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Onyx Annulet


Onyx Annulet is a new ring added to the World of Warcraft game with the WoW Dragonflight patch 10.0.7. This ring will BiS choice for all classes and specs, it can be upgraded to 424 ilvl with 3 sockets and extremely powerful gems. Players can choose any combination of sockets resulting in super high DPS or HPS increase.

Onyx Annulet quick guide

With the release of the 10.0.7 patch, The Forbidden Reach zone was added to the game and, with it, a quest chain. Completing this chain will reward players 405 ilvl Onyx Annulet with 3 sockets. And access to a Zskera Vaults solo mini-dungeon. Zskera Vaults is full of rooms that may contain traps, puzzles, and treasure chests. Those chests can drop gems to put in your Onyx Annulet and special currencies, Emerald Overflow and Dormant Primordial Fragments.

Each room requires a key to open. So proceeding further into the Zskera Vaults will require a bunch of them. There are 3 ways to obtain the keys:

  • Completing the initial quest chain will grant 6
  • Farming World Bosses in The Forbidden Reach zone
  • Opening Sacks of Oddities that you can purchase for Emerald Overflow

Opening rooms and chests are the only way to upgrade Onyx Annulet. Most players would need specific gems to build a strong combination of passive abilities. They also have 3 levels of item-level upgrades:

  • 411
  • 418
  • 424

Onyx Annulet Boost rewards

If customized correctly, the Onyx Annulet ring can be extremely powerful item. A combination of right passives can greatly increase DPS or healing output for any class. But to achieve that you’ll have to do a lot of farming. 3 different currencies must be spent to cap Onyx Annulet at 424 ilvl. All of them are farmable from various sources and will take a decent amount of time.

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