A Legendary Album

A Legendary Album is an World of Warcraft game achievement added in the Dragonflight expansion. Players are required to take photographs of legendary characters while cataloging the wildlife.

Quick guide and tips.

Start by earning rank 8 renown with Dragonscale Expedition. Proceed with completing “Cataloging” questline that starts with “A Cataloger’s Paradise”. Learn “Lucky Rock” passive at Dragonscale Basecamp in Waking Shores. Final step is to find Cataloging World Quests and find legendary character that might spawn:

  1. Abu’gar
  2. Chief Telemancer Oculeth
  3. Time-Warped Mysterious Fisher
  4. Wrathion
  5. Nat Pagle
  6. Chen Stormstout
  7. Elder Clearwater

Note that the chances of them spawning is 50%. You can reset the quest progression and check if the legendary hero has spawned again.

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A Legendary Album
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