WoW Achievements

  • A Champion’s Tour: Dragon Isle
    A Champion’s Tour: Dragon Isle
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  • A Legendary Album
    A Legendary Album
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  • A Nation United
    A Nation United
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  • Ahead of the Curve: Fyrakk, the Blazing
    Ahead of the Curve: Fyrakk, the Blazing
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  • Ahead of the Curve: Raszageth the Storm-Eater
    Ahead of the Curve: Raszageth the Storm-Eater
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  • Ahead of the Curve: Scalecommander Sarkareth
    Ahead of the Curve: Scalecommander Sarkareth
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  • All Sides of the Story
    All Sides of the Story
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  • Breaching the Tomb
    Breaching the Tomb
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  • Deep Cuts From the Vault
    Deep Cuts From the Vault
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  • Draconic Mark of Mastery
    Draconic Mark of Mastery
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  • Dragonflight Keystone Hero: Season One
    Dragonflight Keystone Hero: Season One
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  • Dragonflight Keystone Master: Season One
    Dragonflight Keystone Master: Season One
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  • Dragonscale Expedition: The Highest Peaks
    Dragonscale Expedition: The Highest Peaks
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  • Fang Flap Fire Fighter
    Fang Flap Fire Fighter
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  • Fistful of Love
    Fistful of Love
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  • Flirt with Disaster
    Flirt with Disaster
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  • Fool for Love
    Fool for Love
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  • Glory of the Dragonflight Hero
    Glory of the Dragonflight Hero
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  • Glory of the Vault Raider
    Glory of the Vault Raider
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  • Grand Theft Mammoth
    Grand Theft Mammoth
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WoW Achievements are rewardable challenges of completing certain specific tasks in World of Warcraft. Firstly introduced in Wrath of Lich King, achievements rapidly got much attention and became a goal to many WoW collectors, along with pets and mounts. Collection points are open content for players in all World of Warcraft modes: PvE, PvP, solo playing, collecting, and many more. Each expansion brings a lot of new challenges, so don’t hesitate and start farming all of them with PlayCarry!

Farming collection points at the beginning is easy: questing, completing first dungeons, leveling, looting gold, and other unskippable things grant WoW players rewards. But the longer you play, the rarer the rewarded tasks are. Why are a lot of players interested in buying WoW achievement boost?

  1. Some achievements are highly rewarded and, besides giving points, grant gamers valuable prizes, like titles, pets, or even mounts. Usually, the most challenging points give the best awards, and some of them might be too hard for a casual WoW player. PlayCarry boosting team is ready to perform any kind of carry and complete the hardest challenges!
  2. Teammates must complete specific achievements, like Go-long from Siege of Orgrimmar or any battleground challenges. Having a hard time with finding well-coordinated teammates to complete it? Buying a carry solves this problem!
  3. Completing time-consuming collection points gets boring, even for exclusive rewards or points. Loremaster is a good example of a well-known, famous challenge that takes an enormous amount of time, but is respected in the World of Warcraft community.
  4. Achievements are essential for WoW players looking for a team to complete high-end PvP and PvE content. For example, some top PvE guilds only accept gamers that have heroic or mythic raid tasks from current seasons, the same goes with rated arenas and BGs teammates. Buy WoW Achievement boost to obtain any high-end content proofs on your account!

World of Warcraft Achievement System Guide

Achievement system in World of Warcraft is pretty simple. There are some challenges, created by Blizzard, which encourages players to take part in old and new WoW content. Each challenge, except Feats of Strength, grants from 5 to 25 points, which are something to brag about in the WoW community. It is easy to check how many points any character has- just right-click on them and compare your completed challenges. Want to impress WoW guildmates or random players with vast amounts of points? PlayCarry boosters are ready to help!

In World of Warcraft, achievements are divided into different categories. For example, there is a separate tab for dungeons & raids, where all the challenges of these activities are sorted by expansions, and the Exploration tab consists of achievements for unlocking certain locations. Here are some examples of achievement categories in WoW:

Solo achievements

There are many WoW players who prefer playing alone. Having a constant teammate is not something every of us has, and sometimes it is just nice to spend time alone, doing whatever you want. Farming collection points is a nice chill activity with pleasant rewards. Here is a brief description of challenge categories to try by yourself:

  • Character tab consist of achievements that are connected to upgrading your character: having full epic gear, max level, earning gold from quests or killed mobs, etc. Most of the tasks from this tab are collected during basic upgrading of your character, and there are no great rewards for this, but it’s an easy way to farm achievement points.
  • Quest challenges are granted for completing certain questline in particular zones or finishing a certain amount of quests. Some gamers contact us about this tab, since completing most side questlines in World of Warcraft results in obtaining the Loremaster title and tabard. It is a hard task, because the amount of needed quests grows with every expansion, so don’t hesitate to buy this service as soon as possible!
  • Exploration challenges obliges gamers to travel across all parts of the universe and unlock all blurred parts of the map. It is also possible to get a special tabard, the only condition is exploring Northrend completely.
  • Player vs. Player tab is basically anything related to PvP carries. Even though rated arena and battleground challenges require a helpful team, it’s possible to earn some points solo by slaying all enemy classes and races, performing honorable kills, etc. Unrated battlegrounds are a good source of PvP collection points , since each of them has special tasks and dozens of other players.
  • It is clear that Dungeons & Raids tasks of the last expansions are not possible to obtain without a team. Still, a single player can kill bosses from old World of Warcraft expansions and receive good rewards like titles for completing all dungeons and raids of particular patches. There also are Glory achievements, with mount prizes, but most of them, even from long ago, can’t be done alone.
  • Profession challenges are obviously only for solo completion. In WoW Dragonflight, the profession system was reworked completely with tons of new features. Having hard times with understanding all of it? Contact our live-chat and the boosters will gladly guide you and help with completing any task!
  • Reputation points can be easily farmed alone, they are granted for upgrading reputation with certain factions from all World of Warcraft expansions. Some of those achievements grant players titles, like Guardian of Cenarius for exaltation with Cenarion Circle and Cenarion Expedition.
  • World Events challenges are really interesting and unique, but time-limited. There are special WoW holidays almost every month, during which players farm mounts, titles, pets, transmogrification items, and achievements. Completing all of it is mostly possible solo. Finishing all challenges from this tab gives players the Violet Proto-Drake mount.
  • Pet Battles are fun challenges for WoW single play. Travel across the world, tame different pets, train them and win battles with other gamers! There are a lot of challenges on this tab.
  • The Collections tab itself is the reason to play World of Warcraft for some gamers. There are a lot of things to collect in WoW, and rewards for it are the best motivation to start.
  • Expansion Features achievements are granted for completing special challenges from different World of Warcraft expansions. For example, in Dragonflight it is Dragonrider Racing and Primal Storms, in Draenor it was everything related to the Garrison, etc. Select a service like this to complete different carries and receive rewards!

Guild achievements

Guild achievements is a category with mixed collection points from previous tabs, but those are meant to be done with guildmates. Those challenges reward players with guild points and can only be done when there are enough guild members. Completing Guild tasks allows guildmates to upgrade their guild, obtain mounts and pets, and make WoW playing process even better!

Account-wide achievements

Almost all World of Warcraft achievements are account-wide. That means, that the moment 1 of your characters earns a particular achievement, all the others receive the rewards, such as titles, pets, mounts or toys, too. There are only 2 exceptions, when challenges can’t be shared with all characters on the account:

  1. Class achievements, like the ones for completing Class Hall challenges, can only be shared with the characters of the same class.
  2. Some questlines are only available to particular factions; the BfA war campaign is a good example. Receiving an achievement for completing an Alliance campaign won’t be shared with Horde characters and vice versa.

Feats of Strength

Feats of Strength are the special WoW achievements that are much harder to get than the regular ones. Many of them were only available during particular periods of time, like Anniversary celebrations or Blizzcons, and are no longer obtainable. For example, the last added Feat of Strength, Back from the Beyond, required gamers to complete 16 achievements in SL and “leave Shadowlands in better condition”. It takes time and luck to farm a lot of Feats of Strength, they don’t give your character any achievement points, but they still mean a lot to collectors and the World of Warcraft community.

WoW Achievement Tracker

Addons have been used by WoW players for many years for help with leveling, collections, upgrading professions, using auction and many more. As the time went by, WoW gamers invented some good addons and trackers to make the process of farming achievements even easier and faster.

  1. Overachiever adds extra features to the standard achievement window. With the help of addons, you can sort the achievements as you wish, and also, using the search bar, look for the achievements you need with a minimum of effort.
  2. The Loremaster addon will help any WoW player in completing challenges. It helps find any quest that is related to the challenge you need and will even show the name of the achievement on the map. This addon works great with TomTom, which adds coordinate tracker to World of Warcraft.
  3. RaidAchievement helps track collection points in raids or dungeons. It displays a list of what needs to be done in order to complete the needed challenge. It also shows all the possible achievements in the selected area and even suggests tactics for achieving them.
  4. NPCScan is perhaps one of the most popular addons. It helps in finding the rare WoW NPC and notifies when the desired mob is approaching within the range of the modification. It is enough for you to fly over any zone and the addon scans the NPCs present there. NPCScan is really helpful for Exploration achievements that require killing certain mobs.
  5. Fake Achievement is a funny addon that has very little to do with accomplishing collection points. It allows you to create your own achievement in WoW and even link it to the game chat. This addon can be installed solely for the sake of entertainment.

Buy WoW Mount Achievements

There are a lot of challenges in World of Warcraft that have mounts as a reward. They can be divided in small categories:

  • Collecting a certain amount of mounts (50, 100, 150, 200, etc.) gives WoW players an achievement and a mount.
  • Glory achievements can be done by completing very specific tasks in different raids, starting from WotLK. There are at least 12 different tasks in each raid to earn a Glory of the Raider, and some of those tasks can’t be done solo. There are plenty of Glory achievement boosts on PlayCarry boosting site, feel free to check it and pick a perfect reward!
  • PvP achievements also grant mounts. For example, upgrading your honor level or killing all of the enemy faction leaders gives characters vehicles.
  • Other challenges, like unlocking allied races, completing PvE scenarios, and pathfinder achievements are a good way to receive mount rewards.

PlayCarry boosters are professional teammates that work everyday to help our customers achieve any needed goal. Feel free to ask anything about WoW achievement services in our live chat! We ask for nothing more than thanks for the WoW achievement carry, and are very glad to help or guide you.


How many Achievements are in WoW?

The number of available achievements in WoW multiplies with every launched expansion. For example, in WotLK there were only 749 challenges, and in SL this number is already 4,481! There are going to be even more of them in Dragonflight so don’t miss your time to start farming them as fast as possible!

How to link Achievements in WoW?

The fastest way to link achievement in the game chat is

  1. Open the chat tab.
  2. Open the Achievement UI.
  3. Click on the needed achievement with the Shift key pressed.

Are WoW Achievements account-wide?

Almost all achievements in WoW are account-wide, except for faction and class challenges. Those kinds of achievements can only be shared among characters of the same class and faction.

When did achievements come out in WoW?

Achievements were firstly introduced in patch 3.0.2, Wrath of the Lich King. They weren’t welcomed initially, because players thought they were making WoW “too casual”, and not so "brutal" ,but the community started to like them very soon.

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