WoW Rarest Mounts

  • Abyss Worm
    Abyss Worm
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  • Ashadar Harbringer of Dawn
    Ashadar Harbringer of Dawn
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  • Ashes of Al'ar
    Ashes of Al’ar
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  • Beastlord Irontusk
    Beastlord Irontusk
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  • Bridle of the Ironbound Wraithcharger
    Bridle of the Ironbound Wraithcharger
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  • Cartel Master's Gearglider
    Cartel Master’s Gearglider
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  • Deathcharger's Reins
    Deathcharger’s Reins
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  • Drake of the North Wind
    Drake of the North Wind
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  • Elusive Emerald Hawkstrider
    Elusive Emerald Hawkstrider
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  • Favor of the Valsharah Hippogryph
    Favor of the Valsharah Hippogryph
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  • Fiery Warhorse Reins
    Fiery Warhorse Reins
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  • Grand Armored Wyver
    Grand Armored Wyver
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  • Great Sea Ray
    Great Sea Ray
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  • Grey Riding Camel
    Grey Riding Camel
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  • Invincible Reins
    Invincible Reins
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  • Ivory Cloud Serpent
    Ivory Cloud Serpent
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  • Pureheart Courser
    Pureheart Courser
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  • Reins of the Bone-White Primal Raptor
    Reins of the Bone-White Primal Raptor
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  • Reins of the Eclipse Dragonhawk
    Reins of the Eclipse Dragonhawk
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  • Reins of the Grand Expedition Yak
    Reins of the Grand Expedition Yak
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WoW rarest mounts are in-game collectible vehicles that demand much luckiness and patience or are no longer available.
Firstly, rare mounts were introduced in Vanilla when Qiraji Resonating Crystals started to drop from trash mobs in Ahn’Qiraj, but they were only usable inside this raid. In The Burning Crusade, this idea was improved, and open world mounts like Ashes of Al’ar and Reins of the Raven Lord started to drop from dungeons and raids. Later, in Wrath of the Lich King, Blizzard added Time-Lost Proto-Drake NPS, which was hard to encounter but guaranteed the mount reward. Since then, it has become a tradition, and every WoW expansion brought a lot of new vehicles that can be looted with a low chance.

World of Warcraft Mount is considered rare if the chances of getting it are lower than 10% or it is tough to get. Farming transport is a popular activity in WoW, and some of the rarest mounts can be obtained like this:

  • Dungeons and raids are the most popular source of rare mounts. Usually, transport drops from the last bosses, which means players need to clear the whole dungeon or raid to have a chance to loot the desired mounts. Most of those transports have a 1-4% drop chance, and some are even <1%. Adding a rare mount like this to your collection is always surprising.
  • Many rare mounts can be looted from special NPCs in different locations. The harder it is to meet a certain mob, the higher the chance of receiving mount from it is. For example, Sha of Anger respawns every 10-25 minutes, but the drop chance of Reins of the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent is only 1%, and, on the other hand, meeting Aeonaxx in Deepholm is random and unpredictable, but it guaranteed drops Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake.
  • Reputation chests were added in WotLK. Completing daily quests and upgrading the reputation with a particular faction gives players special chests, which can drop mounts with 1% chance.
  • Some creatures in the open world drop special eggs or containers. Usually, it is required to wait for a few days to open them and have a small possibility of getting a mount. There are many cases like this in Legion locations, like Fel-Spotted Egg, which drops from various NPCs and has a chance to hatch into a transport.
  • Holiday transport can only be farmed during special World of Warcraft events, like Love is in the Air or Brewfest. Drop rate of those mounts is even lower than 1%, so getting them is a tremendous luck.
  • Plenty of World of Warcraft mounts from previous expansions are no longer obtainable for different reasons. For example, Mighty Caravan Brutosaur can’t be purchased in Dragonflight since it was deleted with the launch of SL. Blizzard added Black Market to let players have a chance to try and get a deleted vehicle! Black Market works like a regular auction, but the lots are placed automatically, and many deleted rare mounts can be bought there.

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  • Services that include any kind of farming, can only be done in Piloted mode. It means account sharing with our booster. Need to clean all mount raids and dungeons from old expansions? Want someone to camp a rare NPC for hours? Collecting reputation chests seems tedious and tiring? Piloted boost is an answer for you! We are honest: sharing an account is always a small risk. Still, our professional boosters know how to minimize risks and protect customers: personal VPN and other safety measures are included.
  • Self play carries may be helpful in completing tasks that require teammates to help. For example, to kill a certain boss with a rare mount drop from the latest World of Warcraft expansions.

Despite a low percentage of success, we receive many requests from players who want to buy rare WoW mounts. Usually, reasons to consider purchasing it are the same:

  1. Farming those kinds of transport is a time-consuming routine. The same actions need to be repeated again and again each week, which is not the most exciting thing to do in World of Warcraft
  2. Low drop percentage just disappoints players to the point where they don’t want to try by themselves anymore.
  3. Camping is not a type of activity for everyone: being in one place for hours, waiting for an NPC to appear (which isn’t guaranteed), and the worst part is that some mobs spawn in different parts of the location. Patrolling the same area for a few days or weeks straight might be the most tiring thing in WoW.
  4. PlayCarry boosters have specified on solving problems like this for years. Buy Rare mount carry and enjoy fast and easy results!

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List of the Rarest WoW Mounts

There is an analog of the Red List in World of Warcraft. It is basically an enumeration of the rarest mounts, both obtainable and not. It was created by gamers and is still getting completed with every expansion. Dragonflight added rares too, for example: Reins of the Liberated Sylvern that drops from Breezebiter in The Azure Span with 1% drop chance. Here are some other rares mounts in WoW:

Swift Spectral Tiger

Swift Spectral Tiger is one of the mounts that can be obtained from TCG loot cards. It is possible to buy a pack of TCG cards in different places, but this card can only be found in 1 of 484 packs, which makes this mount a scarce find. Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger is a BoE item, so it was possible to buy it on auction for min. 50k gold in TBC, when it was released. In Dragonflight, not many players have it, and finding it at auction is no longer possible.

Astral Cloud Serpent

Yet another magnificent spectral mount. It is a goal for many WoW players since its design is beautiful and unique. Astral Cloud Serpent has a meager drop chance in Mogu’shan Vaults raid.

Terrified Pack Mule

In BfA, Blizzard added rare mounts with <1% drop to all creatures in new locations. Chewed-on Reins of the Terrified Pack Mule can be looted from any NPC in Drustvar. WoW players tend to create groups and farm transport like this for hours every day. Chewed-on Reins of the Terrified Pack Mule is a BoE item, so it can also be rarely found on auction, but, just like the other extremely rare mounts, they are horribly overpriced.

Black Proto-Drake

It is almost impossible to meet a player on such a dragon in Dragonflight. It was the reward for the first Glory achievement in WoW. The prize was deleted completely with the next patch, and even though every next Glory mount was saved, Black Proto-Drake never returned to World of Warcraft. It isn’t available on Black Market as well, so chances of seeing someone having it are extremely low.

Mimiron’s Head

This interested vehicle that looks like mechagnome’s head was added in WotLK, as the reward from the last boss of the Ulduar raid. Even though this raid is one of the favorites in WoW community, there are very few players that have Mimiron’s Head in their collection. Only 1,2% of all gamers have it, and possibility of getting this transport are close to 0%.

Minion of Grumpus

Minion of Grumpus is a holiday reward that drops from Savage Gift. It is even harder to get than other rare vehicles since gamers can only farm it during Winter Veil, which is only a few weeks once a year.

Rarest Mounts in World of Warcraft expansions

Each World of Warcraft expansion has its own mounts that change the drop chances with the new patches. Even though most of the mounts’ drop probability says the same, there are some exceptions.

  • Each last raid boss of the last WoW expansion raid on Mythic difficulty drops a mount with 100% guarantee. It lasts until the new version of WoW is released, and then the chances drop to 1% or lower because completing the Mythic raid gets much more manageable.
  • Some transports are considered rare because of obtaining difficulty, but as time passes by, it becomes a solo activity. For example, completing a heroic Plaguefall solo to get a Slime Serpent was difficult in SL, is easier in Dragonflight, and will be a few-minute task in the next expansion.

Here are a few examples of mounts that changed their rarity and the percentage of players that have them now:

Expansion Name Percentage
Wrath of the Lich King Bronze Drake 93,5%
Battle for Azeroth Glacial Tidestorm 2,54%
Battle for Azeroth Ny’alotha Allseer 1,68%
Shadowlands Vengeances Reins 1,22%

Expanding the mount collection in World of Warcraft is a favorite task for some gamers, and adding transports that most of the others don’t have feels like a lottery win. PlayCarry is ready to help and offer gamers to buy cheap WoW rare mount boosts and enjoy new transport for their characters!

FAQ WoW Rarest Mounts

What is the rarest mount in World of Warcraft?

Solar Spirehawk is considered the most irregular transport in World of Warcraft. Less than 1% of players have it in their collection because meeting the needed NPC, Rukhmar, is exceptionally uncommon.

How do I check which of my WoW mounts is the rarest?

You can check the source of getting a particular vehicle and make a conclusion based on this. The rarest mounts would be the ones from dungeons and raids.

Where to farm the rarest mounts in WoW?

WoW players can farm mobs in BfA locations (Drustvar, Nazmir, Voldun, Stormsong Valley) to try looting one of 4 rarest mounts with <1% possibility.

How much does the Rarest WoW Mount cost?

You can discover various opportunities in the PlayCarry boosting store. We propose carries for various mounts with the same drop rate, so reach our superiors to check the cost of a particular boost!

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