Fool for Love

Fool for Love in World of Warcraft game is a grand achievement only available for completion during the Love is in the Air event from 6th to 20th February. Criteria for What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been! Players need to farm even-specific currencies, complete various tasks and play mini-games.

Quick Fool for Love guide and tasks list:

  1. Charming
  2. Flirt with Disaster
  3. Shafted!
  4. Lonely?
  5. Dangerous Love
  6. The Rocket’s Pink Glare
  7. Nation of Adoration
  8. Sweet Tooth
  9. Fistful of Love
  10. Be Mine!
  11. My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose
  12. I Pitied the Fool

Firstly you’ll need Love Tokens to purchase various items required to complete some tasks. To farm them, simply do daily quests in major cities. Lovely Charms can be farmed if you have collector’s kit in your inventory. Kill mobs that yield experience to collect them. Once you get 10 Lovely Charms, you can turn them into Lovely Bracelet. Flirt with Disaster and Nation of Adoration have Alliance and Horde-specific options.


  • 120 achievement points
  • The Love Fool title
  • Various Love is in the Air meta event currencies and rewards

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Fool for Love
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