Grand Theft Mammoth

Grand Theft Mammoth is a World of Warcraft MMORPG achievement added to the game in the Dragonflight expansion. Players must successfully harness Loyal Magmammoth Mount, which will add it to their collection.

Quick guide.

  • Achieve maximum reputation with Sabellian and Wrathion
  • Purchase 2 items from faction quartermasters, Netherforget Lavaproof Boots and Sturdy Obsidian Glasses for 800 gold each
  • Exchange these items for Magmammoth Harness at Yries Lightfingers NPC
  • Find Tame Magmammoth and kill Qalashi Necksnapper guarding it
  • Right-click on the Tame Magmammoth and use your Harness on it
  • This will add Loyal Magmammoth to your mounts collection and will get you credits for completing the achievement

You’ll need to maximize your reputation with Sabellian and Wrathion and at least 1600 gold to complete the Grand Theft Mammoth achievement. 1600 gold coins is not a big deal however getting the reputation might be hard for most players. That’s where PlayCarry can help with our Grand Theft Mammoth achievement boost. Our team will make sure to grind everything out for you in the quickest of time. Act now for an easy, 100% safe and reliable boost.

Grand Theft Mammoth
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