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Valorant Boosting is a useful service for gamers that want to enhance their in-game experience and climb the competitive ladder up to the highest rank. Since this is a team game, it is important to communicate and coordinate in order to win. That’s where our boosters become really helpful with professional assistance. Anyone can achieve desired results and new heights in Valorant on PC, Xbox or PlayStation.

Even though players can enjoy Valorant on both PCs and consoles, there is no cross-platforming. Unfortunately, this means that there are separate servers, trackers and accounts on each possible platform. However, this makes gameplay more fair, since each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, so pairing gamers from different platforms wouldn’t be so fair. Indeed, those features affect boosting as well:

  • On PC, Valorant offers the most complete and intuitive gaming edition. PC boosters can adjust their graphics settings and use mouse and keyboard for more precise control and customization. PC boosters have higher resolution graphics settings and allows more FPS to make gaming even smoother.
  • Gaming on consoles like XBox or PlayStation is more specific. Boosters enjoy the game on a large TV screen and use a gamepad to control. It is a little challenging to switch from mouse and keyboard to gamepad, but professional players can do it in no-time. Playing on a big screen allows them to ignore the lower FPS.

PlayCarry boosting service offers a great solution for Valorant gamers. With our experienced boosters, professional support and superior standards of performance, you can be confident with the quality of the service we offer. Trust our professionals and you will be able to improve your gaming experience, increase your rank and excel in Valorant.

Buy Cheap Valorant Boosting Services

Looking for a carry with a fairly cheap price? Look no further! We specify on performing decent Valorant boost and making it affordable for everyone. As the game becomes more and more popular, new players consider buying different kinds of carries. Our customers can pick different options for a boost depending on their ultimate goal.

There are different cheap account boosting services you can buy on in our store. Here is the list of the most popular carry types and their brief description.


Wins in Valorant grant different achievements and rewards for gamers. For example, buying a single win carry is a great way to progress through Battle pass and receive Radiant points to unlock some agents and weapons from the top of tier list. Also, victories in rating matches increases the champion’s rating and opens various possibilities, like getting recognisable or being invited to tournaments.

Rank boost

The game has a ranking system which is based on Elo points. Gamers gain or lose it with each match an ascent through the ladder. Rank distribution is fair, so winning at some certain point may be more difficult. With a Rank boost, customers can pick any title they like and get there in no-time at a cheap price!


Coaching option is one of the favorites of our customers, since it doesn’t require account sharing, but still offers a lot of benefits. With this option, a booster will be your teammate, and show you the best performance on any needed map with any agent. He may also use discord to communicate through games. Gain priceless experience and witness right strategies to know how to win even the toughest matches!

Placement games

Placement matches are a common practice in multiplayer games with seasonal system. The service for carrying calibration matches will allow you to get a high starting rating in the new season. Professional boosters will help you win calibration matches and maximize your potential to achieve the best results from the very beginning of the season.

Buying carry is a great way to boost your Valorant account, and it can be even better if the offer is cheap. We care about all customers, so our main interest is to make deals the best in all aspects: quality, speed, and price. Try any carry anytime and enjoy perfectly thought out service from the very beginning.

Professional Valorant Game Support

PlayCarry shop offers professional support in Valorant and provides players with many benefits. We strive to provide customers with high quality carries and a unique gaming experience. Since the opening of our store a few years ago, we have gained a lot of happy customers. Some of them came, got what they wanted and left, but the others stayed with us and are still our regular visitors. Here are some reasons why they choose us:

  1. Experienced staff. It is worth noticing that not only our boosters are professional gamers, but all the other employees too. Starting from our managers in live-chat and up to boosters, everyone plays multiple games, knows everything about esports, or even performs boosts sometimes. Boosters know all subtleties and strategies of the game to help you achieve desired results. Finding a skilled teammate has never been this easy!
  2. Security and privacy. It is very important to follow all security measures so that gamers’ accounts are protected. We take the security of our clients’ accounts very seriously. Boosters always use VPNs and never disclose personal information.
  3. Individual approach. Each player has their own unique needs. Therefore, we offer the opportunity to customize services to your requirements. You can choose specific goals, options or agents you want to work with. We will help you achieve anything in Valorant!
  4. 24/7 online support. Unlike other stores, in PlayCarry clients receive consultation and carry anytime on any day. Response time in live-chat is under 20 seconds even at night.

Those are only some of the advantages players meet when they decide to buy a Valorant boost with professional in-game support. Clients get reliable teammates who help them achieve their goals and improve gaming performance. Purchase your first carry right now to check the quality of it by yourself!

Boost Valorant Service Options

We offer different service options for all Valorant boosts to meet the needs and preferences of each player. It is essential for us to provide comfort and efficiency during the boosting process. Adding options to order can make carry even better, and shape it to something that fully meets your expectations. Here are some of options we have listed on the product page:

Online translation

This option is a great addition to any service which requires account sharing. By picking it, you observe discord translation of your carry in real time. You will be able to watch our booster play to see how he achieves great results in Valorant. This will help you get a unique gaming experience while learning useful tips and strategies. It is a good way to learn how to perform on any map with any character.

Voice chat

Clients often buy this addition with different self play carries. We offer voice chat in discord to make communication with boosters more clear and easy. Real time connection helps you discuss tactics, coordinate, or ask any questions. Beside this, a booster can see your performance to give helpful advice to make you even stronger.

Express delivery

We value the time of our customers and understand how precious it is. That’s why they can find Express options on the product page. Some days are really busy, because a lot of gamers decide to purchase a boost. To skip the boring part of waiting, players select Express delivery, which moves them to the beginning of the queue and allows them to start earlier.

PlayCarry team is ready to provide those options to ensure you get comfort and satisfaction during Valorant boosting service. All your preferences will be taken into account during a carry. Feel free to contact our managers and ask them all needed questions- they can help you with picking the right options and offer you the best possible price!

Best Valorant Agents to Carry

One of the most specific things in Valorant is the amount of playable characters. Even though this game is a shooter, it is not enough to have a good aim and set the crosshair up here. Each agent is unique, has its own abilities and gaming style. It is essential to know which champion to pick, how to use those skills right, and which part of strategy to perform. Especially when it comes to boosting.

Meta of the agents changes every season, so our boosters have to master as many characters as possible. Also, picking and counter-picking plays a big part in games, and the correct choice can easily carry the whole match. Of course, some champions are eventually stronger or more helpful, they are usually at the top of tier list. Here are some of the best Valorant agents who are currently the best to carry.


In realities of current meta, sometimes Viper is a must-pick. She controls the area with smoke and poison glasses. Thus, it weakens opponents and makes territory inaccessible to enemy. Viper’s poison traps create a lot of trouble and may mean defeat for a team that wasted too much time early in the game. Many of our boosters pick her when they are carrying high ratings.


Jett’s gameplay is fast and very active. Her abilities allow her to move around the map instantly, create deceptive moments and dodge shots. She is often picked by boosters because she is decent at both offense and defense. Jett is a good agent for players who prefer aggressive and fast play. It is very important to be able to make quick decisions and react with lightning speed to enemy attacks when choosing her.


When gamers purchase a boost, they notice that most of the carries are done with Reyna. This agent is the best when it comes to solo queuing because of her independent abilities. She can heal herself after a battle, become invisible and stealth, and, overall, dominate on the battlefield. With Reyna picked, it is possible to win even when the full team is not really professional, because she controls the situation during the match.


Killjoy is mostly popular among boosters who prefer defense and map control rather than fast aggressive gameplay. Her abilities allow her to set up automatic turrets, restricted zones, and bots to distract enemies. After a recent update, she became the strongest Sentinel and one of the best champions in the game.

Those agents are currently one of the best to perform a carry in Valorant. Of course, there are others, who show decent results, like Raze, who deals strong fire damage and desorients enemies. We make sure that gamers who we hire to be boosters know how to play as many characters as possible. This way, clients can always get a consultation or a coaching session with any needed champion.


What is the best Valorant boosting service?

Valorant boosting service, which plans to be called the best, must be of high quality, safe, and reliable. This should be a team of experienced players and boosters who are primarily interested in transferring their knowledge and experience, and not in making money. Such service always prioritizes an individual approach and customer satisfaction. PlayCarry is such a service and any of our clients can confirm this.

Is boosting allowed in Valorant?

Riot Games claims that boosting in Valorant is strongly prohibited and is considered a violation of game’s terms and conditions. However, during completing numerous orders, we never encountered any problems. As far as we know, they don’t really check accounts if all safety measures were followed. We always use the VPN connection of the client's location and never log in at the same time as him. That’s why, we, fortunately, have never had any problems with boosting in Valorant.

Can you boost in Valorant?

Yes, it is possible to boost in Valorant, but it has certain requirements. To become a booster, you must have exceptional skills and achieve one of the highest ranks in the game. A booster has to be proficient in game, be aware of the best strategies and have extensive knowledge of all available maps, agents, and weapons. They also must always check patch notes and leaks in order to find meta characters for next season and be ready for it.

How to become a Valorant booster?

Becoming a booster in Valorant is not the easiest task. Besides showing us unique talents and skills, a gamer must pass a test task. It may be a carry for one of our staff members. If an applicant does it perfectly, he gets a job offer. Then, he completes his first orders under close supervision of another employee and starts his work as our booster after that.

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