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Deluging Water Stone


Deluging Water Stone is a World of Warcraft item players use to boost Onyx Annulet power and item level. It drops from Condensed Nature Magic and Primordial Spirit Cache with a 29,27% drop chance in The Forbidden Reach WoW Dragonflight location. This item is in the BiS (best in slot) list for WoW healing classes and specializations: holy priest, mistweaver monk, restoration druid and shaman. Deluging Water Stone has 3 upgrade ranks:

Upgrade: Item level:
Rank 1 411
Rank 3 418
Rank 3 424

Deluging Water Stone is one of the best Primordial Stones for World of Warcraft healers. It helps to keep the health points of the group members on a decent level during the boss fights or PvP. The proc chance of the item is 47% with 29 seconds cooldown.

  • Exuding Steam Stone’s unique perk heals the friendly target on 38,527 points over 5-7 seconds.
  • Every upgrade increases the ring perk power by 20%.
  • Collecting 3 Primordial Stones of the 3rd rank, increases the Onyx Annulet item level to 424.

By buying Deluging Water Stone, you will guarantee to get the item of required rank. Service is available only in piloted mode. Purchase 2 different primordial stones to get a 10% discount on your order.

Deluging Water Stone
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