cities. Here are the rates of additional speed with mount examples.

Type Min. speed Max. speed
Ground 60% – Chauffeured Chopper 100% – Great Kodo
Flying 280% – Blue Dragonhawk 310% -Big Love Rocket
Aquatic 100% – Fabious 450%- Vashj’ir Seahorse

Easy Mounts to get in WoW

Even though Blizzard values mounts and is not making them an easy collectible item, some of them can be received relatively fast. Here are some examples of popular and easily obtainable transports. We are not listing the mounts that are unlocked automatically after completing certain unskippable tasks like the main Dragonflight questline or upgrading
renown level, because those are obvious:

  • Subdued Abyssal Seahorse is one of the most popular mounts in World of Warcraft. It is an aquatic mount that can be obtained after completing a small questline in cataclysm location Vashj’ir. The only problem with this transport is that it can only be summoned in Vashj’ir, but it is really helpful for players who farm quests in old zones to complete the Lore Master.
  • X-995-Mechanocat is a unique WoW mount, since gamers can change its color. Obtaining it is easy, you’ll simply need enough spare parts, that drop from rare monsters in Mechagon, and have some junkyard tinkering skill.
  • Smoldering Ember Wyrm drops with a 20% chance from a special boss that requires you to collect crystals scattered throughout the Legion Karazhan dungeon to summon. There is a way to increase chances to 100%- it needs to be done by 5 teammates that don’t have this mount yet, and Smoldering Ember Wyrm will be guaranteed for 1 of the teammates. Where to find a team like this? You already know the answer! PlayCarry has enough teammates and characters who can easily create a party like this and get you Smoldering Ember Wyrm at a cheap price.
  • The Bronze Drake might be the easiest WoW mount to get from the list. Just kill an additional boss in Caverns of Time: Stratholme. This is a simple task since that dungeon is from WotLK and can be easily purged by a single player in no-time.
  • Mail Muncher was difficult to get during BfA, but in Dragonflight any player can easily get it solo. The only requirement to get it is entering the Visions Of N’Zoth and clicking on mailboxes until the Mail Muncher appears. Kill it and receive a unique flying mount!
  • Bone White Primal Raptor costs 9999 Huge Dinosaur Bones, which can be collected on the Isle of Giants by killing various creatures. Bones drop from all creatures except faction NPCs. Farming this amount of bones is not the fastest process, but since all the creatures are low-leveled, it won’t take too long. There is also a Feats of Strength granted with getting Bone White Primal Raptor, and you’ll most likely collect a few pets that drop from the creatures of this Isle.

Those are a few examples of mounts that are the easiest to obtain in World of Warcraft. For PlayCarry team any mount is equally easy to get! Buy WoW mount boost in our store to receive the best service and get anything you desire at a cheap price!

FAQ Mounts WoW

How to get WoW Mounts?

There are various different ways to get mounts in World of Warcraft:

  1. Upgrading reputation with some factions results in the possibility of purchasing a mount from their vendor. Usually, the price is acceptable for most of the players, but some transports are very expensive, like Lightforged Warframe, which costs 625000 gold. There are also some mounts that can only be purchased with a special currency, like The Corrupted Dreadwing for 150000 Apexis Crystal. PlayCarry booster can help with completing any condition- reputation farm or currency grind!
  2. Bosses in WoW dungeons and raids drop some mounts as well. Most of them have extremely low drop rates, no higher than 4%. Though, there are guaranteed mounts with special conditions, like the Black Drake or Amani Battle Bear, and there is a 100% drop chance for killing the Mythic boss of any Dragonflight raid.
  3. There are plenty of rare NPCs that drop transport in the open world. Some of them have a high chance, up to 59% like Callow Flayedwing, some are 1% (Silent Glider), and some have 100% chance (Sunhide Gronnling). The problem with the last ones is that World of Warcraft players need to actually camp them in order to loot anything.
  4. WoW Secret mounts are really interesting, and took a lot of time to understand how to get them. Lucid Nightmare is a good example- players needed to solve a lot of difficult riddles and complete a fully random maze to get this unique horse. There are still mounts that require specific steps to unlock, and our boosters know everything about this! Leave those hard tasks to us and enjoy obtained rewards.
  5. Some achievements grant mount rewards. The most remarkable ones are Glory achievements, which require specific actions in raids, and reward players with the raid themed mounts. Also, every significant amount of transport also gives a vehicle reward for 50, 100, 150, 200, etc. items in your World of Warcraft Mount collection. A pleasant bonus for the best collectionists!
  6. Mounts can also be purchased for gold or other currencies like honor or Timewarped badges without reputation needed! Contact us to farm any needed currency on your character and purchase a desired mount!
  7. There are questlines that end with a quest with a vehicle reward! Most of them are complicated since mounts are valuable in World of Warcraft, so feel free to let our boosters complete it!
  8. Almost all crafting professions have at least a few mounts to create. In Dragonflight, professions were completely changed and modified, and it may be complicated to upgrade by yourself. Why should it be worth attention? There are really unique transports available from professions, like Spirit of Eche'ro, one of a few flying moose (only available to farm during certain periods of time with big breaks), or Vial of the Sands, which transforms you into a dragon mount and allows carrying your teammate around.
  9. Class WoW mounts are available for certain classes with reaching a particular level. There are also Class hall mounts, which require completing a few long questlines from Legion expansion.
  10. Special events, like Hallow's End, Love is in the Air, Brewfest, etc. have events that grant mounts as a reward. Those are still one of the rarest mounts in World of Warcraft due to extremely low drop rate.

How many Mounts are in WoW?

There are 900+ mounts in World of Warcraft, and this number increases with every patch. No player has ever collected all available transports, so you can try and be first!

Are WoW Mounts account-wide?

All the mounts in World of Warcraft are account-wide. The only rule is that class mounts can only be shared with characters of the same class, and faction WoW mounts, like Vicious saddles or vehicles purchasable with any PvP currency, change depending on the character's faction.

Where to Buy Mounts in WoW?

Different sites order WoW mount services for sale. PlayCarry recommends choosing wisely, since 75%+ of boosting stores are just third-party sellers that are not responsible for customers’ accounts. In PlayCarry store, we have our own team of professional boosters, who work with us for years and have a lot of experience in collecting mounts.

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