Archivist's Codex

The Archivist’s Codex is a reputation faction located in Korthia, unlocked during the Chains of Domination campaign. In order to increase your reputation with Archivist’s Codex you must special items in Korthia and bring them to Archivist Roh-Suir for Cataloged Research and faction reputation. Then you can spend the Cataloged Research on a bunch of cool stuff or item upgrades. Buying our Archivist’s Codex reputation boost will get you both maxed out rep with the faction as well as tons of Cataloged Research to spend.

ETA for the boost is 7 days

Archivist’s Codex reputation rewards:

  • Tier 6 research with The Archivist’s Codex
  • Soaring Razorwind flying mount
  • Ilvl 239 Gloves and Waist item slots with Domination sockets available for purchasing
  • “Death-Bound Shard” for conduit upgrades
  • “Alloy-Warping Factor” socket maker for season two gear
  • Permanent The Maw upgrade, increasing Sygia drop rates
  • Two Treaties that will increase your anima and reputation rates
  • Ability to upgrade Korthia gear to a max level
  • Great deal of Cataloged Research
WoW Archivist's Codex
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