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WoW Classic Boosting Services

  • Season of Discovery Dungeons Boost
    Season of Discovery Dungeons Boost
    From: $14
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  • Season of Discovery Ashenvale Event
    Battle for Ashenvale PvP Event Boost in Season of Discovery
    From: $9
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  • Season of Discovery Items Farm
    Season of Discovery Items Farm
    From: $99
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  • WoW Classic Hardcore Gold
    WoW Classic Hardcore Gold
    From: $14
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  • WoW Classic Era Gold
    WoW Classic Era Gold
    From: $18
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  • Season of Discovery Leveling Boost
    Season of Discovery Leveling Boost
    From: $6
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  • WoW Classic Hardcore Level Boost
    WoW Classic Hardcore Level 1-60 Boost
    From: $23
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  • WoW Classic Era Leveling 1-60 Boost
    WoW Classic Era Leveling Boost
    From: $115
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  • Durotar Supply And Logistics Reputation Farm
    Durotar Supply And Logistics Reputation Farm
    From: $9
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  • Gnomeregan Raid
    Gnomeregan Raid Boost
    From: $359
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  • Azeroth Commerce Authority Reputation Farm
    Azeroth Commerce Authority Reputation Farm
    From: $9
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  • Season of Discovery Class Runes
    Season of Discovery Class Runes Farming
    From: $14
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  • Season of Discovery Gold on Sale
    Season of Discovery Gold
    From: $5
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WoW Classic Boost is an in-game service that helps players enhance their character, get a lot of gold, or complete events, dungeons, and raids in Vanilla versions of the game. All Classic World of Warcraft games – Season of Discovery, Hardcore, and Vanilla, are incredibly time-consuming. To become good at end-game content quickly, gamers must invest all their free time upgrading a champion. In order to skip some not-so-interesting parts of the gameplay, some players decide to buy a professional boost from the PlayCarry shop.

There are many exciting PvP and PvE activities in WoW classic, that require players to buy boost or spend hours on farm. Getting to the maximum lvl is much easier with the use of a boost. Our professional boosters do all the hard work by themselves, without any break. All you have to do is enjoy the results. We also supply gold in all EU and US realms, which helps gamers buy consumables and non-consumables in no time. Let us know your request, and create a perfect offer at the cheapest price!

Popular WoW Classic Character Boosting Services

There are different types of carry services in World of Warcraft. The most common ones are character boosting orders, like leveling. This type of service is designed to make a champion as strong as possible with the help of the professional gamers. Here is a quick description of the most popular WoW Classic character services in our boosting store:

  • Power Leveling. Upgrading a character level in Vanilla is the first task which gamers face after creating a champion. Even though it’s a very important part of the gameplay, it appears too boring and long for some players, especially for ones with multiple twinks. In all Classic versions, it takes 5+ days of non-stop continuous playtime to get to 60. For players who want to play casually for a few hours a week, it may take around 2 weeks to level up. Our customers want to skip this time and get to the most exciting parts of the gameplay faster!
  • Reputation farm. Earning different factions’ trust is not the most interesting activity in World of Warcraft Classic. It usually consists of repetitive, tedious tasks like quests, killing mobs, running a dungeon or a raid multiple times, etc. But it is essential for gamers who want to succeed in end-game content in Vanilla. For example, receiving Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros, the best legendary 2-hand in the game, is impossible without Thorium Brotherhood exaltation.
  • Item farming. Rare and epic items directly affect WoW Classic characters’ power by boosting their stats. Gamers collect this loot with <5% rate from dungeons, raids, profession recipes and reputation tokens. Want to obtain them without spending any time on them at all? The boosters gladly spend their time farming on your behalf!

All the Vanilla World of Warcraft servers have lots of activities players need to farm to reach higher in-game results. Here’s the list of the most popular services on WoW Classic Era, Season of Discovery and Hardcore realms:

Season of Discovery Boost

Season of Discovery has opened new possibilities in gameplay and boosting. It is an entirely new experience that allows gamers to create unique specs for all classes. Class runes are the main difference of SoD from other World of Warcraft versions. Runes allow gamers to boost their characters power on higher levels with new abilities. Besides that, the current 25-level cap still takes a few days to reach and will soon be extended to 40. SoD was very welcomed by the WoW community, so a lot of players participate in it now and contact us to purchase carries.

Classic WoW Era Boosting

Developers launched the WoW Classic Era servers in 2019, but boosting services are still popular there among the gaming community. Players create characters, carry raids and dungeons, collect gear and weapons, and participate in PvP battles. Most gamers don’t have 120+ hours to play the game and reach lvl 60 on in-game characters. Reaching the experience cap, they need to grind reputation that requires farming mobs and quests.. That’s precisely why PlayCarry boosters are around to help.

WoW Classic Hardcore Carries

WoW Classic Hardcore has the most expensive boosting services. The price of 1 mistake in this version is the highest, since gamers have only 1 attempt to play their char. Like in real life, their character becomes unavailable for gaming after a single death. Our boosting team offers fast leveling and gearing routes, with every step controlled strictly. A booster has to watch out for wandering monsters in every big city, like Darkwood, complete quests and dungeons carefully, and be sure about his internet connection. We take good care of this to keep our customers satisfied with the services.

Character boosting services in WoW classic become more popular with each addition to Vanilla. After all those years, people still enjoy playing the good old Classic version and participating in new challenges. PlayCarry shop offers professional help from experienced boosters for everyone, who wishes to become stronger or richer in World of Warcraft. Contact us anytime for quick consultation from 24/7 online live chat, buy desired service, and become the best player!

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