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Spiked Crimson Spaulders


Spiked Crimson Spaulders is a cosmetic item added in the latest WoW Dragonflight expansion to the shoulder slot. It can be obtained by completing all dragon races in all locations on two difficulty levels: normal and advanced.

As soon as you get Spiked Crimson Spaulders in your WoW collection you can try them on any of your characters. The item looks like a pair of gold shoulder pads with large spikes that will fit into bright sets for gloomy characters. It will evoke a contrast of colors and will look seamless in different sets. How this cosmetics item might look with the other cosmetics items in this set on DH in an organic set:

Spiked Crimson Spaulders on WoW character
Spiked Crimson Spaulders on WoW character

Spiked Crimson Spaulders are some of the most talked about shoulder cosmetic items in WoW right now. They are not that hard to obtain, but it will take time to complete all Dragonflight races. PlayCarry knows that one-size-fits-all activities ruin the experience of the game and is willing to take it on quickly and safely.


Buying Spiked Crimson Spaulders cosmetic carry you are guaranteed to get shoulders in your collection. Boosting going in piloted mode, which means transferring your account to our team for the duration of the task.

  • Spiked Crimson Spaulders cosmetic shoulders.
  • All races completed in the Dragon Isles.
  • Achievement associated with the passage of races.

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  1. Level 70 on WoW character;
  2. World of Warcraft: Dragonflight expansion;
  3. Active game subscription.
Spiked Crimson Spaulders
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Spiked Crimson Spaulders
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