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Eye of the Vengeful Hurricane


Eye of the Vengeful Hurricane necklace type of item in World of Warcraft added to the game with Dragonflight WoW expansion. It is a drop from Vault of the Incarnates raid, from Dethea, Ascended.

Additional information

It has 22.30% chance to drop from Voti raid dungeon’s 6th boss. Stats:

  • 389 item level from Normal Difficulty
  • +528 Stamina
  • 173 Critical Strike
  • 814 Haste

Heroic and Mythic difficulty adds +13 to item level per each.

As flavour text suggest, this necklace can be traded for a unique secret mount Iskaara Trader’s Ottuk. Bring it and Terros’s Captive Core to Tattukiaka NPC in The Azure Span. We suggest you save it even if you wont be using it or have found a replacement.

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Eye of the Vengeful Hurricane
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