Flirt with Disaster

Flirt with Disaster is an achievement in World of Warcraft game that is only available for 14 days, from 6th of February to 20th of February, during the Love is in the Air seasonal event. It is a criteria for the Love Fool title. Alliance and Horde players will have to find 2 different NPCs, Sraaz and Jeremiah Payson, get drunk, put on their best perfume, throw flowers on them and perform a /kiss emote on the target.

  1. Use the perfume
  2. Consume alcohol until you get completely smashed
  3. Use flowers on your target
  4. Type /kiss in chat

Note: You’ll need 5-6 strong alcoholic drinks, a bouquet of roses or rose petals, and perfume. Sraaz patrols Ironforge, Great Forge region. Jeremiah Payson is a venom located in the middle of Undercity. You need to use perfume, not cologne.


  • Flirt with Disaster achievement completed
  • 10 collection points
  • Various currencies and items

Failing Flirt with Disaster achievement in WoW is pretty easy. You’ll need a correct set of items and will need to perform a right actions with them in a particular order. And you’ll only have 14 days to do it. Need help? PlayCarry got your back. Our professional boosters know what to do and ready to start right away. Get our Flirt with Disaster boost and any other achievement with a discount price and enjoy your rewards.

Flirt with Disaster
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