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Honor our Ancestors


Honor our Ancestors in World of Warcraft is an achievement that tasks players with presenting offerings to 12 ancestor spirits in Ohn’Ahran Plains zone in Dragonflight. To interact with the spirits, your character has to be under the effect of the Essence of Awakening.

Quick guide and tips.

Each spirit has to be given a specific item to get credits for Honor our Ancestors

Locations Coordinates Ancestor Offering
Maruukai 60.05 37.81 Mariq Dotur Thrice-Spiced Mammoth Kabob
Timberstep Outpost 84.81 24.46 Muqur Swiftshot Enchant Boots – Plainsrunner’s Breeze
Horn of Drusahl 75.92 42.05 Deritetsin the Carver Horn o’ Mead
Toghusuq Village 72.71 56.91 Faraqseng Khan Exceptional Pelt
Shikaar Highlands 84.82 48.63 Shikari Khan Feral Hide Drums
The Carving Winds 74.05 71.47 Himia, the Blessed Awakened Air
Sylvan Glade 63.29 57.29 Talis x2 Braised Bruffalon Brisket
Ohn’iri Springs 54.37 78.41 Ohn Kanosung Elemental Mote
Teerakai 41.64 56.89 Jhakan Khan Fire-Blessed Greatsword
The Eternal Kurgans 31.29 68.47 Dihar the Unyielding x5 Writhebark (Tier 1)

Note that Enchant Boots – Plainsrunner’s Breeze has to be 1 diamond quality, Muqur Swiftshot won’t accept any other. You can get Essence of Awakening buff at 85.72 20.79. It lasts for 1 hour. As a reward for completing the whole thing you’ll get a Toy “Ohn’ir Windsage’s Hearthstone”.

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Honor our Ancestors
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