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WoW PvP carry is a boosting service during which World of Warcraft players receive wanted rewards from arena or RBG. In PlayCarry, skilled R1 wow PvP boosting teams offer various carries on US and EU. With us, 2700 rating in 2s or 3s arena sounds not so distant and complicated. Even getting a gladiator title is easy and fun. Set up your goal, and let us help with achieving it!

PvP in WoW has been the favorite activity of players since Vanilla. World of Warcraft plot is based on the rivalry between Horde and Alliance. Even though cross-faction PvE content was added at the end of WoW Shadowlands, players still enjoy constant battles in arenas, rated battlegrounds, and in open world. Being a decent fighter is hard, but it pays off totally! High-end wow PvP carry rewards are unique and recognizable. After a good wow arena carry, your character can show off the new obtained mounts or PvP gear sets in any big city.

There are many different boosting services available on PlayCarry. We have perfect teammates with multiple gladiator titles for any of your requests! Tired of boring conquest and honor farming? Want to make your first steps in World of Warcraft PvP? Finding a well-coordinated team for rated battlegrounds seems impossible? Every day wow pvp boosting teams meet requests like this and many others. We are ready to provide you wow pvp carry services at a cheap price!

Rated arena is by far one of the most complex activities in World of Warcraft. There are some ways to play PvP alone in WoW Dragonflight- gamers can hunt players from the opposite faction in the open world or try Solo-shuffles and Skirmishes. But, of course, rewards for those kinds of activities can’t compare to the ones for rating arenas and battlegrounds. There is no rating, rank or mount, gear upgrades, etc. That is why players start considering buying a carry!

Why Players Buy PvP Boost in WoW?

PvP boosting carries are extremely popular among all kinds of WoW players. Moreover, 60%+ of the PvP ladder used boosting services at least once, and some of them are our regular customers. Some players are against the wow pvp boosts, but honestly- carries would never exist if the community didn’t need them. Purchasing WoW PvP carry solves many common problems customers usually face while playing WoW!

  • The most frequent thing we hear from players is that finding teammates is almost unreal. Even after characters reach the maximum level, grind the best PvP equipment, enchant every possible item- finding partners to play is still a big problem. Most new teammates quit after the first defeat, and the whole search process starts again. Multi-gladiators from PlayCarry are reliable and skilled teammates! They can perform any 2v2 carry, 3v3 boosts, and RBG wins. Anything is possible: combatant carry, duelist boost, or even getting gladiator for your character! Our options are countless, check them on our boosting site, and let’s get started.
  • Experience is very important in any PvP activity. Even knowing every tactic and mechanic theoretically won’t guarantee success. WoW players need to practice a lot and learn new things to achieve their goals in arenas or RBGs. A lot depends on whom you are practicing with. Beginners or unskilled gamers can teach other newbies wrong tactics that work once or twice on low rating but become useless later. Relearning something is much harder than starting right from the very beginning. With our WoW PvP coaching and boosters, you will only learn correct mechanics for current season and meta.
  • Keeping up with every PvP season is hard because the ladder of top classes and specs is changing really fast. Some particular characters perform good today, but with the new patches, they end up in the middle or even in the end of meta. Especially it implies expansions that add new races or classes, like Dragonflight. WoW pvp boost helps with getting used to new comps and our coaches and boosters make sure you learn essential things from every match, whether it is an arena or rated battleground.
  • Everyone’s time is precious, and our wow pvp boosting crew understands that perfectly. Some of our customers feel they could spend their time in World of Warcraft on something else instead of learning and grinding PvP currency. Boosting teams are ready to complete any routine or boring activity, for example, filling conquest cap or farming honor. They can even do rating boosts without your participation! Piloted mode carriers were explicitly made for this. Let our booster log in to your WoW account and simply enjoy the results.

PvP Carry World of Warcraft

With the vast number of teams, our wow pvp boosters complete 100+ pvp carries daily. Interests of every particular customer are very different, there are no identical boosts. Our teammates approach every order differently, which resulted in lots of good reviews and satisfied buyers that recommend our PvP boosting services to their friends. Describing every of our options at once is hard, but here is a short review of our PvP carries.

Arena Boosting Services

Arena Boosting Services consist of many options. Customize your personal PvP carry, mix options, try something new! We will make sure to find perfect teammates for any request. Almost any service is available in Piloted and Self play mode. Self play means that the character is controlled by its owner. It is helpful for learning unique professional tactics. Piloted mode allows you to rest while literally everything is done by our booster. Teammate logs in to your account and completes the boost. Worry not, all the safety measures (VPN, invisible mode) are included!

  1. 2v2 and 3v3 arena rating boosts are the most popular offers from all Arena Boosting Services! There are many reasons to consider boosting your character’s wow pvp ratings. Aiming for further progress in PvP? The only way to upgrade your gear is to increase the rating. Want to receive exclusive ranks and achievements? Many PvP ranks are granted for achieving a specific rating. We can go on and on about how useful those boosts are for players with any current rating. Part of our boosters work with low/middle rating, the others work with 2100 and higher, so we always have teams personally for your character.
  2. WoW PvP arena Coaching is the best source of knowledge of all PvP processes. Professional WoW coaches help with anything arena-related on your demand. Setting up helpful action bar, learning basic class mechanics, practicing tactics against popular comps, farming gladiator wins- tell us your goal to find a perfect coach. This service is hourly, so you decide how much time to spend with our teammates by yourself.
  3. Only the most skilled professional can perform WoW gladiator boost. In PlayCarry, carries like this are available every season! Getting that title and mount is one of the most challenging tasks in World of Warcraft. However, our boosters complete it as easy as getting a 1000 rating. Gladiator title grants players a recognizable rank, achievement, and mount! Do not hesitate, and let us start this carry for you!
  4. Do you like collecting mounts? Perfect! Every 100 wins on 3s arena guarantee you a Vicious Saddle. The Vicious Saddle mounts have become interesting and unique through recent expansions. After receiving the seasonal mount, you can keep collecting those tokens to trade them for other mounts from your faction. Collect all of the Vicious month with us!
  5. Conquest point farm boost will save a lot of your time. The higher ilvl gear is upgraded – the more conquest points are needed. Pick any amount of Conquest points you need to let us calculate the price and start the carry as fast as possible! This service is only provided in Piloted mode.
  6. Max your character’s ilvl with a Full PvP gear boost! This is the most popular Piloted carry service, which helps customers escape the boring farm of honor and conquest. It also grants you a lot of achievements and a certain rank carry of your choice.

RBG Carries

Unlike the other boosting services, PlayCarry has its own RBG boosting team that does 5+ runs daily. Even though performing rated battleground carry is much harder than arena boost, it will seem exciting and fun with our teammates.

  1. RBG rating boost is dedicated to let your character receive any needed rating as fast and easily as possible. Our professional team can get you any rating from 1500 to 2400! Achieving different ranks on rated battlegrounds lets you upgrade your gear and receive various rewards! It may take a few sessions to complete a difficult carry, which still is faster than finishing it with an unskilled team.
  2. Exclusively in PlayCarry! Hero of the Horde/Alliance achievements is now available for all characters. Frankly, this is the most unique and one of the most complex achievements in World of Warcraft. Not only will you receive the famous title, but a significant amount of conquest and honor will also be farmed while completing this! Your character will also collect a few Vicious Saddles, that are tradable for mounts.
  3. Single RBG wins are helpful to get the missing rating points on your way to getting a certain rank! Let the support team know your current rating, and make your first wins with us today!

Couldn’t find the needed service on the site? Contact our live-chat support anytime! Operators there are professional gamers themselves. They work 24/7 to make your experience of working with PlayCarry even better!

World of Warcraft PvP Tips

During numerous PvP carries, our boosters noticed common mistakes both beginners and skilled players sometimes make. Of course, skill and gear are important, but those small details add a lot to a complete image of battles. Here are some tips for PvP we can gladly share!

  • Some setups work better on 2s and 3s arenas, and some specific class combinations are the best for RBG runs. RMP (Rogue-Mage-Priest) and TSG (Warrior-Paladin-Death Knight) are the most popular comps in the arena through all seasons. Meta for RBG season changes every season though, but the amount of DPS, healers, and tanks is usually the same. With the number of teams we have- finding professional teammates with certain classes for your boost isn’t a problem.
  • Knowing the enemy is very important. Meeting particular classes on battlegrounds often helps you understand their rotations better. Our coaches will share their knowledge and experience with anyone who needs it! Next time you face a difficult setup, it will be rather entertaining.
  • Positioning means a lot in defeating opponents. Knowing kiting tactics increases the chances of winning for both ranged and melee classes. Understanding your enemy’s kiting helps a lot. After our WoW PvP boosts, you’ll see how to perform well in positions and take advantage of your teammates.
  • Don’t forget to bring food and health/mana flasks. Some potions are better than others and give additional perks. Check what our boosters use before any carry, that way, you can see which ones are better in the current season!
  • Helpful addons have a significant impact on the results of every battle. For example, BattleGronudEnemies shows all enemies, opponents, and important specific information in RBG. And Gladius is a good addon for arenas to fix targeting and focusing. Ask any teammates what addons they are using to get some helpful advice!


How to boost PvP in WoW?

To become a World of Warcraft booster, you need to meet many specific criteria. At least 3 expansions of successful experience in high-end WoW PvP content, online time at least 10+ hours a day, being polite and friendly- are the first important steps to become a booster.

How to order PvP boosting in World of Warcraft?

It is very simple!

  1. Check the offers on our site. If nothing fits your request, contact our operators in live-chat to create a custom order!
  2. Ready to start? Purchase the needed carry from our site and be ready!
  3. Self play carry will start with our teammates inviting your character to a party. Make sure not to say anything about the boost in a game chat!
  4. As for Account sharing- the booster will need access to your account to start. We care about safety a lot, so teammates do everything that depends on them to make the carry as safe as possible.
  5. At this point, everything is ready! Your boost will start now. You can observe how efficiently and quickly it is done.  

Who are PvP boosters?

PvP boosters are professional World of Warcraft players who provide different services on arenas and rated battlegrounds. They have multiple gladiator achievements through many expansions. In PlayCarry, there are some gamers who started their first carries during Wrath of the Lich King! Feel free to contact us and find a perfect booster for you!

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