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Freezing Ice Stone


Freezing Ice Stone is a World of Warcraft item players use to boost Onyx Annulet power and item level. It drops from Condensed Frost Magic and Primordial Water Cache with a 27,91% drop chance in The Forbidden Reach WoW Dragonflight location. This item is in the BiS (best in slot) list for WoW classes and specializations: frost death knight, balance druid, preservation evoker, beast mastery hunter, fire and frost mage, elemental shaman and warlock. Freezing Ice Stone has 3 upgrade ranks:

Upgrade: Item level:
Rank 1 411
Rank 3 418
Rank 3 424

Freezing Ice Stone is useful in high Mythic+ keystones and raids because of its passive ability. It allows tanks to pull and kite mobs, decreasing the moving speed of the enemies. Furthermore, the item deals decent damage during the fight.

  • Freezing Ice Stone’s unique perk deals 22,621 damage to an enemy and slows the target by 14% on proc.
  • Every upgrade increases the ring perk power by 20%.
  • Collecting 3 Primordial Stones of the 3rd rank, increases the Onyx Annulet item level to 424.

By buying Freezing Ice Stone, you will guarantee to get the item of required rank. Service is available only in piloted mode. Purchase 2 different primordial stones to get a 10% discount on your order.

Freezing Ice Stone
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