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Breaching the Tomb

Breaching the Tomb is a Legion expansion achievement in World of Warcraft. It requires players to complete Legionfall campaign. This achievement is mandatory for acquiring Class Hall mounts.

Quick guide and tips.

There are 15 parts of the Legionfall campaign:

  1. Armies of Legionfall
  2. Assault of Broken Shore
  3. Begin Construction
  4. Aalgen Point
  5. Vengeance Point
  6. Defending Broken Isles
  7. Champions of Legionfall
  8. Shard Times
  9. Mark of Sentinax
  10. Self-fulfilling Prophecy
  11. Intolerable Infestation
  12. Relieved of Their Values
  13. Take Out the Head…
  14. Championing Our Cause
  15. Strike Them Down

Friendly reputation with all Broken Isles factions is required to start the chain. Find Khadgar on Krasus Landing to start. At some point, you’ll be forced to do a few parts of the Class Hall campaign. It starts when you visit Dalaran and a class-specific NPC appears nearby. There will be some stopping points in the Legionafall campaign where you’ll be forced to wait for a mission to spawn or for a Legion Invasion to start.

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Breaching the Tomb
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Breaching the Tomb
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