Glory of the Vault Raider

Glory of the Vault Raider is a World of Warcraft raiding achievement added to the game in Dragonflight expansion, season 1. Players are tasked with completing various challenges in Vault of the Incarnates raid dungeon. Reward for completing this achievement is Raging Magmammoth mount.

Quick guide and tips.

There are 8 challenges included in Glory of the Vault raider achievement:

  1. What Frozen Things Do
  2. Little Friends
  3. The Lurker Below
  4. I Was Saving That For Later
  5. Nothing But Air
  6. The Power is MINE!
  7. Incubation Extermination
  8. The Ol Raszle Daszle

All of the tasks must be completed on a Normal or higher difficulty. LFR raids will not count. Some of the lesser achievements will required your raid group to perform a certain action rather then just killing the boss. Everyone should know what to doand be ready to reset the fight if needed.

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Glory of the Vault Raider
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