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Deep Cuts From the Vault


Deep Cuts From the Vault is the pinnacle of PvE and PvP Achievements in World of Warcraft game, Dragonflight season 1. Players must complete one of the 3 harders tasks in WoW: Kill Vault of the Incarnates last boss on Mythic difficulty, reach Elite rank in Players vs Players battles or complete Keystone Hero challenge.

Quick guide and tips.

The 3 achievements for the Deep Cuts From the Vault challenge are:

  1. Mythic: Raszageth the Storm-Eater
  2. Dragonflight Keystone Hero: Season One
  3. Elite: Dragonslight Season 1

Raszageth is the final boss of VotI raid. Mythic difficulty is the hardes available in WoW; only a handful of guilds can complete it. You’ll need a best-in-slot equipment and a full raid group of skilled and experienced individuals to have a chance.

Keystone Hero requires players to complete all available dungeons on +20 within timer on both affixes. 16 key runs in total.

Elite rank means you’ll need to reach 2400 rating in either 2v2, 3v3 or solo shuffle brackets.

As a reward for completing Deep Cuts From the Vault achievement, players will get a unique reward: Gleaming Incarnate Thunderstone. It unlocks a special effects for certain Vault of the Incarnates class sets. This reward is account-wide. You’ll be able to use it on all characters.

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Deep Cuts From the Vault
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Deep Cuts From the Vault
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