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Destiny 2 Boosting is the common name of D2 paid carry services players can buy to increase character power level, farm exotic weapons or achieve goals in PvP and PvE activities. The main goal of this game is Power Leveling, or getting your character as high as possible on the ladder. Just like any other game with similar mechanics, the main and unskippable process is grinding. Completing repeatable actions again and again gets tiring even for the most patient Destiny 2 players, but there is no way to escape it. Or is it?

On PlayCarry, players can purchase various Destiny 2 boosts, depending on final purpose. We offer PvP and gambit boosts, PvE leveling or materials farming, questing, any dungeon, raid carry, and many more! Our boosters have priceless experience of completing the hardest Destiny 2 activities and carrying a lot of other players, so don’t waste your time on routine and receive your first rewards with us at a cheap price.

Game Destiny 2 boost is currently available on PC, Stadia, XBOX and PlayStation. Long ago, every platform had its own servers, and it was only possible to play with teammates using the same device. It disappointed players who wanted to team up with their friends from other platforms, but Bungie fixed it! In 2019, cross-platform servers were firstly introduced, and since then, players with any type of device can cooperate and create teams. Of course, there are some significant differences between playing and boosting Destiny 2 on every platform.

  1. Aiming on PC is much harder, than on any type of console. Aim assist allows XBOX, PlayStation and Stadia players to pay less attention to destroying the enemy. Mouse and keyboard make it more challenging, and that’s why some PC Destiny 2 players decide to try a boost to complete some high-end activity. Don’t worry, our boosters are equally good on all platforms!
  2. Due to the specifics of using controllers, it is a little more difficult to control Destiny 2 characters on the console. For example, sliding and shooting at the same time and Special moves are easier to perform on PC. Most of our D2 boosters work on computers, but, thanks to cross-platform, they carry console players too!
  3. Using some types of weapon is different as well. Meta is slightly different on every Destiny 2 platform, so make sure to check the items you need! Let us know the weapon you are interested in and our boosters can farm it.
  4. The D2 graphics on computer are better than XBOX, PlayStation, and Stadia graphics. This fact doesn’t change the game a lot, it may just appear essential for some players, who value aesthetics.

Cross-platform was a great opportunity to finally unite our Destiny 2 boosters in one vast community. Since 2019, we started performing a crazy amount of d2 services daily, and still do this days. During our 75.000+ orders experience, we’ve met many players with various requests, but our approach is still individual for every performed service. All of PlayCarry employees are professional Destiny 2 gamers, even live-chat managers have experience of completing orders, so feel free to describe your situation in the live-chat and receive efficient help.

Why is Boosting so popular in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 community demanded boosting services since the first part of the game was released. Some game modes are really challenging, but, of course, they grant the best possible rewards. For example, completing flawless Trials runs is one of the most challenging Destiny 2 PvE activities, but it pays off!
What can be better participating in the well-organized boost with teammates that have done this uncountable amount of times? For those gamers, who are only interested in rewards, and would like to skip the process of obtaining them, we also offer the other way- recovery D2 services.

  1. Recovery carry means our booster logs in to your account and completes any needed task. Services like this are good in carries which require certain experience, for example, obtaining Exotic weapon or farming God rolls. Some Destiny 2 services like power leveling or questing can only be done with account sharing. PlayCarry cares about customers’ safety, so you can be sure- all precautions like personal VPN are taken.
  2. The other way of completing Destiny 2 services is sherpa. This means a self play carry, during which a character is controlled by its owner, and all hard work is done by the boosting team. Sherpa carry is a good practice of any type of Destiny 2 activity, after which players can show better results in dungeons or raids or PvP, using new earned experience. Play with skilled PlayCarry teams, receive rewards, and continue achieving even the hardest goals!

Reasons why players consider purchasing Destiny 2 carry are overall similar. PlayCarry boosters fulfill a lot of orders every day, and those are some common causes:

  • Spending time on games like D2 is essential, since its mechanic is not P2W. High ranked dungeons are not available without a certain gear score, some currencies, like Legendary Shards and Ascendant Shards need to be farmed, and obtaining the meta weapon sometimes takes a ridiculous amount of time. Our Destiny 2 boosters will gladly save some of your time by doing all the hard and boring work by themselves.
  • Just starting your way in Destiny 2? We know the struggle. Without enough experience, everything is difficult- finding a team, farming resources, winning PvP, etc. Learn all important tactics with boosters, and enjoy every tier content D2 brings!
  • Most players are lured to Destiny 2 because of the unique design and desire of playing a decent shooter. But some processes, like questing or gearing up to light level, may seem boring. It is really easy to skip a tiring routine with PlayCarry!

Buy the best selling D2 Carry Services

There are a lot of ways to boost a character in Destiny 2, but there are some carry requests we receive more often than the others. Those are the services that require well-coordinated teamplay and equal participation of every teammate. Here are some of the best selling products from our destiny 2 boosting site!

Trials of Osiris Flawless

Flawless completion of any trials means winning 7 times in a row. This task is really challenging, but it is one of the most rewardable activities in Destiny 2. Trials are only available during weekends. Players that successfully have completed Trials, receive the access to Lighthouse, and obtain loot chests with exclusive rewards there! It is possible to receive the best weapon, gear, Masterwork materials, also there is a chance to get Adept gear! Also, after the Flawless completes Trials, players are only paired with others who completed it as well. That means, that after a carry, you can count on your further teammates. Destiny 2 boosters will easily complete such tasks for you, whether it’s sherpa or recovery carry, and you can add additional options to your runs to make them even better!

  • To start Trials of Osiris Flawless boost, guardian needs more than 1580 power level. It’s not a problem if your level is lower, we offer gearing services as well! Pick your current level and let’s start preparing for completing a carry.
  • There are various sales and discounts in our Destiny 2 boost shop! For example, with this particular service, boosting 2 characters is 10% cheaper, and 3- 20% cheaper. Create your perfect boost at a small cost!
  • Passage of Confidence is a special ticket that tracks your win history. It grants an additional item from Flawless chest. 7 wins in a row are needed to purchase this valuable item from Saint-14.
  • Bounties are also a good addition to already great rewards from that Destiny 2 carry. Saint-14 offers 3 types of bounties: weekly, daily and additional. Each one of them guarantees valuable rewards, such as XP, Valor Rank Points and Trial Tokens. Select this option to complete those tasks and receive special items!
  • Pinnacle drop items will increase your Destiny 2 character’s level and make stats better. Each 50 weekly wins grants one of those items, so add this option to maximize profit.
  • A lot of our offers include the Express option. On some busy days, like weekends, most of the teams are busy with completing orders all day. Want to start your boost as soon as possible? Add this to move your order to the beginning of the queue, and managers will make sure to book it faster.

Please note, that the weekly access to Trials of Osiris should always be renewed. Passage from Saint-14 is needed to receive weekly access to Trials, after completing the Trial Access quest. Pick this option so our boosters could start the Destiny 2 boost! Quest itself takes some time too, and if you need it as well, contact our 24/7 live chat support to create a customized Destiny 2 carry with fulfilling every wanted step.

Raid Boosting

Raids in game Destiny 2 are unique. They only require 6 teammates, but communication and knowing tactics is essential. The biggest problem of this activity is the absence of any form of matchmaking. Gamers have to use fireteam on Bungie official website, and look for the other D2 players with similar goals. It is important to find decent teammates, because completing raids without good communication can take up to a few hours, since there are no objection markers. Is this a problem for us? Absolutely no!
PlayCarry teams boost all available Destiny 2 raids every day, making it pleasantly fast and easy. Completing raids grants guardians unique powerful rewards that can only be obtainable in that content. And, of course, there are additional options for every raid, to make it even better.

  • Each raid boost is available in self play and piloted mode. Choose wisely, because some hard tasks like Flawless raid carry require basic experience and knowledge of tactics. At the same time, skilled players can prepare to participate in the best Destiny 2 raid carry they have ever been!
  • In some raids, like Deep Stone Crypt, Last Wish, Garden of Salvation, etc., it is possible to select only Last Boost Kill. This option works good for those who are only interested in rewards obtainable from particular bosses. This option costs less than full carry, but rewards are still decent.
  • Flawless raid is an extremely hard task to complete. Basically, Destiny 2 team must complete the whole raid without any single death. If a teammate dies at any point of raid, it will start all over again. Getting a Flawless raid is one of the hardest PvE activities in Destiny 2 with unique rewards. For example, completing Flawless Vault of Glass grants Corrective // Protective Shader, which is a powerful cosmetic tool for your armor and weapon.
  • Our discounts are also available with purchasing raid carries. Boost 2 or 3 of your guardians with the better price, and enjoy freshly obtained rewards!
  • Weekly challenges are new mechanics in Destiny 2 raids. One of the raids is active every week, and each of them has individual tasks. For example, Last Wish raid has a challenge, during which Might of Riven knights must keep out of the center chamber. After each raid encounter, players receive additional loot and Seal progress.
  • Secret chests are hidden in every Destiny 2 raid. Players can open 1 Secret chest on 1 character once a week. Our boosters know locations of every chest in all raids, so pick this option to receive some bonus loot with your raid carry!

Dungeon Carries

Dungeons are the other PvE activity in Destiny 2. They are significantly shorter than raids, but also have some unique mechanics and bosses. To complete a dungeon, 1-3 players need to be well-coordinated and know all the tactics. Even though this activity is faster than raid, it still can take more than a few hours if the team is not skilled enough. Our boosters do Destiny 2 dungeon carries every day, so their knowledge isn’t questionable. Take a look at options you can add to those runs:

  • Just like raids, dungeons can also be done as recovery or sherpa carry. One of the options for dungeon services is “Solo”, which means it will only be your character to complete the run. Obviously, this can only be done with account sharing. To get a self play boost, select Normal Completion, which adds 1-2 teammates to complete carry simply and fast.
  • Solo Flawless means completing a dungeon alone in one sitting. Any break will ruin Flawless task. After completing a dungeon like this, players receive Prophetic Visionary Emblem and unique Triumphs bounds.
  • Some Dungeons are available in Master difficulty. That means, completing it would be a challenge, but rewards are valuable. Besides Ascended shards and Prisms, Artifice armor, which is only obtainable in Master dungeons, offers an additional mod slot. A lot of players farm gear like this with a lot of effort, but you can just contact us and receive any wanted reward!
  • Legend Difficulty is a new mode, added to Destiny 2 recently. It unlocks after the first installation of the Witch Queen and picking Become Legend option. This mode increases the difficulty depending on your Light level, and lets you start right away, but the amount of times you can revive is significantly smaller. Of course, rewards are great too- first of all, it’s 2 raid chests instead of 1. Completing it also unlocks the possibility to loot exotic weapon and gear, armor up to 1520 level, and more!
  • Sales for purchasing 2 or 3 dungeon services are higher than all the other services listed! Buy it for 2 characters and receive 15% discount, or book a carry for 3 guardians with 30% off the cost!
  • Secret chests are available in Destiny 2 dungeons as well. Remembering all positions of them for every place is hard, but our boosters know their business! Rely on them, and they’ll remind you of all hidden places to loot bonus items.
  • Every dungeon has some Exotic weapon, catalyst, ornament, or Triumph that can be additionally farmed by our boosters. For example, there is a questline bonded to Grasp of Avarice dungeon, which allows players obtain Gjallarhorn, the most famous Destiny 2 weapon, and it’s catalyst and ornament; Mind Heist Triumph is obtained in Duality after some grind, and our teams gladly fulfill those and many other tasks! Check the page of the needed dungeon or ask the support team to find the service you need.
  • Price of the run also depends on your guardians’ current Life level. If it’s lower than 1580, the cost would be higher, because it takes much more effort than 1580+ level. Select an option that suits your character to start the service and make it as efficient as possible.
  • Express option is the same for all types of content. Simply choose it to start your carry without a queue!
    Please note! For participating in some dungeon services, you need to have 30th Anniversary Pack DLC purchased.

Destiny 2 Boosts available at a cheap price

One of the big advantages of PlayCarry boosting services is having fair prices for all Destiny 2 boosts. Here are some examples of the cheapest carries available on our D2 boosting site with ETA.

Service Price ETA
Shattered Throne $10 1-2 hours
The Inquisitor $12 2-3 hours
Nightfall the Ordeal $7 60 minutes
Vow of the Disciple Seal $11 2-3 hours

How to Select D2 Boosting Service?

There are plenty of Destiny 2 boosting services on the market, but PlayCarry is truly unique. None of the other services can compete with us in price-quality ratio, which resulted in thousands and thousands of happy customers and fulfilled orders.

Most of the stores don’t own any personal teams. Those are just people who resell orders to random players who want to try boosting. Those players usually have no experience and are irresponsible, because store owners can do nothing in case they want to scam a customer. At least 75% sites on boosting market work like this, and though scamming incidents are not really common, it still happens sometimes, and we are sure none of Destiny 2 players wants to be that case. On the other hand, PlayCarry has its own teams, who complete introductory tasks to become a part of our community. All of our boosters are trustworthy and polite, so customers rely on us.

Starting a Destiny 2 boost with us is as simple as possible.

  1. Decide what service you want to start with. List of Destiny 2 services is huge: dungeons, raids, seals and triumphs, weapons, PvP and PvE services, and many more. The amount of possible carries for a cheap price is overwhelming, so feel free to ask our live-chat managers about any service if you are confused. They are 24/7 online with the sole purpose to help you set a perfect boost up.
  2. Pick the additional options for certain Destiny 2 service. It is important to make your order as detailed as possible. For example, don’t forget to mark Master or Legendary mode with the dungeon service if you need one. Also, be careful with considering Self play or Piloted mode, because it not only affects price, but the whole boosting process changes along with it.
  3. Let managers know that you are ready to purchase carry and start. Describe what exactly you are interested in, and they’ll check the nearest available slot in boosters’ schedule to tell you when it is possible to start.
  4. Purchase needed carry.
  5. We will need access to your account for completing a piloted carry. Tell operators in chat your Login, Password and location, so boosters could set the correct VPN up.
  6. Log out and wait until the manager tells you that service is done.
  7. As for self play- just be online in Destiny 2 and wait until one of your teammates invites you to the party. Make sure not to write anything about boosting, carries or purchasing anything in a game-chat!
  8. Enjoy results and freshly obtained rewards!

Seasonal Destiny 2 Carries

Destiny 2 game has its own unique system of seasons. 4 times a year, the season changes and brings a lot of new content, including raids, weapons, dungeons, and many more. New events and rewards are released often enough for players to come back every new season, even if they didn’t like the previous one. It affects boosting as well, because Destiny 2 is not an easy casual game, and most of the fresh content is challenging. Our main goal is to let everyone try and enjoy the game itself, and rewards separately. So don’t miss the opportunity to achieve your goals alongside the multi-seasonal R1 teammates!


How to start boosting in Destiny 2?

Starting boosting in Destiny 2 is not a simple task. All boosters need to show excellent results in game, like completing Flawless raids and dungeons for PvE carries, or being a decent PvP player. We check the player's profile to see the achievements, and if it’s good, he must complete a test task, like completing one of the solo services. After that and probation period, a player can be hired.

Is boosting in Destiny 2 legal?

Officially, it is noted that boosting is prohibited in Destiny 2. However, lots of players are saying that developers don’t really care about it and just let this happen occasionally. Just don’t tell other players about your guardian being boosted to decrease the possibility of getting flagged, and everything will be alright!

How does Destiny 2 boosting work?

There are different types of boosts in Destiny 2, but the main difference is it being self play or piloted carry. Depending on this, services will differ completely. Self play means you control your guardian by yourself, and piloted carry requires account sharing with our booster.

Is character boost worth it Destiny 2?

Based on our customers’ experience, Destiny 2 carries are totally worth it. Boosts save a lot of your personal time that can be spent on something more interesting than grinding or activities you prefer to skip. And the fact that our prices are fair makes it even better!

How much does Destiny 2 Carry cost?

The prices of our Destiny 2 carries depend on what exactly you are interested in. Your current Light level also may affect some of the services’ prices, along with self play or piloted carry mode.

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