All Sides of the Story

All Sides of the Story in World of Warcraft is an achievement added to the game in Dragonflight expansion. It requires players to hear all the stories told by various NPC characters in the Waking Shores.

Quick guide and tips.

To access all the stories, players must complete quests associated with the NPC’s. Some parts of the achievement is time-gated, meaning there is a waiting period in between quests. All Side of the Story achievement can be split into 4 parts:

  1. Captain Garrick & Shuja Grimaxe
  2. Duroz & Kolgar
  3. Tarjin the Blind
  4. Veritistrasz

Kolgar’s story takes 3 weeks to complete. You’ll be receiving 2 quests each week. Tarjin the Blind requires 6 weeks of progression. Players will be tasked with collecting skulls to receive portions of the story each time. They can also change locations after you progress further into the story.

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All Sides of the Story
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