Court of Harvesters Boost

The Court of the Harvesters is a reputation faction of Revendreth, associated with Venthyr covenant. Being a Venthyr helps with getting this reputation, however you can still get to exalted without being one. Our service can also help you out with that, if you don’t feel like spending tons of time on tedious grinding.

ETA for the boost – 3 weeks

The Court of Harvesters reputation rewards:

  • Court of Harvesters reputation maxed out
  • “Court Sinrunner” mount at exalted reputation
  • “Court Messenger” pet at Revered reputation
  • “A Memory of Norgannon’s Sagacity” Legendary power recipe
  • Weapon illusion enchant “Illusion: Sinedge”
  • New Revendreth world quests
  • Part of the “Shadowlands Diplomat” achievement
WoW Court of Harvesters Boost
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